Can you guess who??

I know I said yesterday that it was cold here but let me tell you...that was no comparison to what it is today. We woke up to the actual temperature being -27 and that isn't even with the wind chill! Wind always blows out here on the plains so you gotta know, it's really cold.

My new favorite thing is wool...anything wool! I've had the great fleece items thinking they'll keep me warm but there is nothing like wool in my book. So while searching for something wool to keep me warm, the name Pendleton comes to mind. A word synonymous with wool since 1909. From blankets to sweaters, they really do keep you warm. They were such a big name that in 1960, a huge California band named themselves The Pendletones in honor of the company. They wore Pendleton shirts on their first album cover. Later, they did change their name. Have any ideas who they were?

Pendleton Beaver State Wool Blanket from KingFisherGallery

Vintage Walnut Wool Cardi from NodtoModVintage

Pendleton Plaid Wool Coat from persephonevintage

50s Pendleton Slacks from bluegrassvintage
I can just see that band wearing something close to these!

No clue who that big band was? The Beach Boys!
Have a great Friday all and stay warm...I'm working on doing just that!

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briannelee said…
Beach Boys! Did you just read that article in Country Living too? ;)

LOVE those jackets. Stylish and warm. Perfect.
the beach boys! who'd thunk!

hope you can stay warm!
That Pendelton plaid jack is beautiful, if I lose some weight I'd get it.
I'm in Maine it was 10 degrees this morning and I get the ocean wind. So I desided to Bake some
rosemary and black olive bread. It smells great and has warmed up the house. Stay warm
Amariah said…
It's cold here in Illinois too.. That sweater from NodtoMod is looking pretty good right now :)

Happy New Year Alicia!!
VictorianCobweb said…
Wool anything, I want cashmere undergarments! I never would have guessed. The Beach Boys, never knew! Stay warm!
Oh my word. That is too cold for words! It is cold here too. Nothing like that though. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!
Snap said…
I love Pendleton ... usually get a catalog in time for the holidays. Beach Boys -- wow!
Judy said…
My sympathies to you with the cold weather...are you wearing those plaid pants? Who cares what you look like as long as you are warm!
Glad to see you back!!!
Relyn said…
Ha! Cool fact. Didn't know that, but am now eager to astound all my friends and neighbors.
destrella said…
Brrrrrr! I can't wear wool because it makes me feel itchy.... no rash thankfully but the itches. :O)
drollgirl said…
-27?!??!?! what?!?!? that is insane! you need wool, fleece, fur and thermals to keep you warm!

hope you manage to have a warm, cozy and fun weekend!

Brian Miller said…
nice. i did not know that...avoided the snow today, but bitter cold. stay warm as well and have a great weekend!
Dahlila said…
Great Pendeltons. LOVE the Beacon Blanket! Gorgeous. I looked, he has others too.

Could use one right now. Brr.

dahlila. :-)
Teacher's Pet said…
I love the woold cardigan...
Thank you for the website link!
Stay warm, my friend.
The colours and textures look beautiful. Minus 27 degrees? It's 30 degrees here ... hard to think about wearing a wool coat right now!!

Stay out of that wind chill!
My name is PJ. said…
I wouldn't have guess and I should have known.

I'll take the blanket and the jacket, but those pants on my butt would cause a 50 car pile up. The carnage would be too great....I can't do that to humanity.
Nancy said…
How funny you mention Pendelton. We were going to visit the Pendelton Store in Washougal, WA a few weeks ago but got side tracked. Nothing like wool when it's really cold. Stay warm!
leah said…
love the vintage cardi. i too have been lovin on my wool as of late.
rxBambi said…
I love that cardi, it looks so comfy. I can't believe it was -27. That's just crazy talk!
Joanna Jenkins said…
You have a great eye! I love all the items your featured!

Even in Southern California I'm wearing wool these days. It's cold everywhere.

Stay warm!
I cannot even fathom -27 degrees. I am ready for spring after just one bout of 15-25 degree nights. What a baby I am! LOL
Sandra said…
Isn't it great living in the upper north of the US! Everything has moderated now, but we KNOW we aren't out of it yet. Love wool, wear wool socks.
Hi Anita, how are you stranger? Great post. I love wool, but I'm kind of allergic to it so I can't have it right next to my skin. But that wouldn't keep me from wearing that amazing Pendleton plaid coat!
love that cardigan!

(on a side note, i haven't been getting updates from you -- had to resubscribe...)

I've been wearing a plaid shawl as my winter coat. I love son says I wear
Barbara said…
The Beach Boys!!?? I never, ever heard that before. Cool. And I absolutely love that long sweater. Of course, being not-tall, (okay, short) makes that kind of sweater a no for me, but a girl can dream, right? Sigh.
Barbara said…
okay, Alicia, I think I accidentally commented from my husband David's sign in. Just so you don't think my husband, David, is wierd, he did NOT leave that comment about liking the long sweater. That would be me. Doh. Don't think he's wierd. That would be me, too.

Hey, I'm also not getting your updates I just noticed. I'll follow you again. See if that helps.
Admiral Hestorb said…
I'm crazy about that Pendelton plaid coat! (I hope I spelled that correctly.)

Got the bangle..beautifully presented in it's box and beautiful bag and the ribbon..I saved it. Gorgeous. thanks for the great service even if I am a cat.

I looked up the hallmark of the manufacturer. It appears to be nicely antique. They did great work.
Hi Alicia! A very happy new year to you! -27 is definitely warm wool wearing weather. Believe it or not, up here in Canada in my home town, it's been a very mild winter. No snow! A little dusting here and there but not the usual winterludes...try to stay warm and enjoy your woollies :-)

Just took another peep.

Sandra said…
Where oh where are you Alicia? I miss you!
Anonymous said…
I wish they all could be California girlllllls!!! lol Or should we say 'frozen Dakota girl'?!?! i think thats more fitting! i love you ma!! xoxo!!
Oz Girl said…
I get Woolrich's catalog from time to time... beautiful Pendleton blankets in there!

Nope, never would have guessed it was the Beach Boys! Thanks for that bit of trivia.

(Love the painting in your header!)
Rizky2009 said…
Nice pic n nice design... I like it.... coment n folow back friend.... I'm blogger from Indonesia
Sarah said…
Well hi hon...just wanted to pop in and say howdy..I missed your post here. I have a friend in a class I am taking that lives up your way outside Ashville. It got me to thinking that I had not seen a post from you in a bit and was wondering how you are doing? So I came looking and realized I had missed the post!! Geesh sorry hon! Hope all is well with you hon!
The holidays kept me flying and crazy..back to normal..kinda.
Oh and my brother in law...David (from Barb's comment) is not weird...but he is wickedly funny!!
Have a good one hon..miss ya, Sarah
Des said…
-27! Wow, that is incredibly cold! I can't imagine what that must be like.
Hey Alicia: Just wondering if all is well. Have missed your posts. Give us a sign that you are okay.
Anonymous said…
clairedulalune said…
Alicia, I miss you, I have been behind in blogging. Just to prove I have been thinking of you there is a wee present for you on my blog! Please keep warm, sounds hellish out there! ((hugs))
Haddock said…
Like the jacket in the third picture.
Liss said…
Hi I haven't been around for a while, looks like you have been busy too.

I love the jackets, something for me to think about with our up and coming winter.
Still love the multi plaid jacket.. How have you been, Winter is almost over in Maine.

I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Go here to see what it's about..
sinnlighet said…
Yes yes yes, your blog is just soooo wonderful and gives me a lot of energy!

A footprint from Sweden by Agneta
Oooh, I love that blanket and the top sweater...

Linda Sue said…
HEY! Where are you?
Snap said…
Where are you, my dear? You are missed!
Sarah said…
I think Snap and I are thinking the same thing..are you ok hon..just missing your sweet voice! Email me if you have a minute at
Take care hon, Sarah
lyptis said…
Fun theme! Love the plaids, especially the coat.
Just took another look Yvonne
clairedulalune said…
Hello Alicia. I just thought of you and thought I missed your posts. I do hope you are ok, I miss you. Love claire.xx
clairedulalune said…
Still missing your posts honey!Just missing you really!xxx
Moscow said…
Lovely checked shirt ;]
Relyn said…
I was just dropping in to wish you and yours the happiest Independence Day. May your day be full! May you enjoy laughter shared with family, great food shared with friends, fireworks to make you gasp, a lump in your throat at the anthem, and a full and grateful heart at all we have been given. Happy Fourth of July, my friend!
hello there,

is anything wrong. Haven't
seen a new post or heard from you in a while.. yvonne
Ahh, I totally went through a major Pendleton obsession last winter, picking up some pieces via Ebay... that coat from vintagefoe is AMAZING, *covet*! My favourite is a rich, heavy, teal peacoat that I got, but I'm in the process of altering it a bit to fit me better. Need to have it ready for this winter!

I just bought a few pieces from you on Etsy, you reserved them for me... well, I think I'm going to be a lifetime customer! Your selections are just amazing! Thank you again!
Relyn said…
Hello, my friend. It's Thanksgiving Day today and I wanted to stop by and wish all my friends the happiest day. I wanted to tell you that when I count my blessings, you will be among them. Thank you for adding to the richness of my experience in the blog world. Your blog is a wonderful place for me to visit. Thank you for that. Happy, happy Thanksgiving.
Relyn said…
I was stopping by because I wanted to wish you a happy new year and thank you for being a follower of my blog. It means a lot to me. Thank you. May your new year be filled with laughter, more joy than sorrow, peace, and wisdom. Blessings to you. Happy new year!
Lela said…
Pendleton jacket is awesome! J'adore.

Lela London - Fashion Blog
VeRo! said…
nice selection of coats! but here the temperature is 27 celsium degrees and i still feel cold!!!!! hehehe can't wait for the summer!!!

Niftic Vintage said…
Great Stuff! Welcome to the Vesties Team!
HI HELLO-- ARE you there?

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