08 January 2010

Can you guess who??

I know I said yesterday that it was cold here but let me tell you...that was no comparison to what it is today. We woke up to the actual temperature being -27 and that isn't even with the wind chill! Wind always blows out here on the plains so you gotta know, it's really cold.

My new favorite thing is wool...anything wool! I've had the great fleece items thinking they'll keep me warm but there is nothing like wool in my book. So while searching for something wool to keep me warm, the name Pendleton comes to mind. A word synonymous with wool since 1909. From blankets to sweaters, they really do keep you warm. They were such a big name that in 1960, a huge California band named themselves The Pendletones in honor of the company. They wore Pendleton shirts on their first album cover. Later, they did change their name. Have any ideas who they were?

Pendleton Beaver State Wool Blanket from KingFisherGallery

Vintage Walnut Wool Cardi from NodtoModVintage

Pendleton Plaid Wool Coat from persephonevintage

50s Pendleton Slacks from bluegrassvintage
I can just see that band wearing something close to these!

No clue who that big band was? The Beach Boys!
Have a great Friday all and stay warm...I'm working on doing just that!

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07 January 2010

Back to our regularly scheduled program....

The blissful life of regularity has returned. With the DH having the month of December off, I decided it was a good time to sit back and enjoy the season. I actually got the time to read several books, watch movies I've wanted to and in general, just relax. Christmas Eve ushered in a 3 day blizzard with piles of snow and currently, the temperature is around -39 outside! I rarely make New Year's resolutions as most of the time they're broken within the first month or less. However, this year, I promise myself to go someplace warm....and I don't mean my backyard in summer! Can't you just see my smiling face sitting on that chair?

'Tis a good day to catch up on all the blogs that I have so missed this past month. So stay tuned...we're back on schedule!
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