29 September 2009

The Best Exercise Ever!

We've all watched those commercials or videos where the kids are laughing uncontrollably. Don't we all join in or at least give a smile? Have you ever been out somewhere and someone starts to laugh and you find yourself joining in?

I've adopted a new policy that when something gets me down or I'm being confronted with a situation that I don't like, I smile. Sometimes it almost hurts to smile as I am so mad, but I do it anyway. Amazingly, it seems to change the whole situation for me..the tone of my voice changes and more importantly, the person I'm speaking with or typing to, changes their tone as well. Researchers say that laughing or smiling increases endorphins, the body's natural pain killers. It lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and improves ones sense of well-being. Now who couldn't use a little of those in our lives and guess what? You don't need a pill to get just have to smile.

When was the last time you had a really good belly laugh? Trust me...give a smile or laugh today and see how much better everything seems!

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28 September 2009

The last rose...

"'Tis the last rose of summer,
Left blooming alone;
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone."
- Thomas Moore, The Last Rose of Summer, 1830

I woke up this morning to the thermometer reading a very chilly 40 degrees. The wind is howling at 40MPH which to my calculations buts us below freezing. Our Floribunda rose has pushed out its last hurrah, the leaves on the trees are falling, and the smell of ripening apples is in the air. I think I'll be staying inside today and light a nice warm fire to keep warm. Perhaps those apples are calling me to make my DH's favoirte apple is his birthday afterall!

Happy Monday!

26 September 2009

A Small Town Celebration

There's something about a small town when it comes to celebrations. Everyone comes out of the woodwork for a fun filled day. Our small town...and I mean small..was having their annual Apple Fest's a glimpse at some of the festivities.

All the stores decorate...

A parade wouldn't be complete without the horse drawn buckboard with a cowboy at the reins..

Even the local businesses have their floats...

A miniature version of an old stagecoach inn that is still operating...

Homemade baked goods are always a hit...

Even the crafters sport their wares...

A furrier demonstrates his craft...

You've got to have bed races done by all ages...

Apple pie eating contest...turns out it was whipped cream and you needed to locate the gummy bear amidst the white foam. be young again!

This little sweetie sums up the feeling of just about everybody that was there...lots of smiles!

Just a little insight into the small town life! Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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25 September 2009

Do you have a smell??

I'm not one that likes to wear perfume so I have never thought of myself as having a scent or particular smell. I guess I have lived in too many large cities with subways and elevators full of people who douse themselves in cologne or perfume. To my surprise, it seems that I do have a scent that is inherent just to me.

While my daughter was folding laundry on the kitchen table, I hear a big "Aaahh".
"Anything wrong?"
"No, but you're t-shirt smells so good!"
I picked up the t-shirt, give it a sniff and then smelled the rest of the t-shirts.
"Hon, it smells just like the rest of the laundry."
"No it doesn't. It has that Mama smell."

Out of the mouths of babes!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday! I'm off to auctions and can't wait to feel that jitter in my stomach as I raise my paddle!

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23 September 2009

Change your mind...

Photo manipulation by Christophe Huet

“Whatever you hold in your mind will tend to occur in your life. If you continue to believe as you have always believed, you will continue to act as you have always acted. If you continue to act as you have always acted, you will continue to get what you have always gotten. If you want different results in your life or your work, all you have to do is change your mind.”
Quote author unknown

Here's to an open minded Wednesday!

20 September 2009

I Will NEVER Do That Again!

The wonderful Dena over at Thoughts by Dena tagged me to post 10 things that I would never do again. I can honestly say, there is one that qualifies for all ten things.

While my kids were growing up in Miami, they attended a very small private school. The science lab had all sorts of different animals and during vacation periods, parents would take the animals home and care for them. The science teacher asked one day, "Any child that knows their parents would care for an animal over Christmas vacation, raise your hand." My son piped up excitedly, "My mom will...she loves animals!" Of course, there was a sign up sheet for which animal but when my son came home and excitedly told me he volunteered us to take care of an animal, he neglected to mention that one tiny fact!

On the last day of school before vacation, I went to the lab to pick up "our" animal. Upon entering, the room was empty except for two cages. The teacher approached and said how happy she was that we would be taking care of an animal. I was eying the cage with the tiny white mice thinking this was going to be a piece of cake. Mice are easy, right? The teacher reached into the cage next to the mice and pulled out a huge boa!

I almost fainted right then and there! This is a photo she took while "training" me how and what to do for this "animal" that obviously no one else signed up for. It didn't help that I was 7 months pregnant either! Not only did I get the snake to care for, but that little cage of white mice? Yep, that came with me, too..for food!!

There was a happy ending to the story if you want to call taking care of a boa happy. The snake decided this was prime time to molt so was very quiet, did not want out of the cage and the best part...did not want to eat so I didn't have to sacrifice any mice. At least it wasn't the tarantula!!

The moral of the story...make sure you get all the details...and tell your kids to keep their hands down!!

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18 September 2009

It's Ferret Friday!

Photo of baby ferrets taken from a rescue site

I've owned a ferret or two and they were just the best little critters. Couldn't resist this adorable picture of these cute kits. Hope your weekend isn't this squished!

17 September 2009

What was meant to be...

Have you ever had something enter your life that you felt was just meant to be? Several readers have commented on the new header wondering what the painting was and I thought I might give a little explanation.

Several years ago, the DH and I decided to pack our bags after living on the East coast for many years and move back to my roots. Small town, but the question was...where do we live? In a rather weird turn of events, we found our house. Now the weird part turned out to be something that was meant to be.

The son inherited the house when both parents died over 30 years ago. He lived on the East coast and just couldn't bring himself to sell the place. So he rented it out to a single man who only lived in two rooms..the kitchen and a bedroom...just to keep the house heated. Nothing..and I mean NOTHING had been moved since both parents died. Rooms were full of furniture, clothing, paper, pictures...even down to the flour in the pantry. Nothing had been touched. Kind of eerie.

For some reason, the woman of the house had followed my career in NY and Miami and saved any articles or photos that she could find. I was totally unaware until the son offered the house to us saying that his mother would have wanted it this way. The condition of the sale was that we take it lock, stock and clean up the mess.

We bought the house sight unseen although I knew what it looked like on the outside after living in this little town. Very few people entered the front door...the woman was a bit of a recluse coming from the East coast and being transplanted in a very small town. Kind of like a fish out of water. Well educated, an artist and a lover of fine things. The drapes were always pulled.

Close your eyes and think pink. Everything..the walls the trim, the kitchen, the fireplace bricks, the steps...were all painted pink! Then imagine "stuff" everywhere..wall to wall. It took us months of going room to room sifting through possessions and paper. For an antique lover such as myself, it was pure nirvana. To someone else, it was junk. Every nook and cranny and every piece of furniture housed some treasure. While cleaning off a buffet that had only a few papers on top, I came upon an envelope and recognized the writing. It was mine! A graduation announcement from 35 years earlier...the only one and I am sure many announcements had passed through this house before. I started to get goosebumps.

Every treasure, piece of paper, art work that we found, we could appreciate. She was a fastidious labeler..everything had a little note at the bottom saying what it was. Instead of throwing out, we started to use all of these beautiful treasures as they worked so well with ours. We even came across a prominent family members wedding veil from 1840 that we sent to a museum out east. Another goosebump moment came while looking through a paper clipping of the ladies obituary. We lost a daughter at a very young age and while reading the ladies obit...our daughters was right next to hers. Divine intervention? A long term path now being walked?

The banner header was a shadow box minitaure oil on wood from a Canadian Artist named White circa mid 1800's which we found buried amongst papers. To this day, it is one of my favorites. If you enlarge the photo above, you will see the picture of the lady..of which the dress she is wearing was found in a cedar chest in one of the closets! The other pictures are examples of her art work that we found around the house tucked in chests and closests. I like to think that this was her escape into her own world.

Meant to be? I like to think so..

16 September 2009

New Twist on a Handbag

Handbags by Kathleen Dustin

Kathleen Dustin's collections are made in a unique baroque style in the form of fruits, flowers, boxes, brushes, icons and collages with drawings in the style of the Renaissance. Many are exhibited in museums. I would put one of these under glass and just stare...such creativity!
Happy Wednesday!
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15 September 2009

Quick...Scarf it up!

Do you like vintage? Well, I'm vintage that's for sure, but I'm talking about clothes. Now don't click off too fast. See that really simple scarf? Who couldn't find a place for that in your wardrobe and guess what, dear readers? It's a giveaway that ends this afternoon! Hosted by So about what I said and given by Nodtomod Vintage, that little number could be yours and all you have to do is leave a little comment. How simple is that? strings attached...really!

A little side note...I want to wish Happy Birthday to SoDear2myHeart who has become a true friend. We've never met in person... it matters not. After all, I've had the pleasure to meet the inside and that's the most important of all. Yes, Terri...that's you! Just remember that wise quote by Luis Bunuel.

“Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.”

Happy Tuesday, all!
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14 September 2009

Wasting time...

The air outside is crisp and the weather cooling. Fall is here. That lead me to wonder where did summer go? Is it just me or did it seem to fly by in a flash? Time is something that we can't go back and just keeps marching forward and we had better keep up. I was reading an article online where it listed the top five reasons for wasting time.
  1. Television. Now I can honestly say this is not one of my downfalls. We rarely watch TV as we have a subscription to Netflix. Scheduled movie time..and not very much unless we want to relax.
  2. Commuting. That's a super easy one that doesn't fit the bill here either. Living in a small town and working online means not sitting in a car for an hour every day.
  3. Lack of skill. This was a bit humorous to me as I rarely tackle something that I don't understand what I'm doing. I certainly am not going to attempt tiling a bathroom when I know it isn't my forte.
  4. Being tired. Now we're getting somewhere. Seems that if we're tired, we don't perform to our maximum capacity. Oh yeah, this one hits home. I have a tendency to work when I'm tired, wasting time trying to perform when I'm physically unable to operate at my full potential. I hear naps calling me!
  5. Internet browsing. This is a biggie for me. Running an online business, I spend the majority of my hours in a day on the internet. Not really wasting time as it is for work, but I do get side tracked at times. Let me correct that...LOTS of times!
I can't retrieve those lazy summer days but it sure makes me think about how to use my time wisely for the fall season that is upon us. What's your biggest time waster?

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13 September 2009 works!

Finally..the blogger gods have moved to another location and I am able to post pictures and return to blogs. Oh...I have missed you all terribly...seriously. Who ever would have thought that blogging would become such an integral part of one's day, but it has in my world. I had to change things up, had all the followers disappear as well as the blog roll....humph. So If I missed you in the side bar, let me know. It's still a work in progress..isn't life that way? I'll be catching up with you all today...

I'm jumping through hoops screaming yippee! Hope your Sunday is relaxing!
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09 September 2009

I'm on a mission...

I'm on a mission today. I've read on blogs in the past that they were having trouble uploading pictures, giving comments and the like. I read them and thought, "Gee, that's never happened to me!" Ha..little did I know that it was just be a random drawing of the blogger gods. It hit me a couple of days ago while trying to update the blog. No pictures coming up...says I have an internal error. How do they know what my "internals" are like? Commenting...same thing. Says it posts a comment when in fact, it doesn't. Some are getting through, but others are not. Linking? Same story. Argh!!! Hopefully, this post will show?!?!

So, dear readers, I'm on a try and make this work today! Hope you have a superb Wednesday and know I'm trying to read and comment to you.
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05 September 2009

Roller Blading Mama!

With the long weekend upon us, I thought I might try something I've been thinking about for some time. My sister brought down a couple pairs of roller blades about a year ago and they have been calling to me from the corner where they have been sitting since then. I used to roller blade years ago, but haven't put on a pair for fear of totally wiping out and breaking every bone in my body! I'm thinking it would be a blast to give it a try again..nice weather and all. I have a huge roll of bubble wrap and think that might be a good idea for protection. Either that or borrow my mother-in-law's walker!

If I manage to coerce someone into taking pictures without them totally rolling on the ground from laughing, I'll post them. No promises...they may be of me in the ER! Any big plans for the weekend?
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03 September 2009

Weird Animals & a lot of TCB

Long eared jerboa...mouse-like rodent found in China & Mongolia

Hispaniolan solenodon..teeth capable of delivering venom..found in Haiti & Cuba

Star-nosed mole with 22 fleshy tentacles to identify food..found in North America!

I'm not a big fan of Elvis Presley...don't shoot me, please....but I loved the name of his back-up band....TCB. That's what I've been doing while being absent from the blogger world. Takin' Care of Business. Add a "Y" and I could really enjoy one of those frozen delights!

I stumbled across some of these weird animals that inhabit our planet. Let me tell you...if I found this mole while digging in my garden, that would be the end of me! It truly amazes me what lives right here on earth with us...some super cute and others that make us run in the other direction. I know these little darlings exist but has anyone ever seen one?
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