27 February 2009

Blue Friday

Victorian turquoise wedding bangles

Edwardian sapphire pearl lavaliere necklace

Deco crystal blue glass choker

Still have two feet of snow and we are digging out...looks like tunnels everywhere. So...I'm thinking of a blue Friday. Blue...sad that spring is a little further away and blue for jewels just because they brighten my day!

26 February 2009

I'm Wishing....

We woke up this morning to two feet of new white fluffy read that right..2 feet! I can't tell you how depressing that is. Here I was thinking that spring was coming...yeah right!

So looking out the window, I couldn't help but think about a place that I would rather be at that very moment. One of my all time favorites is riding through Dupont Forest in Brevard, NC. My very dearest friend and I (right)...along with our trusty steeds...would fly through the woods, laughing and totally enjoying every inch of scenery like this beautiful of many.

Creeks to cross, rivers to swim and a beautiful way to be thankful for everything you have...including a dear friend. So I am definitely wishing of being somewhere without 2' of snow! I guess the photo studio will just have to do!

On another note...check out Leah over on her blog to find out about a fabulous 2 for one deal in her shops today. Moxiethrift and Moxiephotodesign. Cool stuff!!

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25 February 2009

Best Uniforms


We just finished an intensive Spring shoot for NodtoMod with great vintage mini's and some really cool shoes. So Miss Nod was on her way back to Denver...having a lead foot all the way...and got picked up for speeding. Tsk..tsk..tsk. No one ever wants to get picked up but I was wondering if she had been stopped by one of these cops if it might have been a bit more "enlightening"! Tighty whities all the way!! Can you imagine? I'd roll up my window, too!

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24 February 2009

Coolest Job

Don't get me wrong...I love my job. Selling antique jewelry, being able to touch it and most of all, the thrill of the hunt. But then again, I have often thought it would be cool to work with the costume department on a movie...especially the accessory part. Take for instance this pendant used for a necklace. A similar one was purchased at Tadema Galleries for Nicole Kidman in the movie The Golden Compass. A Jugenstil Plique a Jour necklace...thousands of dollars. How great it would be to find some of these pieces and purchase them...on someone else's dollar!!

And now, totally off the track of what I actually do...take John Harrison, the official ice cream taster for Edy's Grand Ice Cream. Now that is a cool job...all pun intended. His tongue is insured for a cool million dollars. To make sure his tongue is up to snuff, he stays away from spicy foods, alcohol and smoking. tasting the 180 million gallons of ice cream would be fine...although I would definitely develope a five acre spread..., but I think I'd have to pass on the fun there! Ahem...I like spicy foods!


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23 February 2009

Epitome of Class

Audrey Hepburn personified sophistication, class, and glamour. At the same time, she was a supremely unpretentious and compassionate person. Her performance in Roman Holiday, her first starring role, won her an Oscar and forever established her in the world's consciousness as the epitome of gentle grace and nobility, tempered with an endearing gamine gawkiness and innocence.

With the Oscars on last night...didn't watch because I couldn't stand for all the drivel speeches...I went to youtube and listened to her gracious acceptance speech for her Oscar. Honest, from the heart...and super short with tons of class and style. It lasted all of 20 seconds.

Who wouldn't like this classic beauty? Any favorites?

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20 February 2009

Drum Roll, Please...Mod Farm Girl!!

Lucky Friday! Marie at ModFarmGirl is our lucky winner of the sterling silver heart band ring! We'll be contacting you for all the shipping info. Thanks to all who left a comment!

And just to let you know that we really did do a drawing...Zach at NodtoMod and our little girl Hannah were the official judges.

Have a great weekend!

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Last Chance...Movie or Jewelry

If you haven't already left a comment on our free giveaway, today is the last chance! The winner will be annnouced this afternoon so click here and check it out. Like Leah says...easy peasy!

I know this is totally random...but speaking of Last chance...has anyone seen the movie? Comments? Recommend or meh...not worth it?

I have always thought Emma Thompson was great but then again I liked the movie Sense and Sensibility. Anything that was a remake of a Jane Austen novel is ok with me....romantic. I'm not the bodice ripper kind of reader. Dustin Hoffman isn't high on my list of gotta haves but hey, it is a movie. Just thinking of the weekend and out here in the sticks, there isn't a whole lot you can do with 2 feet of snow still on the ground!

Have a great weekend and stay tuned...we'll be posting the winner of the giveaway this afternoon!

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18 February 2009

Run For Your Life...I've Been Tagged!

Yikes! Diana over at VintageLove tagged me! Now I am supposed to tell you 5 random things about myself...

  1. I take a hot bath every night before I go to sleep. Nope...not to get get my feet warm!
  2. I love to read Jane Austen in original prose. I seem to have been born in the wrong century.
  3. I ride a horse while my husband rides a bike next to me...who do you think is faster??
  4. I rarely wear jewelry except for a watch.
  5. I love the nicker of a horse.
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Don't forget to check out their blogs...great reads!

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Free Jewelry GiveAway...Easy Peasy!

Since February is the month of showing affection, we thought we would have offer as a give away this vintage sterling silver heart band ring. It is a size 6 to 6.5 but not to worry, you can even put this beauty on a chain. Or hey, isn't vintage all about recycling? Makes a great gift too! It is hallmarked sterling as well as the makers mark.

Pretty easy to enter...just go to our shop here and leave a comment on our blog here on a piece of jewelry you like in our shop. Enter as often as you like and this Friday at 3 US central time, we'll announce the winner. Doesn't that make for a great weekend! Make sure if you don't have a blog account that you let me know your email addy so I can contact you to get all the shipping info. Like I said...easy peasy!

Good luck and happy looking!

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17 February 2009

Take a Grand Tour

Remember the Jane Austin novels? Young ladies were always traveling here or there with a relative to larger cities and countries during the Victorian era. One of the hot spots for travel was Italy. The ladies would be gone for an extensive time and would collect souvenirs of places they had visited. And what young lady didn't enjoy jewelry? They would purchase brooches, necklaces, bracelets, picture frames and even spoons in micro mosaic so that upon their arrival home, they could show them off much like a postcard of places they had visited.

Italian mosaics were made of square tesserae of stone, marble, terracotta and glass. A popular theme was a pictoral image of some of the ruins in Rome.

Even the "peasants" in costume were depicted. Very collectible in today's antique jewelry market, the true micro mosaics are incredible to view!

Now who wouldn't want to go on a Grand Tour today?

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for a chance to win our free jewelry give away!

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16 February 2009

N2M & the Funky Junque Chronicles

I couldn't resist sharing this with you all as I am a bit prejudiced. She is my daughter after all. You might remember my post a while ago on the two sisters. Zach...yes a girl in every sense of the word...a Paris trained Cordon Bleu Chef....has turned her love of fashion into a fab vintage clothing store called NodtoMod. Her shop was just chosen as the pick of the week at the Funky Junque Chronicles! You can read the interview and whole story here. Well written, the Chronicles are a must read for those who love vintage of any kind...from ephemera to fashion finds. A huge thanks to retro chalet and Ira Mency for a great article!!

Don't forget to check back on Wednesday for our free jewelry give away! Now who could resist that?

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13 February 2009

My Best Friend

The scene was a hot Coney Island beach. Hired to do a fur shooting. I know...always reverse seasons in the modeling world. The male model missed the limo to the shoot. "No problem", said the photographer....he fit the clothes....the assistant could take the shot. We stood together and looked into each others was electric! Many years later, it's still electric.

My best husband.

Happy Valentines Day!

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12 February 2009

Victorian Watch Cocks...What are They??

Many of you have never even heard of the term "watch cock" so one asks, what is a watch cock? It is the hand-made necessity of the inner workings of pocket watches during the 1700's. Most were made of metal alloys or even pinchbeck..copper and zinc made to look like gold. what is so special about that, you ask? Take a closer look at the watch cocks. Fascinating designs of flowers, serpents, gargoyles, and faces emerge..each one totally different from the next. During the late 1800's it was popular to turn these watch cocks into necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches. Some were linked with glass jewels.

Very collectible and a another unique piece of Victorian antique jewelry!

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11 February 2009

Chain Me UP!

The best dressed Victorian ladies wore chains...lots of them! They wore them long with a locket or lorgnette (handled reading glasses) on the end, gathered with a decorative brooch at the bust line, and even wrapped around their wrist as bracelets. Slides were used to vary the length and look. They were very decorative in their own right with unique shapes. An opal slide as well as a seed pearl slide were very popular.

Even diamonds were used as well as rubies and other gemstones. The chains were varying sizes and widths and were gold filled or of precious metals. Many of the elaborate slides are collected today and made into cuff links, bracelets and even buttons.

Here are a few well dressed Victorian ladies sporting their long watch chains and slides.

So if you're looking for a unique, versatile piece of jewelry, think outside the box and check out some Victorian watch slides!

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10 February 2009!

I didn't type the title wrong. I really meant grouse and perhaps to some...gross! Back in the Victorian days, animal jewelry was quite the rage even though we think of it as being bizarre. Conservation and protecting the wildlife was not a concern and hunting trophies from expeditions were made into elaborate jewelry. The grouse claw above was a favorite often set with a large jewel as well as a ring placed on one of the talons.

Another very collectible was the otter paw or even a boar's tooth mounted as a pendant.
One of my favorites are the scarab beetles.

The Brazilian scarab beetle carcass is exquisite with a bumpy texture and a vivid iridescent green. A true find!
Although gross to you and me, the history is fascinating!
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09 February 2009

Wedding Bangles

There is nothing like the simplicity of a gold or gold filled bangle bracelet. A bangle bracelet is as popular today as it was over 100 years ago although back in the day, bangles had a special meaning.
During the Victorian days, bangle bracelets were given in pairs and were called wedding bangles. One for the bride and one for the groom. They were very ornate with the engraving and many displayed what is referred to as taille d'epargne, a black enamel accent. Ivy vines were a common theme and symbolic of friendship, fidelity and love. A flower was often a focal point with the bluebells for constancy and the lilac for feelings of love.
Just another thing to think about when you don your bangles!!
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06 February 2009

Braided Hair...Love Token!

A very unique form of mourning jewelry during the Victorian era was braided hair jewelry. A lock of hair from the deceased was often hidden away in a locket worn close to the heart. Many brooches were made with the hair kept under glass to protect their loved ones in "another place". These items were referred to a memento mori which is Latin to " reflect on the transitory nature of life" or more so in our terms "be mindful of death".

Not all braided hair jewelry was for mourning. Since hair was incredibly personal, women would braid locks of hair from their husbands or fiances as a love token. The braided hair bracelet circa 1860 is one such item. Many hours were spent entwining each hair to form the intricate masterpiece. Young ladies practiced this art much as they did when embroidering for samplers.

An insight into a lost art. A word to the significant others and husbands...beware the woman with a scissor! Have a great weekend!
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05 February 2009

So Sad? Mourning Jewelry

One type of Victorian jewelry that has always fascinated me is mourning jewelry. When Queen Victoria's husband died in 1861, mourning jewelry was very desirable. The queen actually wore black for the rest of her life! Jewelry followed a strict protocol wearing black for the first year and then, during the second, muted colors were allowed such as purple, muave, and gray. Elements used for the jewelry were highly symbolic...pearls for tears, the forget-me-knot flower for remembrance, a diamond for constancy and the list goes on. Popular materials used were bog oak as pictured above, jet, gutta percha, and onyx.
Shown is a great example of the era..1875...Bog oak brooch . Pair of bog oak earrings with vulcanite base.

The pieces produced were highly detailed and one could read them almost like a book! Don't you just wish these old antique jewelry pieces could tell their story?
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03 February 2009

I'm Smitten

I'm in love with this vintage hand tooled bag. Check out a great blog read..A Cup of Jo. Joanna Goddard is a NY magazine writer and always posts an interesting read. She even features Etsy shops like todays find from NODtoMOD. Totally smitten here....

02 February 2009

What's your favorite...

The temps dropped below the donut again today...yes...frigid Midwest! So I thought it only appropriate to think of warm things. Who couldn't resist a pair of cuddly warm, felted woolen slippers...anytime? Handmade by Pawfelts. What's your favorite warm winter item?