Too much time...

Just a few random thoughts for Thursday.
I know today that I need to hide my make up brushes as it appears that when other people who will remain nameless use them, I end up with huge red puffy eyelids that droop over my eyes and I can barely see anything.
I also know that the roll on migraine relief stick my DH got for me should have been tested on a less conspicuous spot other than my forehead as I now have a large red warpaint band across the front of my face. Other than looking like I'm still wearing a Halloween mask, I'd say today is a pretty good day...I'm still kicking!

I do have to say, this matchstick art is pretty cool...if you have a lot of time on your hands! Which brings me to the question... how much time do you spend in blogland every day?
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ellen abbott said…
Matchstick art? OK, well that's impressive.

And to answer your question...too much.
Love that art. TOO Much time!!
briannelee said…
Wow, those are matchsticks?!
Neat! i'm diggin' the matchstick Elvis! blogland? 'bout an hour a day, i'd say.
Oh your poor thing, you feel like someone struck a matchstick on your face? ... cool cloth on your forehead & over your eyes.

I blog in spurts, and visit blogs in spurts. Don't know quite how to calculate it.

Take care of you.
TheChicGeek said…
Alicia, LOL. Your gorilla brought me over here! I'm trying to WORK and not blog today but he was so funny peering out on my sidebar...LOL
Interesting that your question is how much time do we spend in Blogland...LOL
Yikes...I don't want to admit it :)

Thanks for making me smile this morning! LOL
Love to You!
PS: Good luck with the warpaint stripe! I hope at least it worked on the migrane :)
xxO :)))
Diane said…
Too much time! :O)
drollgirl said…
wow! these pieces are pretty impressive!

i spend way too much time in blogland. but i am bored at work, and it helps pass them time!
Britwife said…
I was just about to ask "What are those sculptures made of?" - and then when you wrote "matchstick art" my mouth fell open.
It shows that talent is all around us - even in the most mundane and unexpected things!
Blogland? Some days I read everything - and then some weeks it's all I can do to find the time to check in with you, Sandra and Ganeida! :)
Sandra said…
Oh my, I'm so sorry you are swollen and reddened. Those things are amazing.

I am spending less time lately. I need to stay off this thing to get some real life stuff done. But I miss checking in. Look what I would miss!
Emmy said…
Way too much! I try and comment on all of the blogs I follow, so espeically in the middle of the week when everyone publishes... well it is embarrassing how much time I spend on here.
S. Etole said…
Some things are better not calculated {in other words, toooo much}
Whoa - that is really cool art now that I know it's made with matchsticks. Blogland - average 10 minutes a day. I just read this one and scan one or two more maybe. I am a really fast reader. :) It's one thing I DO do well.
Matty said…
You like face painting, huh?

It depends on the day. I spend too much time either way. How about you?
Alisa said…
Oh, bless your heart, Alicia! When I was 18 I went skiing with a friend on Spring Break. The last day we were there, I used her sun block on my face. By the time we got home the next day my face was so swollen, you could barely see my eyes... I looked very alien like!

Cool art!
Judy said…
It just goes to show you that people can create works of art from anything~

Some-days I spend way too much time, but others not much at all. I guess it all depends on my day.
otin said…
About 5 hours a day, on a normal day!
Brian Miller said…
oh wow. call me impressed with the match stick art.
Barbara said…
Matchstick Art!!!! Wow. I could not figure out what it was. Used to know a nail relief artist who did similar stuff, but this is amazing. That Gorilla! I love his wide open mouth!

Your question? Less than I used to. Is that a good thing?
me too, much too much time reading blogs.
amazing art!
Renee said…
The art is amazing. And in blogland probably about two hours.

Love Renee xoxo
Clorivak said…
These are really cool! I want to mount that Gorilla head over my pretend fireplace.
Hello Lindello said…
Oh no! What a day huh? My friend swears by those headache sticks. They kind of crack me up.

I spend too much time on blogs. I am starting to cut back though...I try to only go late at night or mornings now when everyones asleep so I dont take time away from being with them.
My name is PJ. said…
I don't know where you stumbled across this matchstick art (I've never heard of it before), but it's quite impressive. I can't imagine putting in the time or having the patience!

I spend 90 minutes or less in Bloglandia a day, but I'm retired and I start before 5 am,so it's not like I'm shirking my duties. ;)
Admiral Hestorb said…
I totally loved this blog! I have had nameless individuals :-) in the persons of my three sons when they were small, getting into my makeup with brushes (But we're painting, mama!" and there is not a lot more funny and maddening than a mistaken color anywhere on your face, just as you described. I am still smiling.
Suecae Sounds said…
How much time?

Sometimes I think to much. Sometimes just right. It kind of varies. :)
usually not that much of my time is spent here...sometimes I feel bad as I dont always get to everyones blogs to comment
Vicky said…
I kept looking and looking to see what they were made of... ah ha... I don't know if I would have guessed matchsticks.

It varies for me too... some days I have too much in life to do...other days I am sure a couple of hours at least! I don't think I would want to really tally the hours I've spent here overall :)
Marian said…
wow that is unique and wonderful! how amazing is this! thanks so much for sharing!
very creative
tenthings. said…
way too much time!

oh and i have a certain {nameless} someone who keeps taking my clothes and make-up...

the art is amazing. the patience some people have.

Torie Jayne said…
Very cool art! Have a sweet weekend! x
Haddock said…
I am still trying to figure out how these figures (with matchsticks) are made
Wow...That is definitely an art for people who have a lot of time...
And as for your question, it depends on the day, but usually it's no less then 18-20 hours a day >.<

I know. I need a life.

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