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Medora, ND

A few years ago, the DH and I were on a little jaunt through the northern part of the US visiting family and my old hometown contemplating a move back. One of the sites to see...and there aren't that many in North Medora which is situated in the Badlands. Incredible scenery, a favorite of Teddy Roosevelt and steeped in history. Every night, they have a musical which plays to a packed house. Talent auditions from all over the US to vie for a spot in the show. Tickets must be reserved in is a big destination and draw...for ND that is.

On this particular evening, the tribute was to the veterans who have served in war. The DH, after being drafted, served for quite some time in Vietnam and was in quite the thick of things..Plaicou and other areas. There was not a day that he wasn't shot at or privy (if you can call it that) to some kind of skirmish. He does not speak of this time often to me or our family...I venture to say that most people who know him would not even know that he served. He rarely acknowledges the fact or is boastful about doing so. It was, after all, his responsibility and job. On this evening, the musical was spectacular and one that made you proud to be an American. The announcer then asked for the veterans in the crowd to stand so that we could honor their service calling out each war with the men and women standing when their service time was announced. When the Vietnam War was called, I looked at him and he back at me. He then slowly stood up. I can tell you that I had tears in my eyes and total pride knowing that my husband was one that was standing amongst a sea of many.

Today is Veterans Day...a day to remember the men and women that have fought for our America. Even though we may not agree with the political agendas set forth with each war, the fact still remains that there are people that fight and go to war for us on a daily basis. It is a holiday, yes...but there is a meaning in this holiday. Let's not forget what it truly is all about and the servicemen that do strive for our peace.
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Des said…
What an outstanding and relevant post. We should always recognize the tremendous effort and sacrifice of our servicemembers and their families. I'd also like to thank your husband for his service to this country as well.
That was a fantastic post. There have been a lot of veteran day posts, but that one was by far the most touching.
Vicky said…
Awesome! We wanted to take our boys to the musical last year and didn't make it. I haven't been since I was young and cannot wait to see it again soon.

I am so glad they included a veteran's tribute. I know so many service men who talk very little of their time spent serving. But I am grateful for each and every one of them! And we have to include service women in that statement too. Great tribute!
What a moving tribute to all veterans, and to your DH in particular. Such sacrifices have been made for our freedoms.

Thanks Alicia.
Great tribute to honorable men & women! I should travel more to this great land of ours...
briannelee said…
Great post! Thank you for this wonderful reminder!
Great story! Yes, let's remember the real meaning of today.
Matty said…
A down home style true story as a lead-in to a tribute to our veterans. This is a fantastic way of saying what everyone else is.

As I'm reading "I looked at him and he back at me", I have to admit I had to check myself.

Your husband is a hero.
Anonymous said…
I know my loving father, and some really close friends, have served this country with their hearts and stregnth. My father, to me, will always be my hero. And back then, no matter political standings on any war, he was a hero to many. To this day, i have an old friend that is over in Iraq, nobody has heard from him. I cant imagine if that were my Father. God bless our troops, and the families that support them. Good post mom! I love you!
Thank you, Mr. Boyle... for standing tall, for serving our country. I salute you, & those who stood with you.
Diane said…
Thanks to the DH and all service people for what they do for us. :O)
Judy said…
Alicia, what a beautiful post. I could envision your husband that night and it brought tears to my eyes as well.
drollgirl said…
oh, i feel so much for veterans. i am grateful for what they do and have done, and that there are so many that are willing to risk their lives for us.

politics and war are many times confusing and confounding, but those that serve always deserve our love, support and gratitude. please extend my best to your husband.
Admiral Hestorb said…
Indeed a wonderful and certainly relevant post. My pleasure to read. I am so glad you write it today.

It is a privilege and honor to honor and thank our Veterans.

And by the way, seeing the Badlands made me want to go learn a little more about them. That was a great picture of them.

All the best from me and the Admiral. :-)
otin said…
I like the theme around that we should support the troops even if we don't agree with the policies! I agree 100%
Sara said…
touching post, alicia. i sometimes feel sad in thinking that our country has lost so much of the patriotism that once made our country, in part, what it was. thanks for the reminder today, and thanks to your husband for serving this great country of ours.
Emmy said…
Thank you so much for sharing this. You are so right, no matter what we may think about the wars, it is unAmerican to not honor those who risk their lives in battles for us every day.
Well said. Thanks to your husband for serving our country. I am from the Vietnam era and know that the vets from that war never received the thanks they were due.

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Blog of Note
You brought tears to my eyes - thank you for a wonderful tribute.
Divine Mrs D said…
This is a wonderful post!! My friend Heather's husband is in Afghanistan right now and I can't even tell you how stressful it is for her. And I think your last paragraph is really true. Support the soldier if you can't support the war.

P.S. I don't think you're old. :-D
Thank you for taking the time to post this today. It is easy to take freedom & independence for granted, and we don't often enough recognize those who fight daily to establish and maintain freedom. Many, many thanks to your DH and all others who have served & currently serve!
TheChicGeek said…
This is a beautiful post, Alicia. Thank you so much to your Dear Husband! I am thankful for people like him that sacrifice so much for our freedoms.
What a wonderful program that they put on. I wish I could be there to enjoy it too. The picture of ND is beautiful too. You are so fortunate to live in such a lovely place!

Thank you for this beautiful post and give your husband a hug from The Chic Geek...LOL
Love to You, Alicia :)
TheChicGeek said…
Alicia, I just noticed the comment from one of your children. Ahhhh, how lucky you are to have such a wonderful and appreciative child!
Renee said…
How I look for the day that there is no more wars.

Love Renee xoxo
Kathy said…
Wonderful post and thank your husband for me. I have such respect for those who serve and have served. We owe them so much.
A beautiful tribute to all veterans. In Canada we call today Remembrance Day, and there were memorials all across the nation. It has been noted that the attendance for these tributes has increased dramatically - wars happening now everywhere, terrorism attacks...causes us to reflect not just on the past veterans, but on those who continue to serve and who will in the future.
Bless them all and to your DH. They are truly remarkable people.
Absolutely wonderful, hug that man for me!!!

I am so proud of all of our Veterns.
Teacher's Pet said…
This is indeed and loving post.
I would like to tell your husband "Thank You"....from the bottom of my heart for his service to our country. I hope that he will read this. If he's like my Daddy, he will say that no thanks is needed (I called Daddy this morning to thank him. He was in the Navy in WWII)...and that's exactly what he said. He said I considered it an honor and no thanks is necessary....but...I insisted....and I insist the same to your husband:
Thank you SO very much. We have no idea the cost of our freedom...but you do....and I sincerely thank you for your dedicated service, sir.
corabela said…
What a good reminder to us all. Thank you very much Alicia. : )
What a great post. It sure makes a person think about the dedication one must have to be a true American. We can be an example here or abroad.
My name is PJ. said…
Please thank your husband for his service to our country for me!

This was a great post!
Brian Miller said…
what a wonderful post. thank you to all that served, and especially your husband...they lay it on the line daily...
Huge thanks to your husband.

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