MIA Blogger...That's me!!

Call me bad...really bad! I have been away from posting for a few days which also means that I haven't been commenting....I'm a missing in action blogger...that's me! I wish I could say that I've gone fishing, but not the case. Seems I volunteered about four months ago to host a whole group of women at the house yesterday and today which entails lots of cooking, cleaning and basically "puttin' on the dog'"! Since we have been having a month of solid rain, it has made for lots of mud in the house and anyone that knows me, knows I hate to clean. That must be one of the seven things you just have to know, right? Top it off..the vacuum broke so I have been using a Shop-Vac! Those can really suck dirt! Don't be cringing out there...I'm sure someone can relate...please tell me they do so I don't feel like a total idiot!

Pumpkin caramel cheesecakes are ready, silver polished, house semi Shop-Vac clean and I'm good to go. Now I just need to stretch those gray cells and memorize a couple of pages of dialog and I just might make it through the night. I didn't realize that after 50, you can't remember a darn thing. Why is it that I still procrastinate? I'll be checking out some of you wonderful new followers and commenting back to my tried & true buds by tomorrow. It may be a threat, but you know I just love to comment!
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Diane said…
The polished silver always gives it the extra special touch. Hope it is wonderful! :O)
It's always the way isn't it? When you really, really need an appliance Murphy shows up and breaks it.

I'm sure everything is beautiful and hope you have a nice day with your friends.

I love it when you threaten to comment!
Sara said…
having people over is never as easy as it sounds, is it? hope all goes well!
Maybe the shop vac sucked up those brain cells??
My household has 2 Shop Vacs, and yes, they have been used when needed in a pinch :) My least favorite part of entertaining is the pre-gathering cleaning, for sure. But the pumpkin caramel cheesecake sounds divine!
amyg said…
Wow -- Pumpkin Caramel cheesecake, polished silver AND clean floors. Show-off! Hope it all went well. I'm sure it was lovely.
briannelee said…
Yum... caramel cheesecake sounds really good!
Matty said…
We're all there at one time or another. Life happens. There are other priorities that trump blogging. Been there, still doing that. Hope the event went off without a hitch.
Emmy said…
I agree cleaning and I are not friends. :)
Hope you have fun with your group.
drollgirl said…
i bet everything looks fab! i hate cleaning, too. bleh. i love a clean house, but getting it clean is another story!!!
TheChicGeek said…
You're so cute, Alicia...LOL
We love your comments too :)
Enjoy your break!
Hello Lindello said…
I wish I could let my house get muddy! I am so anal about dog hair and dirt. Don't feel bad about being MIA. Everyone needs time away from their computers...right?

Ps. Shop Vac? I've been there!
Have a great time!
Pumpkin caramel cheesecake, mmmm, sound delicious!
Nancy said…
Take you time and enjoy - we're always around. :-)
Snap said…
Ah, Lifeinterruptus strikes again! Have a great time and save some cheesecake for us!
Maria Trendy said…
Have a great time :)
Barbara said…
I hate cleaning, too. Love the end result, but geez...can't there be cleaning fairies? For real??? Have a great party. And don't worry about the memory. It happens to them, too. :p)
I think it's good to get away from the computer for a few days!

Although I missed your posts!
Teacher's Pet said…
I'm still back at the 'caramel cheesecake' part...Uhmmmm.
Welcome back!
Smiles to you from Jackie
leah said…
although i haven't used a shop vac, i have had to improvise a bit in the cleaning realm. but, for the most part, i just dont clean. that works too. el natural.
I've never been a perfectionist; but after reading this I feel really lousy about tonite's Kroger cheesecake & plastic forks.

Bet you're a grand hostess!
Des said…
Everyone can relate. It's important to take time for yourself. Take care.
otin said…
I love how us bloggers always have to justify our absence! LOL!
Cleaning..what is that? I totally relate..the older I get, the more I hate it!

Sounds like fun for the ladies coming, tell us all about it!

hmmmm, shop vac huh....!
Vicky said…
My vacuum has been less than stellar too, but why didn't I think of the shop vac! Brilliant I say :) Enjoy your time away, having company sounds joyful to me!
Relyn said…
So how did it go? I'm sure it was marvelous.
You know sometimes it's good to take a little break and enter the 'real world' again....Lol
But it's always nice to come back :D

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