The Dunce in the corner...

That's me for sure...the little guy in the corner with the dunce cap on promising to be good. You see, I have been very remiss in posting several awards that I have gotten. I had them written down on a piece of paper and when cleaning up this past week for the big soiree, I swear, the shop-vac sucked up the sheet! So without further ado and what my addled brain can remember..I'm going to send out some big thanks you's!Sarah at Cottage Garden Studio gave me this very special award. In Sarah's words, "one common virtue, they are loyal friends regardless of race, creed, political affiliations and geography. To honor womanhood and friendship and there is nothing more wondrous a blessing for anyone than for a friend who came and never left your side." I tune in to Sarah's blog every time I'm on blogger and always leave with sound advice or something to think about in my daily life. To you, Sarah, I'll always be there...thank you for the honor! I'm going to pass this on to Kelly over at The Chic Geek. A fabulous blog...really go have a good read!

Emmy at Emmy Mom gave me this super Dragon's Loyalty Award. Love that colorful picture and it is a new one to me! I am new follower on her blog and really enjoy the enthusiasm and verve this young lady exhibits. I'm a you prbably haven't guessed already...and this is Emmy's way of saying thank you! I'm going to pass this one to Snap from Tales From Twisty Lane.

Barbara over at A Bird In My Hand honored me with this Kreativ Blogger award. Thank you, Barbara, but truly...this lady is THE creative blogger and then some. She's a published author and writes the best stories on her blog. Even though she may be new to the blogging world (so she says but she writes too darn well to be brand new!), she has taken to it like a duck to water. I'd love to shake her's even passed the muster of Clint Eastwood ;) and the lady has been on the set of Mad Men. Definitely after my heart! I'm going to pass this award on to PJ over at Seens From The Back Of My Eyelids. I'm new there too but really enjoy the posts!
This one is hilarious...not for me..just my blog! Bhavesh Chhatbar over at Information is Everything sent this present my way. Bhavesh is a writer, traveller, photographer and designer from India and brings the most interesting information out in his blog. I love traveling so is not a wonder that I enjoy reading his blog. I get to live vicariously though his travels!

How lucky can I be? This Honest Scrap award was given to me by two great blogs that I thoroughly enjoy! Matty over at Matty Thoughts is an ardent Phillie fan...he could use some of your love right now as he's feeling World Series pain! He really is a poet and doesn't know must read his acceptance of this award..totally creative... honest to a tee and a loyal commenter. A great blog to check out!
The Divine Mrs. D from Love Is A Verb is the other lady who sent this my way. She's been to 18 or 19 countries, names rats in the New York subway and does MTV voice-overs. Currently fighting bedbugs! I just had to add that last one as you have no idea the trouble it is to get rid of the little buggers! I'm going to pass this on to several people...Sandra at Worlds End Farm , Sara at Twillypop and Vicky over at The Westra World.

If I have forgotten one, please accept my apologies..and let me know! I really would like to to take off this hot dunce cap and stop writing on the hand has cramps!!

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briannelee said…
Wow, congrats on all your awards!
otin said…
I lost track about 10 awards ago and I feel bad about it! :(
Vicky said…
I am always on the look out for new blogs so I plan to peruse your links in a bit! I was just thinking of you today when I saw the story in the Forum about the "Bling Bling showcase." I realize the focus is on jewelry makers, but one of them loves taking vintage buttons, keys, etc., and making pieces out of them.

Thank you for the award... so sweet of you! I may need to borrow your dunce hat as I too tend to be a bit delinquent in posting awards :)
Matty said…
Well done Alicia. You may now remove the cap and return to your seat.

You keep good friends. I enjoyed checking them out.

Congratulations on your well deserved awards!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Blog of Note
Divine Mrs D said…
Haha! No worries :) You never needed the dunce cap!!
Sara said…
congratulations on all these awards. I've said it to you before and clearly I'm not the only one who thinks it: You're the best!
I can't say how much your help, support, and advice have meant to me in my little endeavor...and now an award!
Thank you. You are the second person in the last few days to give me the honest scrap award and i think it's a cool award! thanks a lot, sara
beth said…
wow...kind of like christmas !!
congrats on all your presents...umm, oops...awards !
you deserve them !!
Teacher's Pet said…
Wow..look at all your awards!
Go girl.
I love to look at the different cleverly they were constructed.
P.S. I feel soooo sorry for the little guy in the dunce cap. I want to give him a hug.....
Smiles to you from Jackie
rxBambi said…
congrats on the awards! You deserve them, you totally rock. And thanks for the links to some new bloggers.
TheChicGeek said…
Alicia, thank you so much! You just made my day super duper fabulous! You totally deserve each and every one of these awards and I'm so honored that you are sharing such a special one with me :) (blush blush)

And now I know I'm in trouble because you have introduced me here in this post to so many more fabulous blogs...I know when I go to visit I will be wowed! (I may never get off the

Thank you, Alicia :)
Hugs and Love to You!
Kelly :)
Barbara said…
Thank you for your kind words, Alicia and it was my pleasure to pass this well deserved award on to you. And congrats on all the other fabulous ones as well! Wow. I love your blog and never miss a chance to stop by and see what's up with you! And you always have the most interesting links! xoxo B
Brian Miller said…
congrats on the awards...i really stink at remembering to accept them...or pass them to check out some of your links!
Judy said… lucky lady! Well deserved awards, each and everyone of them!
My name is PJ. said…
Alicia, Congrats on all the awards! Party! Score!

Thanks for my award. I admit to being worse than you could imagine about posting about them.

Question about wordle: How do you capture the image? I've tried and it won't let me copy/paste or save as. I stopped playing with it long ago because the images were fleeting and I couldn't bear the disappointment of it all!
Congratulations my dear! Each and every award you receive is well deserved. Your blog is most inspirational, and although I don't always leave comments, know I am reading along daily.

ellen abbott said…
Oh, me too. I have, lately received two. One I remember, the other I don't remember where it came from. Oops.
Emmy said…
Congrats! You really do deserve all of those awards.. and that just reminded me someone recently gave me one that I forgot to acknowledge!
Anna said…
Awesome! Congrats on the awards - much deserved :)
Congrats on all your awards!! They are all well deserved :D
Sandra said…
Congratulations and well deserved. And thank you. I've been a bit occupied, so I'm a little slow.
You are well deserving of the recognition. Congratulations! Very exciting :)

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