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While growing up, it was a treat to be able to watch certain tv shows on a Sunday night. Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Walt Disney, Bonanza...all were g rated. Come to think about it...most of the programs way back then were. We had to have all our homework done, had our bath taken and in general, ready for bed. During the holidays, I can still hear the announcer saying "And now, a word from our sponsors..."

Orvis Wool Knit Sweater from NodtoMod Vintage
Perfect weekend sweater to keep away the chill....

Gilded Pine Earrings from TenThings
Simple, elegant...the perfect stocking stuffer to make her smile..

Mini Sleighbell Crystal Charm Bracelet from SoDear2MyHeart
Oodles of tinkling sound to ring the holidays and the envy of any diva...

Plaid 1950's Day Dress from LolaVintage
Fabulous for entertaining without being too dressy....

Marie Ribbon Necklace from Twillypop
Ribbons and pearls are a girl's best friend....

Vintage Wine Quilted Long Bathrobe from Harlowmonroe Vintage
Wonderful way to start the morning with a cup of jo...

With the holidays coming up, I am on a mission to keep anything I purchase either vintage, handmade and for that matter...made right here in the USA! How about you?

Happy Monday all!

PS..if your interested in having linked logo on the blog just shoot me an email!
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You are SO kind. Tons of thank yous! I really appreciate it, and your blog looks wonderful, btw. Have a fantastic week!
I love this. I really love that necklace! Do they have handmade Bakugon??
Sarah said…
Oooh what fun these are..wonderful post hon! I am very fond of the pine earings!! Hugs to you hon!!
Judy said…
Most of my gifts that I give are either handmade or antique, something you just can't get anywhere.

Yes, yes... I would love to be linked on your wonderful blog.
Love your plan, I try to buy local, support my community if at all possible. I think gift giving this year for us, will be very controlled. Still worrying about =our business.

I love the idea of vintage :)
SoDear2MyHeart said…
Thank you for including the Sleigh Bells - Moonlight in the Snow - bracelet! It will definitely put the "jingle" in your step this holiday!

I remember OHsoWELL Sunday night traditions... Sitting there in my damp flannel nightgown, fresh from a warm bath, waiting to watch The Wonderful World of Disney...and hoping it wasn't a stupid grown up type movie...praying for any animated short. I would be perched between my mother's feet, leaning against her knees while she combed the tangles from my wet long blond hair...desperately trying to keep the yelps & squeeks to a minimum...which reminds me of yet another of our family's traditions..."NEVER let your MOMMY comb your hair when she's MAD at your DADDY!"

Wonderful post I've enjoyed very much!

So Dear 2 My Heart
I've always thought that local production makes a much good difference :)

Goat in Attitude
Rachel Follett said…
How darling are those pine earrings?! So clever!
Wonderful selections...especially adore that knit, so cozzzzy!
Kathy said…
What wonderful finds and I was shocked at the great prices! That sweater is right up my alley and I love the earrings. I'm not a big pearl fan, but what a beautiful use of pearls and ribbon.

Ah, Sunday evenings back in the day. Loved Wild Kingdom! TV was so much kinder and gentler back then. Now I can hardly watch.

I'm waiting for Christmas wish lists from my adult children and their spouses. We set a spending limit for the first time ever this year, so I'll be interested in seeing what I will be out searching for. It's always so much fun. Handmade and USA are always the best!

Thanks for sharing the memories and the great stuff!
Sandra said…
I want it all! I also will be giving handmade items as gifts. Mostly food because I don't make things like jewelry. I remember my mother wearing dresses like that.
My name is PJ. said…
I have an upcoming post about those very same shows! You must be older than you look!

I would like the gold pine needle earrings, please! ;)
Amariah said…
I'm trying to keep as much as I can handmade- it's harder to do that for the kids because they want yu-gi-oh cards and xbox games :)
ellen abbott said…
I don't think they even had TV ratings then.

I love those gilded pine earrings.
briannelee said…
I have been trying to do most of my holiday shopping on Etsy and Ebay. I love buying people homemade/vintage gifts.
Sara said…
I love visiting your blog. Every time I visit I come away with some nugget or other of inspiration or blessing. I was so enjoying your picks today and then, imagine my utter glee and surprise (and to be quite honest, tears) as I scroll down and see one of my necklaces! You have encouraged me more than you could ever know..thanks
Snap said…
I think -- Handmade -- and then have a heck of a time finding made in the USA yarn (that doesn't break the bank on the first gift)!!!!! Argggggh.
Love that sparkly charm bracelet. Looking at it, thinking about Bonanza... I decided to pull up The Merry Macs'old tune, "Jingle Jangle Jingle". Playing on the media player as I type...

Have a happy day, Alicia :-)
Haddock said…
Like that Quilted long bathrobe.
Vicky said…
Wow, I'd be so excited to be on your Christmas list!! I think you are being so thoughtful in your choices and I love all the ideas you've posted today.

Lets see, I miss Disney Sunday nights, and The Carol Burnett show Saturday nights... The Waltons... well gosh theres a whole post you just inspired!!
Brian Miller said…
nice way to get your christmas list out

hope you have an amazing monday!
great plan, indeed. for those who will appreciate it, american handmade all the way. i wish my kids would go for that :)
Those Gilded Pin Earrings are simply gorgeous, and I'll have you know that you're one of my new favorite people!!!

Anonymous said…
Isn't it nice to be supported?! All the sponsors!! I love those daggled earings, and the wool sweater, of course a fav in the boyle house. :o) I miss you guys on this supportive monday!
Thank you very much for letting us be a part of your lovely blog and sponsor list! Reading your blog posts are certainly a daily treat. Thanks again :)
Alisa said…
Those were the days.... always so excited for Wild Kingdom to come on.
Happy Monday to you too!
Hello Lindello said…
Love that sweater!

I'm going to try my best to get handmade or local gifts as well. Its so important these days.
Nancy said…
You have such fabulous taste! I love your idea to keep it local and real.
Lori said…
Your Sunday night sounds like my mine growing up! Great mission Alicia ~ I am afraid I have already veered off that path this year with my shopping but I do attempt to buy from local merchants ~ a trip to the Farmers Market is in the cards this week-end and the local Christmas craft fair the week-end after.
corabela said…
Wow I love those pine earrings! Beautiful! And you know I'm doing handmade! Everyone is getting either homemade spritz cookies, homemade hot chocolate mix, organic soap, an apron, or aftershave.

Real Simple magazine has a nice article and online feature about homemade gifts and then of course there's etsy if you have money. : )
rxBambi said…
I got stuck on Mutual of Omaha. God I used to love watching that show with my dad. And saturday nights were The Love Boat and Fantasy Island (sometimes FI would be a little creepy and I'd snuggle on the couch with him).
Great memories ;)
Joanna Jenkins said…
I could be very happy lounging in that purple robe :-0
You have great taste.
You've just listed my shopping motto!
anna said…
Love those earrrings!!

PS a little surprise for you on my blog:

missysue hanson said…
i feel the same way...with the economy the way it is right now, especially.....I'm focusing more and more on making sure what i purchase is either handmade or made in the USA.

i found the most beautiful set of vintage dishes for my mom.....i know she'll love them!!!

love + luck + bliss,
missysue xox
Hehe-I love that: 'Now a word from our sponsors..'
Those particular sponsors have some really cute things!
Thanks for sharing :D
drollgirl said…
i am GASPING at that bracelet! and the necklace! LOVE!!
I loved watching those shows before bedtime as a child! I also love that dress and necklace!
Marian said…
the pine earrings are stunning and so unique! heart them!
beth said…
wow...that wow wow !

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