A Walk Back in Time

I'll admit it...I go crazy over old books. Not that I am a pack rat with a house full of them, but I do have a few that I love to read or page through over and over. There is something about the smell of the pages and the hand drawn illustrations that draws me in.

One of my favorites is a compilation of the Illustrated London Times from 1847. It is an oldie for sure but the best part is taking a walk back in time to another era. After reading some of the pages, one realizes that life really hasn't changed that much as far as news goes.

A wedding for a Marquis

The castle and grounds where the wedding party stayed...I think I could live with that!

New improved railway carriage...love that term carriage. The difference between first-class and second-class accommodations. The class structure is clearly evident throughout.

What newspaper wouldn't be complete without the political strife? Poems were written...some quite scathing about the political beliefs and the heads of state. Now that's not too far from what we read or hear on the television today.

I have to think while thumbing through these pages that most things have not really changed throughout the years. We have many luxuries that weren't available back then, but clearly we seek the same things to read much that the people 160+ years ago read. Put into basic terms, how much has anything really changed?
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Snap said…
Loved this post. Love old books. And, yes, just how much has changed ... technology, but after that, we are people with families and homes who need food, clothing, shelter. *Fashion* changes ... sure glad I don't have to wear bustles and long dresses in *my* heat! Ack!
Diane said…
Fun photos to look through. Same stories.... differnet people. :O)
these photos are wonderful. i too am fascinated with old books. my favourite treat is to find inked notes in the margins.
Moonshadow said…
An old saying, "The more things change... the more they stay the same." -French proverb that was quoted by George Bernard Shaw in his 'Revolutionist's Handbook' (1903).

I have some old books that love looking through too. One of them is about setting up decorative gardens. They're quite impressive.
Vicky said…
Its like the old addage, the more things change, the more they remain the same... okay as I am typing this I see it in the comment above mine :) And Moonshadow has the correct reference for it :)

The smell of the old books gets me every time to! I even like the feel of the delicate papers used in older times :) I think its great if you even have a few historical books such as this surrounding you!
great post...and I was going to say something about the smell of old books....but Vicky beat me to it!!!!
drollgirl said…
i remember reading war and peace years ago and thinking that we all still have the same kind of problems. i guess things haven't changed all that much!
Nancy said…
There is something about England that always draws my attention. I think I must have lived there in another life, or maybe because most of my ancestors are from there, but there is something so interesting about their history. You begin to see why some may have wanted to break the cycle of such a stratified society, however. It would have been much easier to live in those times if you were wealthy.
Alicia: I would be fascinated by that book too. Interesting times. Hopefully we are not assailed by such a gulf in classes today. However, in terms of politics - sames old motivations and values govern.

I would be interested in seeing their gardens, and the plans for their gardens. Fashion, I think not - designed to keep women restrained by yards of material. Imagine trying to run, frolic, play in their wardrobes!!
Wonderful post...love the old illustration, especially the classical patere garden! ps: thanks for the laugh as well, I was doing the same thing when I read your cute comment, hee* ~Have a gorgeous evening! ~xo*
Renee said…
Now if I could find a modern day magazine with that kind of artwork and talent.........

Love Renee xoxo
Delwyn said…
Hi Alicia

I was going to say that perhaps the gap between rich and poor has narrowed but them I don't think so...

Happy days
Judy said…
I too adore old books, the lithos and engravings are wonderful!
I also enjoy old books and have a bit of an addiction to them. However, I do limit myself. I never buy online. After that, I like old cookbooks, old books about horses or old books that have horses in them. Also old children's books, especially of the cowpoke variety. :)

My grandmother has a huge book collection and I think part of my interest is that the smell reminds me of her.
Haddock said…
Absolutely true.
Some of the hand drawn illustrations are much better than photographs.
There is so much detail in those drawings.

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