Through Your Heart

“Even the longest way starts with a tiny step.”

We take so many thing for granted. Although these pictures may seem a bit crude on first look, take a look again. They are painted by a Russian artist named Dimitri....who is blind. So many times we complain of things not being fair in our world but this artist clearly overcame his disability. Painting through your heart and not through your step at a time.
Here's to a grateful Wednesday!
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briannelee said…
Wow that is amazing! I really like that first painting.
Judy said…
Just another reason to believe that art comes from within. Lovely! I so love the first one, it is very Caribbean!
Britwife said…
That is absolutely amazing. That is coming from the woman that can barely do a stick figure....
Wow. Thank you Alicia - for a little wake up call and a lot of inspiration.
Vicky said…
Did he have sight at one time? I am going to check your link, as you piqued my curiosity. Regardless, I do think its encouraging to view paintings done by someone without sight, and very well done paintings at that.
Divine Mrs D said…
I think I needed this. It's been a long day already and it's not even 11am. But you're right. We have so much.
Diane said…
They are simple but lovely! :O)
That is simply amazing and it should make us all realize that we truly can do anything we set our minds and hearts to do! Thank you for sharing this with us today...a very big inspiration for all of us!!!!
Yes, I remind myself and my boys that we need to be grateful for our lives. Life is good.
Lovely way to start the morning, thanks.
Suecae Sounds said…
I favour the last one: the one with the elk.
amyg said…
Fantastic. Thanks for sharing -- I needed that today.
Matty said…
Painting through your heart and not through your step at a time.

That is the essence of those paintings,and of this post.

What a perfect reminder for all of us when we want to complain.

P.S. I found you through a comment over at Thoughts By Dena. I've been a fan of her's for quite a while.

I went back in time and read some of your earlier posts, and I like what I see. You really put things in perspective.
Snap said…
The colors are magnificent. When Monet's eyesight was going because of cataracts he did some amazing work with wild color. Perhaps we can see better with our hearts than our eyes? ??? Thanks for the post ... wonderful!
My goodness, how beautiful. It's hard enough to see what's there when we can see it. I love the comment you left, Alicia. We are both feeling very grateful

Warm day,
Hello Lindello said…
I'm in love with that last one. truly beautiful.
Jill said…
Amazed & thankful. Thanks for sharing!

xo Jill
I love the color combinations on the 1st painting!
Nice goose-bumps when you mentioned the!
Alisa said…
Truly amazing!!!
Chrisy said…
It's interesting how the colors he uses are exquisite and vibrant and the composition so perfect....he's truly an inspiration...thanks for telling us about him...
Beautiful post! thanks for the "reminder"! xo...deb
Barbara said…
Wow. What's crazy is that he even painted shadows! And visualized which way the sun was shining. Thanks for sharing these. Yikes. Note to self: just shut up. :p)
drollgirl said…
WHAT?!?!? that is amazing!!! absolutely incredible!

and whenever i am on a pity trip (which is a LOT lately), i don't have to look very far to find someone in a much worse situation.
Wow, truly amazing! The colors are so beautiful in the first two paintings, but I must say that my favorite painting is the last one. It invokes a feeling of loneliness that makes me want to go snuggle with my husband.
I'm actually quite fond of that last one -- even though everything is done in the same color palette, it feels like there are lots of layers!

And I the new banner!
I was admiring the first painting, the beautiful shapes and color, then I read that the artist is blind! Amazing! Thank you for sharing this beautiful work.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Blog of Note
Amariah said…
That is so amazing! I've always wondered what I would do if I ever lost my sight!
Oh wow! Those are stunning.
I'm definitely grateful for what I have! Being sick puts everything into a different perspective then before.
It's weird, for me, it's always 'before I was sick' and 'after I was sick'

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