I wish I was a kid again...

Our kids getting ready for Halloween...years ago!!

Decisions were made by eeny-meeny-miney-mo.

Money issues were handled by who was the banker in Monopoly.

Being old was referred to anyone over 20.

Spinning around, getting dizzy and falling down meant for great laughs.

War was a card game.

Water balloons were the best weapon.

Baseball cards in spokes transformed your bike into a motorcycle and drove the neighborhood nuts.

Taking drugs meant orange flavored chewable aspirin.

The worst thing caught from the opposite sex was cooties!

Abilities were discovered from a double-dog-dare.

I'd love to be a kid again, wouldn't you? What would you do?

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Diane said…
Yes, absolutely! I still try to sneak things in once in a while, but ah...... not so cute. BTW, thanks for your help before. So appreciate your kindness! Hugs, :O)
Emmy said…
So great! I would set up big houses using books and blocks for my fisher price people. I would come home from school and spend all afternoon outside playing with my friends. I would play bloody Mary (i.e hide and seek in the dark) with all the neighborhood kids.
Great post.
Divine Mrs D said…
I would...hmm...I would run like a crazy person all day long. I used to play in the grass a lot. I miss doing that...
First I love that picture of your kids. Second, wouldn't it be nice to ride a bike without worrying about breaking open your head, or walking into school without having to watch them enter the building for fear of them being snatched? That's what I miss. It was simpler and easier.
amyg said…
I have always been a little envious of my children, especially at this time of year. Nothing is more thrilling than getting dressed up for Halloween. And then the holidays . . . don't get me started. Beautiful post!!
Sara said…
.....when an empty tissue box and a toilet paper roll could make art.......
oh I say it many times....life was good back then...it seemed so simple and yet so fun!!!
Judy said…
I sure would! No problems, no worries! Your kids were darling! Those were the days when Halloween was sooooo fun!
Why I miss being a kid:
Spending hours reading, riding my bike and dreaming about what grand and glorious things I want to be or do and what type of prince I would marry (well, at least I got that right! :) ) Having my mommy hold me and hug me and tell me things would be all right when I felt sad. My grandmother rubbing my back, eating my dad's barbequed chicken and my mom's cornbread mixed with milk and my grandma's boild custard at Christmas. I miss believing in Santa. And, I miss having hope that one day I might be pretty and slender.
Teacher's Pet said…
You and I think on the same wave length soo many times. I love this blog. I wish I was a kid again, too... Life has become too complicated and too technically oriented. Simple is better.
Oh, those are all so TRUE!! I love this post :D
Definitely would love to be a kid again-I would totally do the whole playing make believe thing all day long...And forts! I'd love to make myself a big ol' fort =]
Matty said…
Yes, being a kid again

Coke was a soda.
A hoe was digging tool.
A jerk got you a malt behind the counter.
The only thing that blew was the wind.

The good ole days.
Remember these?

Candy cigarettes
Soda pop machines that dispensed glass bottles
Hoola hoop contests
Coffee shops with tableside juke boxes
Blackjack, Clove and Teaberry chewing gum
Home milk delivery in glass bottles
Party lines
Newsreels before the movie
Howdy Doody
45 RPM Records
Green Stamps
Metal ice cube trays with levers
Mimeograph paper
Blue flash bulbs

Love the photo of the kids!
Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Blog of Note
Oh goodness. I spend everyday with 100 teenagers. Their 'lingo' doesn't even make any sense anymore. My daughter told me a boy 'asked her out'. I asked when and where they would be going out. Silly me. Being asked out means they are boyfriend/girlfriend now. Huh. I wouldn't have guessed that one. hehe In my mom's day is was called 'going steady' and in my day it was called 'going together.' You had to be asked out quite a few times before someone became your boyfriend. yikes. Confusing.
otin said…
War was a card game! I loved that!

I would love to just hang out with my childhood friends and play ball again!
Sandra said…
First, your kids look fantastic. Creativity runs in the family!

No, I wouldn't be a kid again. I don't like to be told what to do. : )
we were all so lucky.. and now the kids are growing up way to fast.. I wish we could jsut slow them down..

When I was 14 I would be gone all day.. riding my horse with my friends, we were gone from mid morning until dinner time, no one knew where we were, or worried that we were not safe...it was the best!
Snap said…
I wouldn't want to be a kid again. I didn't much like being a kid. What I do like is, as an adult, learning to play. I play more as an adult than I did as a kid. Perhaps I'm aging backwards???? Very old soul and getting younger with each passing year. !!!!
Brian Miller said…
when you put it like that..yes. i try to stay a kid. my boys help. smiles.

love the pic!
Vicky said…
I am planning a post about this very topic, with a few treasures I've saved from the past :)

Drag out my Barbie and Ken and set up house in Barbie's Dreamhouse :)

Love the photo, did you do the face paint? Hand made costumes are also something I miss!
Chrisy said…
Don't wish I was a kid again..but do wish that my children were still little...
Renee said…
Alicia this post is wonderful and I absolutely love seeing the kids in all their halloween glory.

Hey Alicia, it seems that you didn't notice that the present is for you too :) Take it!
Ah yes, being a kid means little responsibility and lots of fun! Laughing at just about everything and driving all adults crazy...which is exactly what I go through with raising my niece and nephew. For the life of me, I can't understand what is so FUNNY to them...until I turn back the clock and remember when I was young. Let them laugh!

LUV this photo!!!
a family treasure!
I do enjoy hanging around kids...adore their cute logics, I can sure relate to them! xo*
Anonymous said…
MOM!! So, in there it says abilities were discovered by a double-dog-dare. I remember i found the 'attention getting' ability of screaming cuss words to get mothers attention... THIS, was discovered by a double dog dare my loving brother laid on me. But back then, you were'nt cool if you didnt follow through with the dare. Being the youngest child, i had a reputation to live up to!! So i did, and the neighbors were not too happy... Not to mention how unhappy my mom was with me for listening to my brother!
love you motha!!!
briannelee said…
I want to play w/ Barbies again and have the imagination that I used to :)
drollgirl said…
haha! this is so cute and so true. i am fine being an adult, but it is fun to look back at the good times one had as a kid. particularly NOT HAVING A JOB! :)
Adorable photo! Aren't you glad you took a moment to snap it? That's what I would do, if I had a chance to be a kid again. I'd pay attention to Daddy when he tried to teach me in his makeshift darkroom... I'd take photos of everything & everyone with his old box camera.

There are pictures of me, but I'd so love to have real photos of childhood from my own point of view.

Happy weekend, friend,
Linda Sue said…
I would jump rope until I could do red hot peppers...then I'd jump on my bike and spin it on gravel. FUN!
Amariah said…
I almost didn't post a comment because I don't want to be a bummer.. I'm glad to be an adult and very happy my childhood is over. I do, however, try to make sure that my kids have a lot of fun and few responsibilities ;)
Torie Jayne said…
Such a sweet post! Happy Halloween!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Fantastic post! The pic made me smile.
Have a great week.
Marian said…
aww your kids were so cute! amazing candid photo
Relyn said…

Have I ever told you that I spray my classroom for Cooties. The kids really love that.
Haddock said…
I wish I was a kid again.......don't we all?

And those who don't, is missing out on something in life.

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