Guarded Secrets

I'm on a secret mission this week...can't you tell? Yesterday I posted about only two people knowing the secret formula to Coca Cola so today, I thought I'd share several other products that only two people know the secret.

Lena Blackburne Rubbing Mud

Seems that a brand new baseball out of the box is quite slippery so this special mud is rubbed on the baseballs...used by all Major League Baseball teams. Back in the 30's, a coach named Lena Blackburne came across this mud while taking a walk. By 1938, the American League was using it and by 1950, the National League started to use the stuff. Who knows the secret? Only the business owner and his wife. It has been a closely guarded secret as to where the mud comes from other than to know it is from a tributary of the Delaware River.

You're So Vain..who is Carly Simon singing about?

And here I thought I knew this one all along. Turns out that everyone has speculated who the song is about from Mick Jagger (my guess), James Taylor, to Warren Beatty...even her father (my Dh's guess)! Carly knows the secret and in 2003, she auctioned off the knowledge for a mere $50,000 to the highest bidder, Dick Ebersol, president of NBC. He hasn't spilled the beans and she's not ready to either.

The 11 spices that make KFC chicken

Only two executives know the mix. One batch of spices are mixed at one location, the second batch at another location. All come together at a third location just to make sure no one steals all of the ingredients at one time.

Oliver Cromwell's head...seriously!

In case you don't know your history, Cromwell was a guy who, in the 1600's, overthrew the English Monarchy. He died of natural causes and was buried. Once the Monarchy came back, he was exhumed and hung for 12 hours (the English like to do it right!) at which time they put his head on a spike...gruesome. It eventually fell off the spike and has been passed around to museums and collectors. The last guy to have it in 1957 (we're talking 300 years!!) decided enough was enough for Cromwell and two professors at Cambridge University's Sidney Sussex college know the final burying place.

The super special formula to predict the Farmer's Almanac weather

The mathematical and astronomical formula, developed in 1792, uses sunspots, tides and a plethora of other factors to determine the weather for a year. Only the editor Sandi Duncan and an anonymous meteorologist know the formula. Don't let Al Gore in on the secret...I don't think in 1792 they had global warming. Maybe that's why we have snow in October here!

So here's to some little tidbits of keeping a secret!
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Suecae Sounds said…
I like posts such as these. Funny and informative!
Diane said…
The two peoples have a huge responsibility of never flying or driving together. If there was ever a crash then the secret would die with them... :O)
Linda Sue said…
What a fun post- nothing like secret telling- I love telling secrets but then I have to invent MORE!
Divine Mrs D said…
I've always wanted to know who Carly Simon was talking about!!!
Love your secret theme!
Haven't had KFC for such a long time, now I'm craving for the coleslaw salad!
Alisa said…
What a fun post, Alicia! Thanks!
Snap said…
Goodness! Secrets everywhere!
great stuff, i love the story about the baseball mud, amazing stuff.
Vicky said…
Alicia, these are great!! My boys will love hearing about the mud, that is a new one to me. I've heard of the kfc recipe being closely guarded :) And Carly Simon... you can't help but speculate... but how interesting that someone paid money to find out and now keeps it secret too!
There is some guy who has a recipe book out and he remakes all these secret formula things and says he has figured out KFC...I wonder...
Great post Alicia! I think your Dh may be on to something - although in public interviews the Simons all seemed quite devoted to each other. I had always thought it was the obvious Warren Beatty - and I think he secretly enjoyed feeling he was the object of her derision.

Great fun reading this!
Sandra said…
I am with you Alicia. I always thought she was singing about Mick Jagger too. That mud thing is very interesting. The husband is a baseball fan, so now I think I know something he doesn't!
Well, some secrets are necessary! Although, I can't imagine it really matters where Oliver Cromwell's head is now...:-)

I've also heard, that the two executives who know the coca cola recipe can never travel together case they are both in the same accident and die!
Fun and interesting read. Thanks for the entertaining break from work today!
Matty said…
Alicia, I'm loving your secrets. It seems that 2 is the common denominator.

I always knew about the mud for the baseballs, but I never knew the story behind it. Thanks.

Keep the secrets coming.
that Carly Simon bit is hilarious! great post :)
drollgirl said…
i want to know who carly simon was singing about!!! i assumed it was james taylor, but maybe not!
Hit 40 said…
Very cool secrets! My favorite was the weather almanac mystery. I wondered who wrote this book and how!!
Emmy said…
This was awesome! I did not realize half of that stuff. I knew about the KFC spices but that was about it.
otin said…
You could probably figure out the Simon thing if you tried. "Flew your lier Jet to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun" Just pinpoint the eclipse, it had to in the early 70's, and then figure out who she was linked to at the time! It had to be Jagger!
Renee said…
I love it. This post was awesome.

I heart it. Can you start a blog of just secrets?
Great post! I definitely would love to know who Carly Simon is singing about. Such a good song!
Missy said…
Love the secrets! I promise not to tell Al! LOL
Liss said…
Wow people really can keep secrets, it amazing what money can do.
Nancy said…
Fascinating! Poor Ollie! I had thought Carly was singing about James Taylor. He was quite the guy in his day. Great post.
Just catching up with posts.....this one was really interesting!
Haddock said…
This was informative.

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