"Can Do" Apple Pie

Have you ever said something and immediately realized "ooops, I'm going to get caught in that little white lie!".

My husband seems to think I make the best apple pie and with the season of crisp fresh apples here, apple pie is in order. Trust me...I didn't always make a decent apple pie but I'm not about to fess up to him that I never could.

Way back when (yes, I'm old) I was totally enamored with this boy from Queens, NY. Coming from ND, the future DH thought that anyone from this area must be a good cook. I wasn't going to let him know that I couldn't find my way around a kitchen much less make anything to sneeze at. He said his favorite thing in the whole world was apple pie. Of course, wanting to impress, I piped up that I made the absolute best apple pie! The DH eyes lit up.

"Hey, I've got a great idea! Next weekend, let's rent a little log cabin out on Montauk Point, walk the the beach and come back to a blazing fire. You make an apple pie! Sounds great to me!"

Oooopps...caught! Let me tell you, for that week, I was scrambling trying to figure out how to make an apple pie..all pre-internet days where you couldn't look up recipes of the best Chefs from the Food Channel. I had to rely on Betty Crocker along with a wing and a prayer. There was no way that I could fool him with a store bought number.

I'm here to tell you, after a long walk on the beach...freezing cold, we stoked the fire and sat down to eat my apple pie. I was looking on with trepidation at the first bite waiting for a reaction. He closed his eyes relishing the taste. The he looked over to me and said, "you DO make the best apple pie and here I thought you were telling a white lie all the time!"

So I do make the "Can Do apple pie" as we call it today but really, I know it was just setting of the cabin, wood fire along with it being freezing outside! I'll never fess up that it was my first ever!
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amyg said…
Love that story! The things we girls will do to get the man we want . . .
Warms my heart, you are too cute!
Sounds like a romantic moment dear~
Cheers to the warm cozy feelin'
Divine Mrs D said…
Haha!! That's a great story :)
Matty said…
As I'm sure it was the best apple pie he had ever tasted, there was only ONE correct thing for him to say there. He was a wise man, indeed.

But I commend you for not only finding your way around the kitchen, but for coming up with the right recipe, AND, doing it right the first time around.

Now, when do the rest of us get a taste?
TheChicGeek said…
Hi Alicia :) I'm on vacation but your can-do apple pie looked so good I popped over to peak...LOL

Yummy! And your story is even cuter! Love it! How lucky you are to have a husband that takes you away for romantic weekends!

I'll see you when I return in about a week...just couldn't help myself from stopping by to one of my favorite blog friends :D

Have a Great Day!
aww great post...and in the end the only thing that matters is you did it and he loved it!!!! Now if all things could turn out so great our first try!!!
briannelee said…
Aw, that is a cute story!
Snap said…
Wonderful story and a wonderful man! :D
I have a very similar story, except mine involves homemade German Chocolate Cake! But I have yet to attempt the Apple Pie :)
Great memory. Thanks so much for sharing..Kathi
Delwyn said…
Hi Alicia

did you ever think he was telling the reciprocal white lie...to win your heart...

Happy days
Barbara said…
Hee-heee, Alicia! That's adorable. Now you've made me hungry! :p)
Sandra said…
That is a great story! The fact that he still likes the pie seems to be evidence that it was a great pie as well.
Beautiful! I'm sure you DO make the best apple pie. :-)
Fresh said…
Very Inspirational! I love this story, and what a happy ending. You got a man, and great apple-pie-baking-skills. Happy Friday!!
Missy said…
Oh, the cabin thing scares me!
Liss said…
You must have been glad that he liked the apple pie. What a relief you must have felt.

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