Roller Blading Mama!

With the long weekend upon us, I thought I might try something I've been thinking about for some time. My sister brought down a couple pairs of roller blades about a year ago and they have been calling to me from the corner where they have been sitting since then. I used to roller blade years ago, but haven't put on a pair for fear of totally wiping out and breaking every bone in my body! I'm thinking it would be a blast to give it a try again..nice weather and all. I have a huge roll of bubble wrap and think that might be a good idea for protection. Either that or borrow my mother-in-law's walker!

If I manage to coerce someone into taking pictures without them totally rolling on the ground from laughing, I'll post them. No promises...they may be of me in the ER! Any big plans for the weekend?
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Karen said…
You are a brave woman! Let me know how it goes. I have a pair of blades in my garage and a big roll of bubblewrap, maybe you will inspire me.
clairedulalune said…
Good for you Alicia! Or should that be hot wheels! Looking forward to your adventures!
I have some too that I haven't used in years. Good exercise though.
Make sure to wear protective gear, especially wrist guards. We had someone visting from France one year and we took him in-line skating at the beach. Poor guy fell and broke both wrists. Oh boy...
Kim said…
Thanx for stopping by:) You R bein brave doin what you R gonna do. Hope all goes well & have fun!:) Have U gone into Bonanzle at all? If not, you should stop by there cuz today I came across different booths with all kinds of antiques, older jewelry, and all kinds of goodies that were just fun!! Anyway, thanks again, have fun, Have a Great Labor Day & Be Safe!:) Kim lilacsndreams
Missy said…
You are a brave woman~ I hope there is no ER visits, but is so get some good pics!
Judy said… are brave! I would break every bone in my body for sure!
I am going to a great auction tomorrow with high hopes of coming home with something great.
Liss said…
Oh , I have been thinking it would be cool to have a rollerskating party for my 40th even though it's just over a year away. It sound like fun even though I haven't skated for a long time.
Kelly Muys Wood said…
We're moving. Yuck.

I wish I was roller blading!

Mercy, I could never even roller SKATE. Break a leg, Alicia! (speaking figuratively, of course.)

Good luck with your skating excursion!! I tried to get B. to start rollerblading one didn't go so well!
Alisa said…
Good luck! Hopefully it's like riding a bike and it will be like you never stopped blading.
SoDear2MyHeart said…
I haven't even seen any pictures, but I'm already ROFLMAO. By all means, grab the bubble wrap, the extra cushy toilet paper, several shipping boxes and some good packing tape...make your armour and by all means, DO IT! I took Amy ice skating several years ago, which is something I did all my growing up ankles are STILL NOT speaking to me! It was great fun, especially finding all those muscles & tendons I forgot I had! You go girl...JUST DO IT!

Brian Miller said…
ha. live dangerously. hope you had a blast.
TheChicGeek said…
Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Alicia :D
I love rollerblading too! We have a beautiful path along the ocean...miles and miles of much fun :D

Des said…
Rollerblading is so hard! My bruises are still healing. lol. I hope that it went well because it is so much fun.
Relyn said…
This picture is so perfect. It has me laughing and feeling good. As to this weekend, no plans. Thank God. Just resting and playing.

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