Quick...Scarf it up!

Do you like vintage? Well, I'm vintage that's for sure, but I'm talking about clothes. Now don't click off too fast. See that really simple scarf? Who couldn't find a place for that in your wardrobe and guess what, dear readers? It's a giveaway that ends this afternoon! Hosted by So about what I said and given by Nodtomod Vintage, that little number could be yours and all you have to do is leave a little comment. How simple is that? Click...comment...no strings attached...really!

A little side note...I want to wish Happy Birthday to SoDear2myHeart who has become a true friend. We've never met in person... it matters not. After all, I've had the pleasure to meet the inside and that's the most important of all. Yes, Terri...that's you! Just remember that wise quote by Luis Bunuel.

“Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.”

Happy Tuesday, all!
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Snap said…
Love the quote! Love the scarf. Can you have too many? I think perhaps I do!!!! !!
Alicia: Your generosity of spirit just shines!
SoDear2MyHeart said…
Oh. My! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, but most of all for your friendship. God has a way of putting people in your way when you most need them...I'm so glad I stumbled over you!

Now, will you please pass the Celebrex & anti-aging cream, tie that there scarf around my head & hand me my lap robe & ear horn...it's time for this "cheesy" old broad to party!

Big sloppy hug!
Frippery said…
That quote is wonderful. Umm, you know, a scarf at the neck hides many imperfections, especially if the cheese is well aged, ha ha! Pam
Britwife said…
You know that I am not a "fancy" woman. I am about as simple as they come....(not simple-minded though!). But I LOVE scarves. I love wearing scarves. Scarves and aprons. Those are my things that I gussy myself up in. Told you that I am simple.
oh wow beautiful scarf and I love that quote too!!!
drollgirl said…
i love scarves!!! i think i have bought nearly 10 -- mostly vintage -- in the last couple of months. they jazz up any outfit!
Barbara said…
Pretty! I wear them more lately than I used to. I'm a jeans kinda girl, but actually, that would look cute with jeans....:p)
Nancy said…
Love the quote about age and cheese! Hope you are having a great day.
Dani said…
great scarf!! love it!

Happy birthday SoDear2myHeart! Love the new blog format & header Alicia, so sorry to hear the transition was a bear. I need a new format, but I've been putting off dealing with the technical issues that many arise...

I love vintage clothes, but I have trouble putting outfits together. I've never been good at putting unique outfits together. However, my new favorite item for fall is a pair of Brazilian leather riding boots I found at an estate sale for $5 !
I'm vintage for sure too!
I still get butterflies when I visit my fave vintage shops... Lovely day to you~
you've been tagged....come to my page and check it out

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