Do you have a smell??

I'm not one that likes to wear perfume so I have never thought of myself as having a scent or particular smell. I guess I have lived in too many large cities with subways and elevators full of people who douse themselves in cologne or perfume. To my surprise, it seems that I do have a scent that is inherent just to me.

While my daughter was folding laundry on the kitchen table, I hear a big "Aaahh".
"Anything wrong?"
"No, but you're t-shirt smells so good!"
I picked up the t-shirt, give it a sniff and then smelled the rest of the t-shirts.
"Hon, it smells just like the rest of the laundry."
"No it doesn't. It has that Mama smell."

Out of the mouths of babes!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday! I'm off to auctions and can't wait to feel that jitter in my stomach as I raise my paddle!

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briannelee said…
Oooo, have fun at the auction!

I remember my friend's house always had a particular smell that I really liked and if you slept over her house you ended up smelling like it when you left.
I have had different people in my life that are close to me say that same thing...something smells like me or that they smelled something that made them think of me...I asked my (bf)Josh about it and he says yes there is just a smell about you...I asked is it bad??? (heaven forbid) he assured me no its just your smell...its a good thing he said trust me. So I guess its a good thing. Anyway have fun at the auction!!
Barbara said…
Sweet! I changed my perfume once and my daughter (grown) said, "It's nice, but you don't smell like Mommy." :p) I switched back.
Snap said…
Have fun at the auction. Yes, out of the mouth of babes! My *scent* right now is Lavender. It gives me a hug.
What a sweet thing for your daughter to say!

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am so pleased you enjoyed my photography.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
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drollgirl said…
aw, that is so sweet! i don't wear perfume either, and sometimes i get compliments on my scent. i guess it is the secret deodorant! :)
for some reason, i have become sensitive to perfumes. i used to wear it all the time, but now, i start sneezing and get the allergy symptoms, not fun.

not sure, i have my own scent. have fun at the auction
Vicky said…
How sweet is that? I think scents can evoke so many memories. Your daughter will carry that with her forever.

My mom doesn't wear perfume either and I too remember the sweet smell of her from my childhood.

Enjoy the auction! Happy weekend :)
That is one of the nicest things a child could tell their mom. it is the " I love my Mom" moment!

When my father died, the next time I was at his house, I opened his closet and just smelled his clothes..they were clean.. they had his smell.
Delwyn said…
Hi Alicia

how nice to find another non perfume wearer...I feel sometimes when I am surrounded in antagonistic perfumes of others that it is like an olfactory pollution...and it is absorbed straight into the blood stream...instant poisoning...

Yes I love that smell that loved ones have...some people find it hard to clear away the belongings of loved ones that have left for the other side because that smell- that almost tangible connection, will also leave...

Happy days
Scent is very powerful. I don't wear perfume anymore either...

And I agree with your mom's laundry has that mama smell, too!

I once read that Napolean (while away from the castle) wrote a letter to Josephine telling her not to bathe for two days before he returned....he loved her smell so.....
Fresh said…
I smell like dust, dogs, and turpentine. How sexy is that?

My kids will probably be allergic to me.

I sometimes wear scented lotions. I LOVE eucalyptus; smelling like medicine doesn't really bother me. Once, I had some custom-mixed lotion to entice my beau, and he noticed it! "What's that perfume you're wearing? You smell like my grandma." Argh.
Alisa said…
Aww, that's so sweet! I understand what she means... my Dad has that special "dad" smell.

I always tell my hubby that when I'm gone, I hope that my children and their children think of me when they smell roses.
Relyn said…
One of my students told me once that I smelled so good. A mix of roses and springtime. I never forgot that.
Oz Girl said…
Hope you had a fun day at the auction... and I think that fresh laundry smell is just one of the best, so simple, ahhhh!
Awhile back I gave some clothes to a niece... heard later she was sad after wearing & washing because they no longer smelled like Aunt Julie. A combination of Shalimar, vanilla candles, chlorine & sugar cookies? Or do I really have a scent... I wonder.

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