You say you want to be a chef?

Giada DeLaurentiis

Emeril Lagasse

Paula Dean

Maio Batali

Rachael Ray

Bobby Flay

There is always the quiet chatter of the TV in the background while my DH and I work in our office. It usually is some stock channel or news but occasionally, he'll have on the Food Network. You see, I'm not the chef in the family. The DH comes from a long line of NY chefs and our daughter (nodtomod vintage) is a trained Paris Cordon Bleu chef so I don't need to enter the kitchen much. I'm more the baker of the family and with the good food they produce, who needs a rich dessert? I posed the question to the two of them who was their favorite chef on the Food Network and the banter that flew was quite interesting. They had other favorites but the key was that the chef had to have a show on the Food Network. It went from "I wouldn't mind being this one because they get to travel" to "That one's cute!". "Ahem!!! Guys, I was talking about who do you like as far as how they cook?!?!" Their top choice was Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa for her simplistic good meals that anyone can make. Ok foodies, who's your favorite?
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My honey is the cook around here too...and Im the baker/dessert maker!!! We watch ALOT of the food network.... its hard to chose which is my favorite but one we really like to is Guy Fieri, of course he does the diners,drive ins, and dives but he also has his own coking show on too and my josh is all over what hes got going on in the kitchen!!! As for me I dont care who it is thats cooking it if you want me to try it then it best be easy!!! hehe
I'm Julia said…
My heritage is definitely Paula Dean style... I was raised on bacon grease & butter! But Emeril, with his spices... that's my kind of cook. Plus I saw an interview with him that touched me... love a man with a soft heart :-)
Sandra said…
I have to confess I have never watched the food channel! My favorite would have to be my own son. : )
Sarah said…
You will laugh but I adore Chef Ramsey..I do I do I do!! I love Hell's Kitchen and wish I could compete..just don't know enough - lol. I consider cooking school..seriously a few years back. I have a passion for baking..but not in the cards for me! How lucky are you to have chefs there!! Wow!! Wonderful post!!!
Hugs to you, Sarah
Snap said…
I'm with them -- Ina Garten is my favorite. (After Julia, of course -- she is on DVD!)
Judy said…
I love the food channel..It inspires me to try new recipes. I do not think I could choose just one cook/chef, I like them all!!
Barbara said…
Ina Garten. I covet her gardens and her easy, fun way of entertaining. She's so fun to watch and I wish she'd invite me to her house for dinner. Alas, I don't thing that's gonna happen. But one can dream, right?
Dani said…
the guys make fun of me because all i watch is the food network.. yet i can't cook. i love ina and giada in terms of food, though. paula is so cute but i think her recipes would easily make me pack on 50 lbs.

your posts are always so creative.
Diane said…
I usually can't watch too much of those shows because I get discouraged and think I could never do that. I am more of a baker too. :O)
I love Ina. When you get past Gordon Ramsay's dramatics he actually has very good ideas about cooking.

Since my daughter had cancer, she has become a vegan. I am being pulled in that direction now too, so will have to get all new cookbooks and learn a whole different way of thinking about food. Thank goodness I will have her as my coach. There are not many vegetarian, let alone vegan cooking shows out there.
Sarah said…
I left you an award on my blog hon...Sarah
i love watching the food network, although i don't cook much. on this network, i love paula deen and ina garten. and for the yummy foods he spotlights, guy fieri on diners, drive-in and dives.
but off the food network, my favorite all time chef, is rick bayless.
Alisa said…
I've been lying on the couch watching Food Network for almost two weeks straight now (with a little Gordon Ramsey thrown in).
Ina is on the top of my list too.
Des said…
My favorite chef is Thomas Keller. Andoni Aduriz is a very close second.
Nancy said…
Lucky you with all the chefs! Ina Garten is my favorite by a long shot. Simple, fresh, well-seasoned. I have most of her cookbooks.
SoDear2MyHeart said…
My fave would have to, Inarilada Ray Detaliflay... I simply can't make up my mind! I am a serious "Foodie" and each of them has such a different cooking style and brilliantly unique way of connecting to their audience. Everyone who watches is positive that they can whip up exactly what they're being shown on TV!

On of my fondest wishes would be to have the army of sous chefs standing behind me that did all of the prep, chopping, peeling, slicing & dicing so that all I had to do was dump all of my cute little bowls into the pan or dish, give it a brisk stir with my whisk or fish it out with my spider & Viola! Instant perfect cuisine!

Actually, I'd be over the moon if I could just borrow Jeffrey! Just having a DH who enjoys manning the kitchen once in a while would truly be a dream come true!

Cheers & Alay Cuisine!
Ina Garten is my fave! We used to sell product design for her shop wayyy back then when she still had her shop. I think she should have more t.v programs! Paula Dean cracks me up...she sure is charming*

Liss said…
I love browsing through Donna Hay recipe books. Plus she's an Aussie. Curtis Stone and Neil Perry another 2 Aussies I think are also great.
I bet you have some great meals. Have a great week end..Kathi
For me it's a toss up between the skill & innovation of Mario Batali and the simple yet fabulous dishes of Ina Gardner... plus they both love food which is obvious. Their passion inspires me.
drollgirl said…
i can't watch those shows -- they all make me so hongry!!!! bah! i bet they are all fab, tho!
lyptis said…
Funny, how handy must that be, to have 2 chefs in the family?!;D
I think very handy!

I have no idea about cooking shows really, but they seem to be very popular, i find them stressful to watch, so fast.
I used to watch Ramsey, but only KN, i dont like him anymore since his latest outburst in Oz, Not very nice!:P
Renee Khan said…
I will have to find a picture of that Ina.

I love the food challenges.

I totally cannot cook worth crap at all.

Your blog is so lovely, I just love it. So glad to be here.

Renee xoxo
amy said…
Hilarious! My husband is the cook as well, and I like you, am the baker :) My husband used to own a restaurant, and his mom owned a great kitchen shop in Lawrence, Kansas. I'm sitting here next to him, reading your blog, and realized I don't know who his favorite chef is! Yet, he is fast asleep next to me, so I must wait to find out ;)
I think my fav is Ina, too.
amy said…
Oh, and so cool to see that your daughter is nodtomod vintage! love that shop!
Jenny said…
I can't imagine how fun that conversation must have been!

I'm a big food network fan. In fact, a few of my daughter's first words were Rachael Ray and Pa {Paula} Dean.

I haven't had a single recipe from Giada turn out for me, but I've enjoyed food from all the others mentioned.

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