A Word on Facial Hair

Photos from The world Beard & Moustache Championships 2009

I'm the kind of gal that loves facial hair on a man. Th DH has had a beard or partial beard since I have known him. One day while we lived in Miami, he decided to shave it off with our 6 year old son standing at the bathroom sink watching. A guy thing I presume. He got as far as shaving the beard part leaving the moustache intact to which our son comes downstairs to tell me. Our son runs back upstairs to watch the rest of the process.
DH: "Well, buddy, what do you think?"
Son: "Pretty cool!"
DH: "Ok then, let's go for the moustache."
Son: "Dad, not a good idea. Mom's already downstairs crying!"
Fortunately, his beard grew in fast but I swear, I was married to somebody else for the duration it took to fill in! How astute kids can be!

The world's most elite moustache and bearded men competed in Anchorage, Alaska in May. Now some of this facial hair is even beyond me! How about you..got a favorite?
Have a great Wednesday!
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Judy said…
OOOh, those pictures are scary!! My DH has always had a mustache and some type of beard and I like it. When our son was born he shaved everything off, he thought he was going to scare the little guy.
Hello Lindello said…
that second one is kinda creepy! it looks like a slice of half melted cheese pizza...hehe.
My husband has had a moustache most of our married life and my son periodically has different versions of facial hair which I like. However, I have to tell you, a couple of those pictures totally gross me out! My husband grew a beard about 20 years ago when we were on vacation in the UK. We like it and when his work policy changed he grew it back and has had it for about 16 years now. I can't imagine how he would look without it. So, I am pro-facial hair - on MEN :) - although not to the extremes in some of your pictures!
My aunt had a dinner with a facial haired man before, she had to rush to the ladies room to throw up, she said there was food on the thingie!
I'm Julia said…
Oh Mercy, Miss Alicia... I think I'm officially awake now, LOL! Handsome has had a nicely trimmed beard & mustache for most of our married life. Love the soft beard kisses. If he surprised me with a clean shaven face, I'd probably think some stranger had walked in. Eeeek.

Have a sweet day :-)
Julia @ Drawn to the Sea
clairedulalune said…
Oh I am right with ya on the facial hair! I get all moody when fella is all fresh faced. I want beard! I dont know what it is but i always tell big fella it brings out his eyes!
Dani said…
my favorite is the last one... i think his outfit & accessories are spot-on hahaha. i love facial hair on guys, too. as long as it's somewhat well kept!

briannelee said…
Hahahahahahaha. My dad shaved his mustache off once and my mom wouldn't look at him.
Fresh said…
I, too, like a bit of scruff. However, I didn't know that my boyfriend can NEVER have a close shave when I first started dating him. He gets really bad ingrown hairs, so I either get full beard, pokey beard, sandpaper shaved face, or slightly shaved face. But I love him anyway. I love this post!
Simes. said…
Hey! great pictures, loved your blog. take a look at ours whenever you want, we invite you to follow it.
that is to funny! I love the shaving experience...my OH had a mustache for what seemed like forever, but is clean shaven at this time...

I have added you to my fav's on My Blog list!
drollgirl said…
oh you poor thing!!! i am so glad that it grew back and that you are happy again with a hairy-faced man!

i have a hairy-faced man, too. sort of a big moustache, kind of reminiscent of sam elliot.

and so glad you liked my post today. i think the pictures are amazing, and it is good for us to see something other than glossy fashion ads that depict things for the rich and gorgeous. i think it is good for us to be exposed to other segments of society.
some of those are just plain scarey...my man looks absolutely gorgeous both with and without the fuzz...I kind lean towards the 5 o'clock shadow look...oooh baby!!
Snap said…
My favorite is Mr. Dragon. :D
Noble Beeyotch said…
Some of these guys in the pics have gone way beyond what we on earth called facial hair!!
I'm not a big fan of facial hair. When we're on vacation and my husband doesn't shave, it bugs me. But I do like a bit sideburns.
Junkin' Yaya said…
Well, I guess I am going to be one of the "odd ball out" (but, what else is new?) LOL

Sorry, this Louisiana gal doesn't like the facial hair...but, give me a long hair hippy any day! :)

A Palmer said…
I don't blame you. If my husband ever shaved off his mustache, I would be down on the floor sweeping up the hair and gluing it back on his face! LOL Anne
Britwife said…
I am not a huge fan of facial hair - but Mr. Britwife totally rocks a goatee.
Alisa said…
Wow... those are crazy.

I prefer my Farmboy to have at least a 5 o'clock shadow, but absolutely nothing less than that.
David said…
We'll what would I be if the reining World Beard and Moustache Champion over-all didnt say thanks for being a fan, and for the one person who didnt get it,I'm th esecond form the top. It was a snow shoe - "Alaska" theme get it. The category was full beard free style and no American had ever won it before let alone the over all title. I think the greatest thing was we raised over 15,000.00 for charity. I'm clean shaven now as I cut it off for charity and have retired from competition except as a judge. Please feel free to visit the official site of the 2009 WBMC and have a peek at our history.
David Traver
Not long after B. and I started dating (almost 5 years ago) I suggested he might grow a beard & mustache, which he did, and I love. I now refuse to let him shave. He trims, and sometimes he mentions shaving in jest, but I think he can tell by the look on my face that it would not be a good idea.

BTW, that guy in the last photo is wearing a fox on his head. A whole fox. Wow. I imagine that this would be cooler if the fox were still alive. It would be like when girls take their little dogs with them in a purse -- this guys would take his pet fox with him, but just, you know, on his head.
Diane said…
I am generally not a facial hair kind of gal. I think the "I haven't shaved for two days look" is great and I love it on my husband but then when you go to kiss him......ouch and scratchy!
amy said…
Hilarious!!! I love it. Love these pics and this post.
I do love facial hair as well. I love it when my husband gets scruffy. I am not a fan of a beard braid, though, or that um, phallic, snake-looking first beard.
Just a bit is fine with me...but not as little as a mustache!

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