What kind of sandwich are you?

I know that sounds like a silly title for a blog post, but I just couldn't help the metaphor. Sunday is a day in our house that we kind of play "catch as catch can" when it comes to meals. It's a way for the chef to take the day off and just have everyone do their own thing. This usually means something simple like sandwiches or some leftovers stuck in the fridge. My DH made a sandwich similar to this.

Tall, concise, full of good stuff and all around satisfying.

Mine looked much like this one..not because I didn't want one similar to his, but this was the time and energy that I was going to put into a sandwich. As I sat and stared at the two, I realized they summed up quite a bit of who we were in life at this present time...silly I know.

Oh yeah, I'm full of some of the good stuff..protein and fruit etc...but it's packaged differently. I have a tendency to spread myself too thin and then am always back tracking playing catch up. I say "yes" when I know I should say "no" as it takes away time from something else. The DH on the other hand doesn't do that. He knows the amount of time it takes to for each thing and doesn't spread himself thin. He can give the full amount without feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand and feels total satisfaction in the end.

I really would like that deli sandwich...I'm working on it! What kind are you..the PBJ or the deli?
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SoDear2MyHeart said…
Oh, Alicia, I'd have to say that I'm more like the metaphorical you...spread a LOT too thin, have problems saying "No," I play catch-up a lot and will sometimes take a minimalist approach, just to see a task completed. HOWEVER, when it comes to my sandwich, I'm definitely more like your DH...I like stuff...Lots & LOTS of Stuff on my sandwich...the more exotic tastes, textures & combinations, the better. Unfortunately, I can't say "No" to my taste buds or my stomach, either!

Inspiration comes in the most unique places...glad I found myself in yours this morning!

Divine Mrs D said…
I'm a PB that's been stacked a bit. I'm trying really hard to change from the PB to the deli sandwich! I'm doing it bit by bit. :)

Good luck in changing to your deli sandwich!!! I know you can do it :)
Saying yes when we should say no... the human frailty :-)

I am sliced avocado on whole wheat... if feeling wicked, add bacon.

Happy Day.
;-) Julia
I'm more of an open-faced sandwich - or least that is my aim. But, some days I am a bit more of a pita-pocket, where you can't see what is inside and have to be prepared for a surprise.
Sarah said…
Whoo hoo.... today I am a turkey, with lettuce, avacado, cucumber, tomato, sprouts and a little mayo on oatmeal bread. Yummmmmmy. I am feeling a bit like a granola today. Must have been the trip to the woods - lol!! No pine nuts though thank you... Wonderful post hon!!! Namaste, Sarah
briannelee said…
I think I am a little bit of both depending on the situation.

The first sandwich is making me hungry!
Snap said…
Depends on the day ... roasted turkey with brie or BLT during the tomato season or old fashioned hamburger with lots of mustard or PBJ when I need a hug!
great analogy!
i used to be the pbj, but as i get older, i get bolder and wiser.
my son attends a parent participation school and i just had a chairperson asked me to be the rep for a committee, which i've done in the past. the old me would have said "yes" for fear of some type of judgement. but now, i was totally comfortable saying (politely) "no thanks", knowing the commitment involved and spreading myself too thin. that felt good!
TheChicGeek said…
A mushy one...LOL

Great post, Alicia! Have a Happy Day!
without a doubt Im the PB&J...I keep working on the deli way of life...hopefully one day Ill get there!
Renee said…
Count me in as a peanut butter and jam.

Delena said…
I love Subway Seafood as they do the work.
Hubby likes any sandwich but he has to have it cut down the middle. I could care less. Slap some
"stuff" on two slices of bread and just eat it.
Rose said…
I guess I'm a meatball sub! LOL Only because I have tons of leftover meatballs from the Sunday gravy.
Karen said…
Most of the time I don't even stop for a sandwich, I just grab some deli turkey or a piece of cheese. Geez - what does that say about me?
Charmings Collectibles
i like roast beef sammies;) no i think im more like you...the pbj...definitely spread thin...a little too thin;)!
drollgirl said…
hmmmmmmm. i think it depends on what i have on hand. if i am feeling carefree and stress-free, i might just be one delicious sandwich with all sorts of tasty morsels inside. but, if stressed and unhappy, i'd be like one of those awful roach coach sandwiches that you ALWAYS need to double-check the expiration date!
Judy said…
No pb&j for me....too sweet. My absolute fav is tuna on marble rye....solid white tuna in water and has to be Chumura's marble rye from Ludlow Ma. I always stock up when we are back home and freeze it.I am down to my last 4 slices...uugggh!
Liss said…
I am deli type girl with the exotic stuff avocado, sun dried tomatoes, but I am guilty of grabbing the jar of vegemite out of the cupboard if I have to can make it myself.
Dani said…
i am SO the pbj. can't even deny it. ;)

Jenny said…
What a great metaphor! I'm more like a lettuce, tomato and cheese sandwich...simple and deli-ish, without being overdone. Sometimes I think I should add more, but then hold back.

It's always such a joy to stop by your blog. Enjoy the day!
I'm a mediterranean veggie sandwich! But that's only because it's what I can pick up easily at Panera. I realize that sandwiches are like, the simplest thing to make, but I almost never do it. Somehow it just seems like so much work.

Your post makes me want to be the deli sandwich though!! Love it!
Sandra said…
I used to be the pbj, but like your DH, I have learned to pace myself. I'm a turkey, avocado on a olive oil & garlic brushed baguette!
I am so peanut butter it's sad - and not even any jelly...sometimes no bread! I know I need to slow down but life just won't stop for me. I don't want to give up the things I enjoy and that is what would have to go because I have to do the other things. I just said yesterday I need 3 more hours in the day - one more to sleep and 2 more to clean house, exercise and eat better.

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