I'm not a tat lady...

I've never been a fan of tattoos and it seems to be the rage of the day for the younger generation....me being so old you know. Back in the day, tattoos happened when you had way too much fun and woke up the next morning trying to remember the dare you did the night before and seeing a permanent heart with "I love so and so" somewhere on your body. Tats have come a long way presenting quite an art form. I'm still shy about them, though. This is my kind of body art...incredible to look at...wear and wash away! Do any of you sport a tat?
Have a terrific weekend!
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I'm Julia said…
I see myself laying in a nursing home, surrounded by giggling nurses trying to figure out what the picture is/was on all that sagging skin :-) I'd consider a teeny one... ankle maybe. Very cool washaways.
Funny you should post on this, as I feel the same way! It was the tough guys stamp "back in my day"
(did I just say that?!)

Now my own grown daughters have tatoo's, thankfully somewhat discreet.

And they are like walking art on so many of the people I know and work with, and not always discreet!! I guess I am old after all!
Sandra said…
My dad got a tattoo during WWII on his bicep. An anchor, flag & eagle. I was the only kid I knew whose dad sported a tattoo. I thought it was so cool! I don't want one though.
haha .. I was commenting here, and you were commenting on my site!!

I pushed the comment button here, and they were gone! It was then that Julia's comment showed, so Blogger must not have liked two comments at once!

I was saying how "back in my day", now that I am old an all.. the only ones who had tattoo's were the tough guys. Now I am surrounded by tattoo's at work. All the 30 and under group seem to have them..everywhere!

There are some tattoos I see, that must of still been done on a dare.. and will probably be regretted for later!
Thanks for the B'Day wishes!!
These animals are amazing works of art! I have a small dragonfly tattoo on my side (the tattoo artist said it was on my "kidney"). I got it when I was 21, and while I don't regret getting it because of it's symbolism to me, I usually forget it's even there unless I happen to catch a glimpse of it in the mirror. The symbolism? Dragonflies spend up to 5 years living in water as nymphs (larvae). During this stage, they are self-preservationists: kind of feisty and on the defensive, and can deliver a painful bite (I had my toes pinched many a time when working in the ponds at a water gardening store!). The nymphs eventually claw their way out of the mud and become these delightful, friendly creatures. I suppose I was a bit of a dragonfly nymph, longing to become a dragonfly. I think I'm finally getting there...
Not for me thank you. It is certainly the "in" thing to do right now - but when it goes out of style - there you are with this thing imprinted on you. I often wonder if those who seem to get more and more are not into a mild form of self-mutilation.

The first two pics kind of creeped me out - but I love the third. Amazing how the lines in our skin look like the lines on an elephant!

Interesting post Alicia!
Snap said…
I'm a big zoo lover and any of these *hand tats* (washable of course) I would love. Not going to get a *real* one -- I don't like needles!
briannelee said…
Those tatoos are cool but scary at the same time.

I have a little star on the inside of my left wrist but I regret getting it now.
Judy said…
Not for me....No Thank-You! It is a permanent mistake!
drollgirl said…
tattoos are not for me, and i hope i am around to see all of the youngsters that are tattooed now when they are old. should be interesting.
These are incredible. While I dislike tatoos (especially those that cover major parts of the body), I do have to say I certainly admire the art that goes into creating some of them.
Sarah said…
I have seriously considered getting a small one for a while now - of my own design..can't decide. It would seem I am now in the business of designing them for others - surprise to me!! But somehow the idea that someone likes my artwork enough to put it on thier body appeals to me somehow. Hugs, Sarah
I was tempted to take body painting classes before! For tattoo, I want a tiny one; a seahorse perhaps...well, we'll see! Lovely weekend darling!!
Boy you sure know how to pick a topic!

I just erased all that I had typed and will simply say that I don't like tattoos at all. It would be like wearing the same shirt or necklace every single day.

Now those pictures you show are amazing! I remember my mom would make a little face on her hand with lipstick and try to cheer me up when I was sick. I think some of these would have scared me into being well!
Delwyn said…
Hi Alicia

I'm a No to tattoos girl, but two of my grown kids have them...I just wonder if the day will come and they will regret it...

These hand art pieces are interesting and clever even if I think they have been tweaked a little too...

Happy days
Dani said…
i have zero tattoos. i do agree with the person who said they'd want a discreet one... i'm just too indecisive! i do admire them on other people, though. they can be very cool and creative.

i love the feather vest and want to buy it, but it raises two questions:
1. where would i wear it?
and 2. how well would it wear?

i can picture myself spilling coffee all over the feathers within minutes. :(

Hit 40 said…
Fabulous wash off art! Seems a shame to clean it off after all the work.

And... I am not a fan of facial hair.
amy said…
Whoa! Those are dang cool. I've never been a tat lady, either. I think they are cool and I've seen some I've swooned over. But...I'm so fickle, so changeable, if I'd chosen something to permanently paint on my body, I'm sure I'd regret it the next day. Or want to change it. Tweak it..
Cheers to those courageous ones! I do love lookin' :)
Wow, those are incredible works of art...but a permanent tatoo I must say I'm shy about as well.

What if I change my mind? I had an old friend who no longer liked his tatoo and took a belt sander to it...okay, not a very good idea, and it left a huge scar. lol!
Liss said…
No tats for me either mainly because I am a big chicken and don't like needles and the other reasons is I am unsure could live with the same picture for the rest of my life.
Julia said…
Ahhh, this is when you really come to understand the hidden parts of your online buddies :) The tat talk!

I have a tattoo in between my shoulder blades, high on my back. It's of a compass with a snake curling around it. Under it all is a banner with the words Spiro Spero written. It means "while I breath I hope." No one sees it, including me, except when I wear my tank tops in the summer or my bathing suit.
MJW said…
I have a tattoo of a star on my foot. A friend of mine and I were going to go get a tattoo together. Instead God gets to spend life with her now as she's in heaven. Cancer took her from me in 2007. I got the same tattoo as she has but she picked out my colors. :) Have a great weekend!
Reya Mellicker said…
The hand paintings are incredible. Wow!

I lived in San Francisco for many years and though I was tempted to get a tattoo, I never did - for two reasons. One is that I was never certain I could decide on a design I could live with forever and the other thing is: they HURT!

When I see 20 year old tatts, all faded and blurry, I am so relieved I never did it!
Britwife said…
I think the photos that you posted are amazing!

Back in the day, when they weren't so "common", they were probably cool. Now, I find it refreshing to see exposed skin that DOESN'T have a tattoo.

They look goofy after x-amount of years - just a weird blob of ink. I have NEVER encountered a person that later in life hasn't regretted their tattoos (including my own father and Mr. B.). I don't want to be the old grandma with a blob of ink on my body.
Oz Girl said…
I prefer discreet tattoos, in a place where you can show them only if you want to. So in that order, I have a small dolphin on the side of my belly, and in my 30s got the ole belly button pierced. Needless to say, I would NOT show either to the world right now... maybe after I've lost those pounds. :)
Missy said…
I have a "Regret Tat." You will have to check out my post for tomorrow!
I have a couple of tats. They're pretty addictive!

I love all of these pics.


p.s. you're not old, you're brilliant!
Lindsey said…
I don't think I could ever get a tattoo, just because it is so permanent! I'm so indecisive, I could never find something that I would want on my body forever, and not get tired of it.

And you mentioned the heart tat - my boyfriend has a heart on his arm with a banner across it and the name "Sweetie" on the banner. And I am not Sweetie! He dated her years ago, but has a permanent reminder! And, yes, alcohol was a factor in his decision to get that tattoo :D
SoDear2MyHeart said…
I don't have a single piece of body art...well, I got my ears pierced when I was 12...just one hole in each...does that count? HOWEVER, one of my "dirty little secrets" is that I do draw tats for fun & profit. A few years back, while going thru some personal struggles, I began to draw...not my normal classical art/equine stuff, but darker, edgier, angrier, etc. Someone saw one of them and asked if they could use it for a tat. Sure, why not? Since then, it's just sort of burgeoned through word of mouth...which I guess is typical of good tat art and artists. My largest is an entire "back piece" which incorporates a distressed wooden cross, torn heart & crown of thorns. I've done several pieces by custom request & specialize in gothic monograms. I've even done my 13 year old daughter's mono, however, she's never seen it and I'll kill her if she ever gets one! I'm currently working on a large forearm tat of a dark & sinister koi fish for a friend...I know koi fish aren't sinister, but it can be translated in a tat! I'm pretty sure I'll never see any of my canvas work hanging on a wall for people to see so I guess it's sort of my way of knowing that some of my artwork will outlive me...a least by a couple of years...
I love the washable art...more my personal style by far!
Relyn said…
The art teacher at my school has several of these images on her wall. I wish you could see the kids. They are completely captured.

Nope. No tats for me. Too much pain.
ayatasarim said…
very lovely art:) and so natural look

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