I Dare You!

One thing I have always wanted to do was skydive. I know..crazy wish. Something about jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet and floating above the earth is appealing. No one has ever dared me yet. Probably a good thing as I am one of those that if you dare me, I will do it. And no, if you dare me here that doesn't count!!

I guess my biggest worry would be plummeting to earth wondering where my rip chord was so the parachute would open. Now I know I can't just rent a parachute from the costume store on the main street and take a leap out of my friend's Cessna! I know I'd have to do a course and find a drop zone..none are in my area, but it still doesn't hurt to dream!

What's your most daring wish?
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Don't think I am ready to sky dive. You have more courage than I. When I asked myself your question - I realized that I have several wishes, some of which could be called daring, but not in the physical sense . . . So you have prompted me to think about why that is.

Just popped into my mind that I have always wanted to go on an African Safari - but I think they have removed all the "daring" out of that these days.

Thanks for a fun post.
Divine Mrs D said…
I've skydived!! And bungee jumped.

(You should do it, but don't eat a muffin first)

So my most daring wish...would be moving overseas. I want to move to a country and make a difference somewhere. Cambodia really calls out to my heart. I visited there with my family and it's such a beautiful country that needs so much help.
I don't think that's crazy at all, & I betcha there's a drop zone closer than you think. My most daring wish... I've always thought that flying with the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds would be a thrill. Impossible, even if possible... too physically demanding. But it's a nice dream :-)
briannelee said…
Mine is to ride a motorcycle, but I think I would hate it once I got on it.
Mine would be to go on a safari...I watch them on tv and always think oh wow that would be sooo cool!!! I would probably totally freaking out looking all around to be sure that nothing was about to attack..hehe but I think it would be cool to see the wild life up close and personal like that
Judy said…
To go in a hot air balloon, I think they are so beautiful and what a view you would have!
clairedulalune said…
Oh, you are braver than me! My dare myself plot would be to hold a snake. They scare me to death! but i love watching documentaries about them. Ekk!
Truth & dare!
Has to be swimming in the deep blue ocean!!
Ever since I watched the movie JAWS, I refuse to swim in the ocean...still traumatized! The truth is that scary/haunting soundtrack is still playing in my head. What's worst?...is that I also have this phobia- even for dark swimming pool! ;(
drollgirl said…
egads!!! i would NEVER parachute, as i am petrified of heights and a gigantic chickenshit! i am scared of a lot of things. not the daredevil type, at all! but it might be fun to drive a race car! i think i could handle that. i think?
Sandra said…
I would not do this. But many years ago my husband was helping in the breeding shed. He had the mare, the least predicable job when handling the horses, and she didn't like the stallion. He later asked me why I didn't go into something safe, like mountain climbing! So I guess I do my most daring wish often enough. : )
I don't think this is in the vein you intended but it's my My most daring dream. It is quitting my day job, becoming a gemologist, learning basic jewelry repair, and then to make a living online with jewelry - mostly vintage. I know that's not realistic so would never do it. But it's fun to dream!
Just Jules said…
to climb a 14er in Colorado..... doable - not too noble but it is on my list.
SoDear2MyHeart said…
I can never see why anyone would jump out of a perfectly good airplane. However, I have been on that "ride" at Six Flags where they strap a couple of people together, haul them up 20 stories, then drop them to free "fly" in an arc between two massive towers. It WAS a blast, but probably not one I'll repeat any time soon.

My most daring wish is to get my 13 year old daughter raised as a well-rounded, reasonably sane, high functioning human being (which translates to: lacking jail time, without need of witness protection or "disgracing" the family). That's about all the excitement this old heart can handle at this point. I'll save endangering my life for a time when there's just not much left of it...

As always, GRAND Post!

Alicia - I have been skydiving. I went in Hawaii in 2005. I can not stress enough, if it is something you think you want to do...DO IT! It is well worth it.

I opted to go for the tandem route. Where you still take a short class, but you are attached to an instructor who directs your free fall and pulls and directs your chute.

IMO the best way to go for a first time. You don't have to jump on your own, you go like luggage.

I would be too scared to go by myself.

But really, if you think you want to DO IT! You won't regret it.

My most daring wish is to ride a real saddle bronc.
Barbara said…
Alicia-- I've always kind of wanted to try that. I'm still a little chicken, though heights don't scare me. The landing does a little...:p)

But my real ambition is to zip-line through the tree tops in a jungle. Maybe Costa Rica or Mexico. Really high up where the jungle floor below disappears, but the sky is right there. On a secure line. You know, that's attached to something stable.

But I think you should do it. Even though you said I can't, I dare ya to look up the nearest airfield.... Great question!
Britwife said…
I have thought about this post all day long - doggone you!
I really can't say that there is ANYTHING left that I'd like to try to do. If there is something that is scary to me, it would have to do with heights or water. I was much braver 10-20 years ago. I climbed mountains, I travelled solo throughout Europe, I "almost" did the sky-diving thing - but money got in my way.
But I really think I've settled into a "I'm content" phase of my life. Thank heavens. :)
Nancy said…
You must visit DJan at: http://djanstewart.blogspot.com/ - Her passion is skydiving!
I'm like Britwife, when I was younger I was a much braver, the scarier the better, but now in my old age I'm quite happy with no danger in my life.
I've always wanted to sky dive too! But my first 'dare' would be to learn to drive a race car...need to take out more insurance first.. :-)
I really used to want to go skydiving, and bungee jumping, etc. etc. and then one day I just didn't want to anymore. But I bet that skydiving would be one of the most fantastic experiences ever! (Provided your chute opened!)

...but even if it didn't, apparently you'd still have a chance. Not long ago I read an article about someone whose chute and back-up chute failed -- he fell 2,000 feet and survived! If he had landed 10 feet in either direction from where he did, he would have been killed. If you didn't believe in guardian angels before something like that, you certainly would after!!
Missy said…
What a great question? I will have to think about this one!
Hello Lindello said…
Skydiving looks like a blast, but I would be too chicken I think. I would like to climb a mountain or go diving in the night.
Amariah said…
I'm so afraid of heights that I could never do it...I also get really bad motion sickness so anything that involves me moving at fast speeds is definately out.. I guess I'm pretty boring.. no daring wishes here!!
Renee said…
I would never skydive. Yikes.

I am not a thrill seeker at all.

Love Renee xoxo
TheChicGeek said…
I love that picture! So cool!
I used to want to skydive but not anymore...LOL
I've gotten chicken in my old age :D

Maybe something like ride the rapids or giant waves in a tropical location...yes, that would be nice :D
Des said…
This is awesome. I've always wanted to go skydiving.
That is one of my dare devil dreams too! I also would love to go in a hot air balloon. I'm pretty scared of heights, but the thrill has been calling my name for some time now. You better let us know if you end up jumping!! :)
P.S. thanks so much for putting a pic link to my shop up, please send me one for you! :)

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