How to View A Bathroom

clean by lintmachine

Bathroom reading by thejbird

What the spider saw... by Zach ManchesterUK

Just another view... Happy Wednesday!!
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i love the spiders view...that is way cool!:) also love the cute girl on the toilet! its interesting the different ways people view bathrooms. xo
i love the spiders view! also the cute little girl on the toilet. its cool to see how people view bathrooms differntly! xo
Britwife said…
Mr. Britwife would love these (he has a "thing" for bathrooms - mental, I know). I really like the spider view.
great pics...and great views of the bathroom!!!
The spider's view is great! thanks for posting, I love stuff like this!
briannelee said…
That first picture is kind-of scary!
Judy said…
I just love the little cute! We know where he will be reading the paper when he is older!
I wish my tub were that clean! Funny, I also blogged about spiders in my bathtub today.
Sometimes a plant casts an odd shadow on the shower curtain; gives me a start much the same way that first pic does.

;-) Julia
TheChicGeek said…
Great pictures...I loved that.
I wish my bathroom looked so clean....I have to go home and scrub my tub! LOL

Have a Great Day, Alicia!

PS: I like this, looking at things from a different perspective. We all need to do that more often :)
drollgirl said…
what a killer post!!! so cute! so creative! the kid on the toilet is adorable, but the spider eye view should win some kind of prize! love that!
Sarah said…
Love the middle one..giggle snort - so freaking cute!!! Hugs, Sarah
Alicia: Have you been spending a lot of time in the bathroom of late or are you just into white these days?
That little darling is sooo cute!
Thanks for the get well wishes baby is so much better now! Appreciate our friendship very much~

xo as always*
Caroline said…
What a great blog you have! The first bathroom pic kinda freaks me out
Liss said…
These are all great views of a bathroom. Thanks for sharing them.
Noble Beeyotch said…
the spider view is so enchanting...who knew a bath tub could look this good!
Nancy said…
Great pics. We don't often get a view like the last one!
Diane said…
The spider can really see things the way they are. Great view from a small creature. :O)

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