A Double Pleasure

I have the extreme honor of being awarded this wonderful award..The Bella Sinclair award. In Ces's words..."I designed this award to celebrate art in the blogs and to honor the value of friendship, sisterhood, sharing and caring. It is to be awarded to the gifted, accomplished, eloquent and talented blogger whose friendship and influence inspire us to do our best. That I named it after Bella Sinclair is because she epitomizes all of these things. She is an inspiration to many of us."

Two wonderful women offered this award to me and the part that makes it so special...they are sisters! Two different blogs....Sarah at Cottage Garden Studio and Barbara at A Bird In My Hand. Sarah is not new to the blogging world and I "quilt with her every Monday...you must stop on over for the inspirational meeting. Barbara is new to the blogging world but has taken to it like a duck to water writing the most interesting posts. And no wonder...she is a writer! The friendship and support these awesome ladies give is beyond and I am truly honored and thank you so much. Now I can pass this on to a blog I have grown most fond of....Julia at Drawn to the Sea.

And lastly, I have been asked to do a meme from The Inkwell Alley. If you really want to know some of the dirt, check it out here! I hope your weekend has been fantastic!

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amy said…
Congrats!!! What a neat honor...and very cool!
Have a great night. -Amy
TheChicGeek said…
Congratulations, Alicia! You definitely deserve this one :) Such a beautiful award too....I love the tree...so nice :)

Congrats..you deserve it! I will have to trot on over there to read up!
Oh Alicia, how sweet. I normally don't accept awards, but such a special one... & coming from YOU?... how could I not? I'm so touched that you thought of me, "thank you" doesn't begin to express it.

briannelee said…
Congrats on the blog awards!!!!
Snap said…
Sarah said…
Whoo hoo hon...so very deserved!! Huge hugs to you!! Yeah..I'm glad Barb is writing here too. LOL she thought she wasn't sure she would have anything to offer - snort!!! I love your blog hon..I really do. One of my very favorite bloggy friends!! Hugs, Sarah
CONGRATS on your award!!!
Dani said…
congratulations!!! it's well deserved!

Renee said…
Alicia there is a third lovely sister too.

Renee xoxo
Noble Beeyotch said…
Congrats on your award. There's another one waiting for you on my blog. Stop by and collect it!

Have a nice day!
Jenny said…
Very much deserved award! You are one of the sweetest, most genuine, most encouraging bloggers out there, and I'm so thankful for you!

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