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David Traver

I know...I'm obsessed with beards this week! With my post of yesterday, I had to share a comment from one of the readers:

"Well what would I be if the reining World Beard and Moustache Champion over-all didnt say thanks for being a fan, and for the one person who didnt get it, I'm the second form the top. It was a snow shoe - "Alaska" theme.. get it. The category was full beard free style and no American had ever won it before let alone the over all title. I think the greatest thing was we raised over $15,000.00 for charity. I'm clean shaven now as I cut it off for charity and have retired from competition except as a judge. Please feel free to visit the official site of the 2009 WBMC and have a peek at our history."
David Traver

From the other comments, it appears that least those reading this blog...have a preference for facial hair. Are we looking for a time past or is it the fashion of the day?

And here's another fun quiz I found over on Twitter. What your unders say about you! Go ahead...please share. I seem to be quite boring being of the comfort variety. Now what does that say about me??
Have a terrific Thursday!
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how crazy is of the people you put on your post read it and responded!!!! Oh as for the undies test...mine say this: You Are A Carer

You feel very good about yourself and comfortable with your life. Every once in a while you like to step outside of the norm and be different There are days when you really know how to turn on the spice. You need some you time.

all I can say to that is...hmmmmmmm
I'm Julia said…
So your fans are fans of facial hair, & those with facial hair are also fans? Maybe we could petition the beard gods for you to be a judge in the next competition. Mercy me. Now, about that quiz... move over & make room for me in the "comfort variety" booth ;-)

(p.s. I loved your comment on "If Once" post, you are just the sweetest)

Hope it's a beautiful day in your neighborhood.
Julia @ Drawn to the Sea
Dani said…
i know, it just flew by! haha that beard is awesome.
Wow...another bearded moment!
Anything for a good cause is awesome, I'd say!
clairedulalune said…
Alicia, you are alot fun to be around! Isnt it fantastic that David contacted you! Well done to him for cutting his beard all off for charity. I played the quiz (giggle) and i am a playmate, quite the minx (naturally) and I dreamed of the days when i actively was one! haha! So true! Thanks for the giggles! Big fella wants to shave beard. Can not happen!
drollgirl said…
tee hee!!! i posted on this competition a while back, and the same guy wrote me! i was a little bit EXCITED! and he seems like a really cool dude, with or without extra hairs!
Snap said…
You are a hoot! Too funny!

I Am A Carer

You are a very practical person above all else. You like to keep things simple but elegant and neat. You still have got it when it comes to the bedroom with a guy. You could do with some pampering.
The Ruby Kitten said…
woh, that is!
wow.. you caught his attention!! Very cool :)
Chrisy said…
That beard is a work of art! But....I can see a gorgeous face under it...and that's what I'd rather be lookin at if he was mine!
Britwife said…
I didn't get it either! :) Guess I am not so wise in "beard art". I thought it was just braided...I didn't see the snowshoe. Now that it's been explained, I think it's awesome.
David, you and your beard both rock!

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