31 August 2009

What kind of sandwich are you?

I know that sounds like a silly title for a blog post, but I just couldn't help the metaphor. Sunday is a day in our house that we kind of play "catch as catch can" when it comes to meals. It's a way for the chef to take the day off and just have everyone do their own thing. This usually means something simple like sandwiches or some leftovers stuck in the fridge. My DH made a sandwich similar to this.

Tall, concise, full of good stuff and all around satisfying.

Mine looked much like this one..not because I didn't want one similar to his, but this was the time and energy that I was going to put into a sandwich. As I sat and stared at the two, I realized they summed up quite a bit of who we were in life at this present time...silly I know.

Oh yeah, I'm full of some of the good stuff..protein and fruit etc...but it's packaged differently. I have a tendency to spread myself too thin and then am always back tracking playing catch up. I say "yes" when I know I should say "no" as it takes away time from something else. The DH on the other hand doesn't do that. He knows the amount of time it takes to for each thing and doesn't spread himself thin. He can give the full amount without feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand and feels total satisfaction in the end.

I really would like that deli sandwich...I'm working on it! What kind are you..the PBJ or the deli?
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28 August 2009

I Dare You!

One thing I have always wanted to do was skydive. I know..crazy wish. Something about jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet and floating above the earth is appealing. No one has ever dared me yet. Probably a good thing as I am one of those that if you dare me, I will do it. And no, if you dare me here that doesn't count!!

I guess my biggest worry would be plummeting to earth wondering where my rip chord was so the parachute would open. Now I know I can't just rent a parachute from the costume store on the main street and take a leap out of my friend's Cessna! I know I'd have to do a course and find a drop zone..none are in my area, but it still doesn't hurt to dream!

What's your most daring wish?
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26 August 2009

How to View A Bathroom

clean by lintmachine

Bathroom reading by thejbird

What the spider saw... by Zach ManchesterUK

Just another view... Happy Wednesday!!
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25 August 2009

Just Choose One..Any One!

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and apologize for not visiting blogs and commenting. You see, I've been having a lot of choices thrown at me and I just couldn't make a decision. Have you ever had that happen where there are choices to be made, you aren't sure which one is the right one and you end up not making any choices? For me, the fear began to take over and I was crippled...felt this overwhelming anxiety that I would miss the latest and greatest that would help me. I felt just like the ostrich that stuck it's head in the sand...even though they don't do that but it sure felt that way!

Then I read a saying on a blog from the Abraham Hicks method. There is no such thing as a wrong choice. They say that if you make a wrong choice, your inner self will help you to correct it by making a new choice. The catch is not to stay in limbo making no choice at all. I can tell's very unsettling. So I made a choice for that moment, took my head out of the sand and started to move forward. Today, I don't feel bogged down and uneasy. I still have lots of choices. We will always be presented with choices every day...they keep coming and coming, never ceasing. Is there a latest and greatest or a best one? None of them are fatal...our inner self will balance them out. I just have to choose. Are you getting "stuck" not making choices?

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23 August 2009

A Double Pleasure

I have the extreme honor of being awarded this wonderful award..The Bella Sinclair award. In Ces's words..."I designed this award to celebrate art in the blogs and to honor the value of friendship, sisterhood, sharing and caring. It is to be awarded to the gifted, accomplished, eloquent and talented blogger whose friendship and influence inspire us to do our best. That I named it after Bella Sinclair is because she epitomizes all of these things. She is an inspiration to many of us."

Two wonderful women offered this award to me and the part that makes it so special...they are sisters! Two different blogs....Sarah at Cottage Garden Studio and Barbara at A Bird In My Hand. Sarah is not new to the blogging world and I "quilt with her every must stop on over for the inspirational meeting. Barbara is new to the blogging world but has taken to it like a duck to water writing the most interesting posts. And no wonder...she is a writer! The friendship and support these awesome ladies give is beyond and I am truly honored and thank you so much. Now I can pass this on to a blog I have grown most fond of....Julia at Drawn to the Sea.

And lastly, I have been asked to do a meme from The Inkwell Alley. If you really want to know some of the dirt, check it out here! I hope your weekend has been fantastic!

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20 August 2009

You say you want to be a chef?

Giada DeLaurentiis

Emeril Lagasse

Paula Dean

Maio Batali

Rachael Ray

Bobby Flay

There is always the quiet chatter of the TV in the background while my DH and I work in our office. It usually is some stock channel or news but occasionally, he'll have on the Food Network. You see, I'm not the chef in the family. The DH comes from a long line of NY chefs and our daughter (nodtomod vintage) is a trained Paris Cordon Bleu chef so I don't need to enter the kitchen much. I'm more the baker of the family and with the good food they produce, who needs a rich dessert? I posed the question to the two of them who was their favorite chef on the Food Network and the banter that flew was quite interesting. They had other favorites but the key was that the chef had to have a show on the Food Network. It went from "I wouldn't mind being this one because they get to travel" to "That one's cute!". "Ahem!!! Guys, I was talking about who do you like as far as how they cook?!?!" Their top choice was Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa for her simplistic good meals that anyone can make. Ok foodies, who's your favorite?
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19 August 2009

Come Fly With Me!

Via Normandie2005 on Flickr

In France, a new world's record was set for the most hot air balloons in a row...329.

What a beautiful way to fly! Join me?
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18 August 2009

What Dreams are made of....

Last night, I was awakened from a sound sleep by mumbled shouting only to look over and see the DH in the moonlit room flailing his arms in the air. He wasn't stopping either when I rolled over, so I gently tapped his arm to just waken him enough without coming fully awake. All of sudden he grabs my hand and starts to bend my fingers backwards....hard! By this time I'm straight up in bed screaming "Uncle"! Fortunately for my fingers, that did the trick of waking him from the boogie men. Seems that someone had broken into our house and was swinging a machete at him and he was fighting them off. Me touching his arm was the perfect time in the dream for him to grab the guys hand and wrestle the machete free. It worked, although my hand was killing me!

I have always been fascinated with dreams and what they signify in our loves. As a child, I use to have these amazing dreams of flying over fields, enjoying the landscape as a bird. Lucid dreams. Then there are those where I'm being chased by some attacker who is gaining on me. Or that dream where you take a flying leap off a cliff and shoot up in bed before you hit the bottom. Ever have some of these?

Dream interpretation uncovers an amazing source of information that can help us along in our lives. They can help us decode what our inner self is trying to say to us if we just listen. When we go to sleep at night, we are liberated from activities that we would not normally do in our everyday life...repressing thoughts. We can go anywhere, be anybody and do anything. Only we can truly know what our dreams are telling us and help us through tough situations.

Now I wonder if that machete wielding burgler will come back since my DH successfully wrestled the machete free. What's your favorite dream?
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17 August 2009

Pulling the Plug...

I've found with running your own online business it's really easy to get caught up with all the social networking, social media, social computing...everything social and all plugged in. We're all trying to stay ahead of the game by "plugging in" to iPods, iPhones, blackberrys...any thing that will make a perfect world. We wake up to a cup of perfect coffee made by the perfect automatic coffeemaker, download the perfect tunes just to our liking, pay bills online perfectly without seeing a real teller, turn on the tv and order the perfect movie...even order the perfect pizza and send email without seeing the postman. What's missing here?

Perfect world? I believe in real social networking..the face to face kind where everything gets unplugged to relax and recharge our batteries with people who are significant in our lives. Even though I wish I could click my fingers and be on a sandy beach, drinking a cool chardonay, it's not financially feasible. Weekends are spent cooking great food, chatting on the porch, playing games and having a perfect get away...all unplugged. It may not be the perfect world and the coffee may be strong, but the face to face is so worth the effort. Do you unplug?
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14 August 2009

I'm not a tat lady...

I've never been a fan of tattoos and it seems to be the rage of the day for the younger being so old you know. Back in the day, tattoos happened when you had way too much fun and woke up the next morning trying to remember the dare you did the night before and seeing a permanent heart with "I love so and so" somewhere on your body. Tats have come a long way presenting quite an art form. I'm still shy about them, though. This is my kind of body art...incredible to look at...wear and wash away! Do any of you sport a tat?
Have a terrific weekend!
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13 August 2009

Beards & Unders

David Traver

I know...I'm obsessed with beards this week! With my post of yesterday, I had to share a comment from one of the readers:

"Well what would I be if the reining World Beard and Moustache Champion over-all didnt say thanks for being a fan, and for the one person who didnt get it, I'm the second form the top. It was a snow shoe - "Alaska" theme.. get it. The category was full beard free style and no American had ever won it before let alone the over all title. I think the greatest thing was we raised over $15,000.00 for charity. I'm clean shaven now as I cut it off for charity and have retired from competition except as a judge. Please feel free to visit the official site of the 2009 WBMC and have a peek at our history."
David Traver

From the other comments, it appears that least those reading this blog...have a preference for facial hair. Are we looking for a time past or is it the fashion of the day?

And here's another fun quiz I found over on Twitter. What your unders say about you! Go ahead...please share. I seem to be quite boring being of the comfort variety. Now what does that say about me??
Have a terrific Thursday!
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12 August 2009

A Word on Facial Hair

Photos from The world Beard & Moustache Championships 2009

I'm the kind of gal that loves facial hair on a man. Th DH has had a beard or partial beard since I have known him. One day while we lived in Miami, he decided to shave it off with our 6 year old son standing at the bathroom sink watching. A guy thing I presume. He got as far as shaving the beard part leaving the moustache intact to which our son comes downstairs to tell me. Our son runs back upstairs to watch the rest of the process.
DH: "Well, buddy, what do you think?"
Son: "Pretty cool!"
DH: "Ok then, let's go for the moustache."
Son: "Dad, not a good idea. Mom's already downstairs crying!"
Fortunately, his beard grew in fast but I swear, I was married to somebody else for the duration it took to fill in! How astute kids can be!

The world's most elite moustache and bearded men competed in Anchorage, Alaska in May. Now some of this facial hair is even beyond me! How about a favorite?
Have a great Wednesday!
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11 August 2009

Procratination Inoculation

You know what you need to do. You know the reasons behind why you need to do something. If you're anything like me, you have one small problem. You just can't seem to get moving. I knew yesterday the post I wanted to do today. "First thing in the morning" I told myself. The computer goes on, I check the email, the different sites I sell on and then I turn on my Twitter account and open a page for my blog. Needless to say, two hours later, I am now writing the post. Procrastination for sure!

We all put things least I think most people do. I think it is an innate part of us. Some of us may be chronic procrastinators or maybe we just feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by the task at hand. For me, I kind of like the thrill..if you can call it a thrill...of coming within an nth of the deadline. Whatever the task, it sits and gathers dust. So I've decided to get an inoculation and see if I can't get the mojo flow back into a rhythm. I'm making a do every morning, I'm going to use my most productive morning hours and not twitter them away (no offense twitter, but you can be addictive and time consuming as I have been told), tell the DH my plans for the day...he'll keep me in check and lastly, try to be more decisive.

Sounds like a plan. I'm thinking I need to get my thrills elsewhere. Do you procrastinate?
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10 August 2009

Old Dog...New Tricks..

We have always been Collie fans have had owned a dog for over 30 years. Our well loved pet died about a year and a half ago and we vowed that we would not get another dog...maybe time for travel and a little less responsibility. One of our horses needs to be on a weekly med so every week, we make the short trip to the vet to pick up a tube of bute (horse aspirin). The vet does boarding and for three weeks, we would see this little Sheltie bouncing around in the fenced yard.

On the third week, my DH walks over to pet the little girl while I go inside and purchase the meds. He walks in and asks the vet "When are they coming to pick up that dog? Pretty long vacation the owner must be having."
Vet: "Oh, she's up for adoption."
DH, without hesitation shouts, "DONE!"
Me, the ever pessimistic one: "Wait a minute have no clue why she's up for adoption. There might be a good reason she's still here and we might not be able to deal with the problems."
DH, the ever optimist in situations: "She's cute, a small version of our buddy and we can teach her anything."

The vet just looked on with amusement at this repartee and finally pipes up that the dog is a cat killer...eats cats that get near her! She said the other thing is that she runs away..ALL the time. You can never let her out the door unless she has a lead on and by all means, you'd better have a fenced yard or you'll never see her again.

Jump forward to last winter which was incredibly cold. Enter Sam the stray cat who we just couldn't leave outside..we're suckers for all animals. The guy lived on our porch all winter but for darn sure, we couldn't let him in the house as we have a cat eater. This spring and summer, Sam the cat has been living in our backyard...right along with Hannah the cat eater and never the twain have fought. Hannah walks with us without a lead, stops at street corners, and listens to commands. Every morning, the cat and dog look forward to their walk together. Yep, the cat goes on walks with the dog!

You can teach an old dog new tricks. Now this old dog..every year seems to be adding up...needs to learn some new tricks, too. Seems we're never too old to learn!
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