Wednesday Wisdom

Life is short!
Break the rules!
Forgive quickly!
Kiss slowly!
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably!
And never regret anything that made you smile!

PS..I did play in the rain & I did laugh uncontrollably...totally cathartic..
Have a great Wednesday!!


Me again. Just saw my blog on your list of "more to read" - thank you so much!

Hello Lindello said…
I love playing in the rain!

Great advice. I agree.
Missy said…
Another great post! Glad the dance in the rain helped! I could use some showers!
such wonderful advice! thank you :D
Sandra said…
I'm so glad! Great photo and words, btw.
Great advice Alicia. Sounds like a blast. Have a super day..Kathi
I'm Julia said…
Perfect and precious! You've absolutely made my day, thank you!!

Britwife said…
I am so, so jealous that you got rain! (Happy for you, but jealous, nonetheless.)
I love the way you think, right on!
oh I love this post!!!! Simply awesome!!!! Glad you got to play in the rain yesterday...yay you!
Jennifer said…
Whew how carefree! Sounds like a great day.
A Palmer said…
Alicia, I just gave you a Premio Meme award if you'd like to go to my site and pick it up. Great poem, BTW. Words to live by.

TheChicGeek said…
Beautiful Baby...Beautiful Words...Beautiful Alicia living her Best Life!
Judy said…
We all should live by that wisdom....wonderful words!
..and never regret anything that made you smile ..Amen :)

Thanks for coming by my place too!
Chrisy said…
Real wisdom here...thanks honey...I feel refreshed and uplifted!
Audrey said…
That is brilliant! You are very wise, my Alicia friend! And I am so happy to hear that you danced in the rain. There was a book out several years ago - I think that it was called Running With Wolves or something like that. Anyway, it strongly encouraged women to do just what you did - drop the inhibitions and let your spirit soar. I think it is very cool that you did just that. You inspired me to do the same.
Nancy said…
Oh, I love this. The picture, the words. Wonderful.

Life is short.
Delena said…
It rained here today too. It was however very cold and there was not much dancing going on. I will dance this weekend when we have weekend camping company. We play our music full on volume and almost howl at the moon. It is joyous!
drollgirl said…
what an adorable picture, and what great advice! :)
Liss said…
is this permission to laugh if I see trips over? (providing they don't hurt themselves of course)
littlebyrd said…
Love this list - very sound advice!! Thanks!!
Alisa said…
Wonderful wisdom! Good for you, for playing in the rain!
Most definitely!!!

Happy Wednesday!! And Thursday too!!

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