Jack of all trades...

While tweeting the other day, I got a message from a fellow twitterer (is that what we're called?) who mentioned that her father was a jack of all trades. I nodded my head in agreement as I know that is something I have often called myself. I've always added the phrase behind that statement..."and a master of none". I've gone from daughter, wife, mother, model, dressmaker, horsewoman, antique dealer and the list goes on and on.

I think we've all worn many hats in our lives and can be called a jack of all trades. It has more to do with being adaptable...changing with the demands of our lives at the moment. The Twitter lady's father clearly lived the times of the Depression era where one had to be adaptable in order to survive. The old adage if it isn't broke, don't fix it didn't hold water. You may have been doing something right, but you had to change to keep up with the times.

Back in the Depression era, jewelry makers substituted plastic stones made to mimic glass and other gemstones. This allowed women who couldn't afford the real deal to still feel beautiful and well dressed while saving money. With some of these pieces, one would be hard pressed to determine if they were real or not. The jewelry makers adapted to the times...a few examples shown of that era made of celluloid and plastic from our shop on Etsy.

With today's economic times, we all need to modify according to our changing circumstances...finding that existing harmony and starting to wear yet another hat. For me, it means that I need to bring very affordable pieces to the shop to accommodate the ever changing pocketbook. How are you adapting to the changing times?
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TheChicGeek said…
Well said, Alicia :D And YOU are a remarkable and multi-faceted beautiful soul!
When my grandma passed I was lucky enough to get all her jewelry...I was thrilled, others thought it was junk...Now when I wear my Vintage pieces everyone marvels!
I have worn many hats in life and I am sure will continue to do so...LOL
That's part of what makes life so fun and exciting!
Have a Happy Day!
I'm Julia said…
I wish my MIL had left her "everyday" stuff to me... some of it was so pretty.

I don't have a shop right now, so I can't respond with a marketing strategy. In my personal life, I'm just trying to behave.
Adore vintage jewelry~
so true...we have to wear many hats! I've been known to wear clown hat for too long sometimes! Lovely day to you~
i love that turquoise piece! and your shop is so reasonably priced too :)

how am i adapting? i bought 6 dollar rollers for my hair yesterday cuz i need a change but can't afford a 75 dollar haircut :)
turned out alright, too!
great post and you are right we do wear different hats as we go thru the stages of life. I think its wonderful that you are thinking about the changing times and trying to find things that can accommodate anyone and everyone! As far as what am I doing....just try shopping smarter...only get what we really need and not so much of what we just want....there will come a time for that.
briannelee said…
I have clothing swap parties with friends... you get rid of old stuff from your closet and get new stuff for free!
Chrisy said…
Yes I think a life lived where you didn't become a jack of all trades would be a boring one...
I so agree that we have to be flexible and versatile - too rigid and you risk snapping. I have recently reduced prices in my Etsy Shop to accomodate the tougher economy and tighter pocketbooks. Noticed a little of my own rigidity as I balked at the process, knowing I would not be paid properly for my investment of time and energy with the lower prices.
Thoughtful post Alicia. Now I'm off to check out your Etsy shop.
Liss said…
I'm not really doing anything different now the economy is bad. I had to adapt 6 years ago when I became a single mother, on one income. I don't spent much money on myself and can not afford designer labels.
I try to only buy only what I need - I have become very practical :(
Only splurging if I love something and can't be with out it.
Audrey said…
Alicia, the pieces you have shown here are so beautiful - especially the turquoise piece. I love the idea of "recycling" older pieces. Some of the costume jewelry (is that what they referred to it as?) that my grandmother owned was truly exquisite - rich, beautiful colors, interesting shapes, various lengths. It would be very cool to see them re-made.
drollgirl said…
ah, i am not a rich lady! i am so glad that substitues and economical choices are available that still let one be stylish! :)

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