I'm the CEO..

You read that right...I am a CEO. Not in the terms of running a major corporation, in the term of "I'm the CEO of my life". We are all CEO's...we just don't think of ourselves as being one. We're too ingrained into thinking someone else is pulling the chains with our jobs and our life's outcome.

We have management skills, most of us have clear responsibilities in our lives and if we don't perform in some financially, we are really turned upside down. As far as the smaller things go, we have to communicate with people around us, we really need to focus on our everyday issues and motivate our employees...taking the form of husbands, children, etc.

I've never thought of myself before as a CEO or life in general as a company, but put in simple terms, I am the one that is responsible for me. I need to make the decisions that influence my life. Take charge and make things happen. Are you a CEO?

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I guess now that you put it that way yes I am a CEO.....I just sometimes wish that I didnt have to take care of everything!!! But its true if we want it to happen or something to change in our life its not going to happen until we take charge! Thank for sharing another great post! Something for all of us to think about for sure!
briannelee said…
"Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her. But once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game" - Voltaire
I'm Julia said…
I consider Handsome & myself a co-CEOs. Our employees (the pups) run amuck (sp?) some days & that is, clearly, mostly his doing. When they are darlings, of course that's a direct result of my fine management skills ;-)

(I didn't like the choices spell check gave me for "amuck")
Sarah said…
Hmmmm I like that concept - cuts right to the point - you are in charge of your like...so take charge!!! Great post hon!!!
Hugs, Sarah
Great post, take charge and be happy!
SoDear2MyHeart said…
Well, I guess you could call me a Chief Executive Officer...but I defy anyone to try to manage the long and eclectic list of things that I do, can do, should do and the stuff I didn't get around to doing...

Were you to ask my DH or daughter, they would probably say that I'm more of a Chief Enforcement Officer, since I'm the one with the size 7 planted firmly in their nether regions in an effort to keep them, shall we say...motivated?

I think, instead, I'll just think of myself as a Continually Evolving Optimist...because, in order to maintain my ever-fraying thread of sanity, I have to believe that things are going to get better...some day...some how...even if I have to climb over the dead bodies of those who stood in my way. lol

Wonderful post, as always!
Sandra said…
No, probably not. I'm the go-fer.
Hit 40 said…
I take my CEO job too seriously sometimes. I definitely motivate my kids and husband. I think I have done such a great job on my boys that I can now just sit back and watch. They have really learned how to study, to play their instruments, ... I like to pump up my husband to have a happy attitude. I feel like i am always on at home or at school.

I need to be careful to take time for me. I think the blogging has really helped me to unwind.
Rose said…
Excellent Post! Yes, I agree...I am a CEO as well.

Well written.

Hugs, Rose
Relyn said…
Most days I'm a CEO. Some days I just want to be MIA.
drollgirl said…
i am rather unhappy with many things in my life, and i need to TAKE CHARGE and make some changes. humph!
oooh dear...
I've been fired so many times as a CEO... The CEO fired the CEO, is that ever possible?! dang* Well, work in progress to be a better & fabulous ceo*

[LA] said…
I like this concept.

A KISS by another CEO!

Liss said…
Gosh yeah, I was only having similar thoughts last week as I was advertising the fact to my daughter that I was the CEO of her and that one day she will move up the ladder and become a CEO herself.
Ah, a CEO. It seems like such a formal way to refer to ourselves. A CEO is forced to make many important decisions. Perhaps if we think this way, our own decision making processes can improve - it's a skill that not everyone has! I know I'm still working on mine, and it has become a lifelong journey of self-improvement.
This is an important concept I think our culture has forgotten - we are responsible for our lives, our choices and the consequences.

That said . . . Oh no! Does this mean I am responsible for THIS? LOL
Oh yeah, I'm a CEO. Sometimes I defer to the Chairman Of the Board, and sometimes he defers to me.

I was married to a minority stock holder, and I had to be CEO, CFO, Chairman of the Board and all that. It's really nice to have a equal business partner.
Nancy said…
Great post! We are all CEO's!
alissa said…
I just discovered your blog - and this post totally speaks to me. Thats exactly the mindset I've found myself in the last few days and didnt know how to put it in words. I am my own CEO dammit and if I want things in my life I need to make them happen! thanks :)

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