Eye Candy....& Random Thursday!

Is this not incredible? I found the link to Tokyobling's Blog on none other than Twitter with these photos. A paper craft art project by Wataru Itou is on exhibition at Uminohotaru and is called "A Castle On The Ocean". It is complete with lights and a moving train....all made of paper...just incredible!

Yesterday was full of surprises! PurpleDaisyJewelry added us to her treasury...way to go vintage!! For you Etsy users, click on over and give some good vintage lovin' comments...it would be so cool to make a front page of vintage gold beauties. And speaking of beauties...don't forget to add a comment to the giveaway..you can enter more than once!

Enjoy the paper eye candy and for those of you heading out for an early weekend...Happy Independence Day!
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Missy said…
Beautiful! I love to see the talent of others!
Moonshadow said…
Ahhh, Beautiful! If you like paper art you really need to check out this guys work...
I just LOVE it! It's amazing how much he can relate with scissors and paper.
briannelee said…
That work of art is amazing!!!!!
Snap said…
Oh, Wow! Amazing! You find the coolest photos and goodies!
SoDear2MyHeart said…
What an incredible talent! I'm in awe simply because I have a desk full of papers and can never even find a piece to write on, much less create a fabulous piece of artwork! I so admire someone who can look at an everyday item and create a fantasy from it...one that transports you with a story and steals your breath away by its sheer magnitude or intricacy.

My second thought is...Ewwwww! Papercuts! Papercuts!!! Great post! Off to twitter for my second entry! Cheers!
oh these are soooo awesome!!!!! It would be so cool to have a talent like that!!
I'm Julia said…
I can't fathom the concentration that took. Incredible detail. Can you imagine what it's like up close & personal? Mercy.
Hello Lindello said…
I wish I could shrink to 3" and live there :)

Have HAPPY 4th!!
Wow, I feel ten years old in awe looking at that! Thanks!
amazzzing...love how humble material like paper can be so beautiful when transformed by incredible artists!
drollgirl said…

that paper are is AMAZING!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bah! i have to go back and look at it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Audrey said…
AWESOME! What amazing pics! That is so amazing - makes me wish that I had thought of it. Ummm, but first I wish I had the talent necessary to do it! Ah, to dream!
jenjen said…
Wow - that is incredible I can't even imagine how someone could make that!

Gorgeous treasury, congrats! Surely it will make the FP!

The paper castle is unbelievable. I am always astounded what artists can do with paper.
Wow, those are fantastic! Makes my paper snowflakes from grade school look a little flimsy :-) What talent!
At first glance I thought these were from Sue Blackwell. How wonderful to find another stunningly talented paper artist - thanks for the introduction!

And thank you for posting the book contest, it has been noted!

Here's something on Sue Blackwell if you're not familiar and want to take a look:


Denise ♥
Britwife said…
Wow. And I can't even make a paper hat....
Holly said…
Oh, to think that it's all paper! Alicia, thank you so much for posting these. I really enjoyed it.
Liss said…
You find the most amazing things.
I left you something on my blog!!


Oh, and I'm holding a giveaway too if your interested :D

Relyn said…
That paper city is magnificent. Thank you so much for sharing. I do so love paper.
Bella said…
Oh my! I would love to be that talented! So gorgeous!

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