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I am so late today...what ever happened to that 36 hour day? I seem to have lost it all in 24 hours! Today, I am finally (as I sit in the corner with my dunce cap on from not doing this sooner) saying thank you to some absolutely awesome bloggers out there that have graciously given me many awards.

Sarah over at Cottage Garden Studio has given me The Mental Duck to Mental Swan Award. This is a personal gift from one amazing lady who I quilt with every Monday via the internet. Her blog is thought provoking and I've watched her artwork grow, her photography blossom and her "thinks" bring me to a whole new level. A blog that you will come back to every day and be inspired and comforted by an excellent read. Sarah...I can't thank you enough for this very special honor!

Now for these other pretty awards (still sitting in the corner with that dunce cap on), I am going to link you to some totally awesome blogs that I have been so remiss in not saying thank you to for ages!! Part of the reason is I sometimes feel like saying the old Waynes World saying "We're Not Worthy". If I have left someone out, I truly apologize...I am way over the hill and the gray cells can remember ages ago, but not a month ago! My mother always told me to accept a compliment graciously and so I will say thank you to:

Aging Lite - Anne is a gerontologist who loves to help women attain health and balance in their lives. You will certainly enjoy the visit!

Stage 3! Who Me? - Audrey is's that for A's? Audrey's blog is totally inspirational and totally a joy to read...A must for anyone looking to be totally (Have I used totally before?) entertained every single day she posts.

Clairedulalune - Claire will make you blurt out laughing, snorting coffee up your nose at her antics and way with words. I always read her blog with a huge smile on my face!

Thoughts by Dena - Dena will keep you laughing and guessing what the next thoughts 4 the day will be. Sometimes political, sometimes life as a Mom and most of the time plain hysterical!

Marabella Designs - This gorgeous lady, Sandra, has been leaving comments on my blog I think since day one. Fabulous jewelry designer with two stores (I have a hard time managing one!) Colibri Designs and Marabella Designs. You must check them out!

And lastly, I want to thank Deb over at the Junkin' Yaya. I was the lucky winner of her giveaway...I still can't believe I won. The box arrived, wrapped to the nines and full of the best things a Yaya girl would love. Class act all way from down on the Bayou...drop in for a all will be in for a treat!

So a huge thank you to each and every one of you who tirelessly read this rambling rant every day and leave a comment. You have NO idea how much you are all appreciated. I'm going to pass these awards (other than my lovely Swan award) to any one that would like to grab one. YOU are the guys that deserve them!! Hope today was spectacular!

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Snap said…
Wow! What a load! :D :D :D You deserve them all!
Hello Lindello said…
oh snap! you gotta a lot of well deserved awards! congrats. be sure to check out my giveaway this week!
TheChicGeek said…
You deserve every one of them, Alicia! You have some great bloggers there on your list too...Aren't we all so lucky to be able to visit such great people every day! I love it!

Have a Happy Day!
Judy said…
Your the "Bomb" deserve those and more!
Sarah said…
It was very deserved hon - I just love you and your blog!! How fun that my sister and I both gave you awards!! Claire does in fact make me snort coffee out my nose!! Then again - you do to!! Congrats on all the lovey awards!! Hugs, Sarah
woo-hoo...all well deserved!

Relyn said…
Oh, goodie. Some new blogs to visit.
clairedulalune said…
All this awards were very well deserved Alicia and I didnt think twice about giving it to you! Hey, fancy a cuppa? Hehehe!! Thank you so much! I am going to check out all the blogs you posted!

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