30 July 2009

Can't we all get along...

Bobcat & Fawn (Credit Lisa Mathiasen/ Animal Rescue Team)

These two animals, and many others were rescued from the Jesusita fire due to the dedication of volunteer efforts of the Animal Rescue Team and the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network.

Who says we can't learn something from animals?
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29 July 2009

"Stop Smackin' That Gum"

Italian artist Maurizio Savini who uses pink chewing gum as material for his sculptures

Those words reverberate in my head every time I even think of putting a stick of gum in my mouth. Gum chewing wasn't something that we did growing up in our least we didn't want to get caught doing the chewing.

When I was really young, I was invited to a birthday party where the prize given for blowing the largest bubble with bubblegum was a beautiful pin wheel with a tube of colorful candy for the stick. Remember those? Of course, my ability at chewing or blowing gum was pretty limited with the rules of our household. I didn't win the prize but went home vowing that next year, I was going to have that pinwheel! I convinced my brother it was a good idea...don't we all need a cohort in crime? We would hunt for pennies on the street, under sofa cushions, anywhere we could find those shiny copper numbers that would get me closer to my goal. Once found, off to the local Five & Dime where we would put our grubby little hands into the jar and pull out some pink chewy goodness wrapped in blue and yellow paper.

"Stop smackin' that gum!" continually echoed from the next room as we would blow bubbles right and left trying to be as quiet as we could. Kids don't think of cavities at that age.

I'm here to tell you that I did win the pinwheel the next year..shared it with my cohort....and to this day, can still blow a mean bubble. Now I'm thinking this talent could have been put to some very good use...who ever would have thought you could create art with bubblegum?
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28 July 2009

Blogging Thanks

I am so late today...what ever happened to that 36 hour day? I seem to have lost it all in 24 hours! Today, I am finally (as I sit in the corner with my dunce cap on from not doing this sooner) saying thank you to some absolutely awesome bloggers out there that have graciously given me many awards.

Sarah over at Cottage Garden Studio has given me The Mental Duck to Mental Swan Award. This is a personal gift from one amazing lady who I quilt with every Monday via the internet. Her blog is thought provoking and I've watched her artwork grow, her photography blossom and her "thinks" bring me to a whole new level. A blog that you will come back to every day and be inspired and comforted by an excellent read. Sarah...I can't thank you enough for this very special honor!

Now for these other pretty awards (still sitting in the corner with that dunce cap on), I am going to link you to some totally awesome blogs that I have been so remiss in not saying thank you to for ages!! Part of the reason is I sometimes feel like saying the old Waynes World saying "We're Not Worthy". If I have left someone out, I truly apologize...I am way over the hill and the gray cells can remember ages ago, but not a month ago! My mother always told me to accept a compliment graciously and so I will say thank you to:

Aging Lite - Anne is a gerontologist who loves to help women attain health and balance in their lives. You will certainly enjoy the visit!

Stage 3! Who Me? - Audrey is's that for A's? Audrey's blog is totally inspirational and totally a joy to read...A must for anyone looking to be totally (Have I used totally before?) entertained every single day she posts.

Clairedulalune - Claire will make you blurt out laughing, snorting coffee up your nose at her antics and way with words. I always read her blog with a huge smile on my face!

Thoughts by Dena - Dena will keep you laughing and guessing what the next thoughts 4 the day will be. Sometimes political, sometimes life as a Mom and most of the time plain hysterical!

Marabella Designs - This gorgeous lady, Sandra, has been leaving comments on my blog I think since day one. Fabulous jewelry designer with two stores (I have a hard time managing one!) Colibri Designs and Marabella Designs. You must check them out!

And lastly, I want to thank Deb over at the Junkin' Yaya. I was the lucky winner of her giveaway...I still can't believe I won. The box arrived, wrapped to the nines and full of the best things a Yaya girl would love. Class act all way from down on the Bayou...drop in for a all will be in for a treat!

So a huge thank you to each and every one of you who tirelessly read this rambling rant every day and leave a comment. You have NO idea how much you are all appreciated. I'm going to pass these awards (other than my lovely Swan award) to any one that would like to grab one. YOU are the guys that deserve them!! Hope today was spectacular!

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27 July 2009

A Power Nap..

It's Monday and you can tell where my brain is today. I used to think naps were for the old know, the "it's afternoon and I need to sleep before the early bird special". Remember back to those early days in grade school where the teacher made us pull out our little blue mats and take a forced nap? I hated that part of the was soo boring to me. I could never sleep. We'd giggle, make faces at the teacher all the while having her "Shhh!" us. Once I got up, believe me, I was rarin' to go to recess and chase the boys in a game of tag.

Now that I'm all big and grown up..not an "early bird special" age yet, I find that I have become a consummate nap taker. Recent research is providing evidence that a well-timed afternoon nap may be the best way to combat sleepiness, improve work performance, and overcome the late day grogginess commonly known as the "midday dip." Will it make me smarter? Who knows, but I do feel in a better mood and able to learn new things. I might is a very pleasurable experience! One of these lovely daybeds would certainly put me into a nice slumber, don't you think?

So my grade school teacher wasn't so bad after all. Do you take an afternoon nap to rejuvenate?

Photos from The Wondrous
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24 July 2009

Question for the Fashionistas..

Question of the day for all the women that are fashionistas..

Is it possible to have fashion inspired by and about these troubled economic times?

I just couldn't resist...maybe I'm having one of those kind of Fridays! This little number puts a whole new slant on the meaning of a size 34. Go ahead, you were actually thinking about how she did that, weren't you? It's hot here, but I won't be sporting this number!

Have a fun Friday..I sure am!

23 July 2009

I'm the CEO..

You read that right...I am a CEO. Not in the terms of running a major corporation, in the term of "I'm the CEO of my life". We are all CEO's...we just don't think of ourselves as being one. We're too ingrained into thinking someone else is pulling the chains with our jobs and our life's outcome.

We have management skills, most of us have clear responsibilities in our lives and if we don't perform in some financially, we are really turned upside down. As far as the smaller things go, we have to communicate with people around us, we really need to focus on our everyday issues and motivate our employees...taking the form of husbands, children, etc.

I've never thought of myself before as a CEO or life in general as a company, but put in simple terms, I am the one that is responsible for me. I need to make the decisions that influence my life. Take charge and make things happen. Are you a CEO?

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22 July 2009

Speaking A New Language

Riding a horse one day, I realized I was talking to him saying things like "stop" "come on, let's go" "get the lead out"...all the while pushing or pulling. We were getting nowhere fast..I was frustrated.

Jump to the next scene where I'm having a conversation with the DH asking him to do something. He's looking back at me with this blank stare in which I can see that nothing is sinking in.

It dawned on me that I wasn't speaking the right language. I needed to learn a new one. With animals, people call them whisperers. I could watch the horse gracefully moving in the pasture, stop on a dime..all the things I wanted. So I needed to learn to speak to him in his language..just as the whisperers do with dogs and other animals.

The same thing with the DH. My language was being blocked. BTW, this rarely happens but in this instance I was really speaking Chinese and he was hearing French! The language communication barrier was down. How many times have I gone someplace, disgruntled by a purchase or product and started to complain only to be greeted with the phrase "talk to the hand"? I've been teaching myself new languages almost everyday. No Rosetta Stone required for these languages. I think they call it common sense language. Are you learning a new language?
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20 July 2009

A Little Privacy, Please...

This weekend, my husband had gone to the nearest large town which is about 60 miles away. He noticed a bunch of square bales of hay in a ditch along the highway and since we were in need of hay for the horse, he made a mental note to stop on the way back and see if the farmer was willing to sell a couple of bales so that we could see if it was to the horses liking..they can be quite picky when it comes to hay.

On the way back, he pulls into a driveway that he assumed belonged to the farmer and indeed he was right. The farmer said, "no problem, take as many as you just pick them up from the ditch...if the horse likes it, I'll have quite a few of the same within the next couple of days". In my husband's euphoric state of actually finding square bales of hay, he didn't get the farmers name nor his number...argh!

So yesterday, he was going to make the return trip but no one wants to drive 60 miles and come up empty handed.

"Hon, how do I get Google Earth?"
"Just download the program..pretty easy." I had no clue why he would want Google isn't something my husband would do on the internet.
"It's do I find that highway between here and the nearest town".
"Just type in our town and go backwards from there."
"Here's the farmer's house..pretty cool. Well, I can't go now, there's nobody home!"

I looked over at his computer and saw this very neat close up photo of the farm complete with little things running around in the yard...chickens. Then I got this absolutely awful feeling in my stomach. I was spying on this poor farmer and his home. I didn't like it one single bit.

I do enjoy the advances we have made in technology...I use so many of them every writing a blog, twittering etc. I realized that some of them take away our total privacy. Anyone..not just our government, who I understand is going to be monitoring our mileage and gas consumption shortly as well as a plethora of other things that I am not even aware of..can view what I do. Is it just me or do you feel a lack of personal privacy?

Have a terrific Monday all!!

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17 July 2009

Because Mom Said So!


I am sure you have all said this when your kids have asked you a question..."Because I said so!"

Several times this week, a recurring story has surfaced. The first one I read on a blog. While at a family dinner, the cooks in the kitchen were preparing a ham. One cook chops of each end of the ham and then puts it in the pan. With a quizzical look, another person asks why she did that. The response was that Grandma did that. So they go and ask Grandma why you cut the ends of a ham off. Her reply was that her Mom did it so she always did. Asking Great Gran why she cut the ends of the ham off, her reply was, "So it would fit in the pan!".

My daughter had called one day in May and was wondering if she could wear a pair of white shoes. She lives in a warmer climate and I said of course, why not? She then told me because "you said so!...YOU told me I couldn't wear white shoes before Memorial Day". I did? Then I remembered that my mom had told me this and I am sure her mother told her the same thing. I'm sure Emily Post had something to do with that thought! It certainly doesn't apply to today's times but it was something that was practiced "because Mom said so!"

These little habits hang with us for whatever reason and become a part of our daily life. So many we don't understand but we do them because our Mom said so. Little idiosyncrasies that stick with us. Are you practicing any peculiar "because mom said so!" mannerisms or habits? Why do they seem to stick with us?

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16 July 2009

Pink Infusion

A short post today as we are in the studio shooting pictures for NodtoMod Vintage. Meanwhile, for those that are familiar with Etsy, I snagged my first ever treasury! A girlie type I am not, but just love pale and gray (we could get into a discussion on the correct spelling!) seem to be the order of the day. I'm not shy, go leave comment if you will and I'll be back tomorrow! Have a superb day!!

15 July 2009

Jack of all trades...

While tweeting the other day, I got a message from a fellow twitterer (is that what we're called?) who mentioned that her father was a jack of all trades. I nodded my head in agreement as I know that is something I have often called myself. I've always added the phrase behind that statement..."and a master of none". I've gone from daughter, wife, mother, model, dressmaker, horsewoman, antique dealer and the list goes on and on.

I think we've all worn many hats in our lives and can be called a jack of all trades. It has more to do with being adaptable...changing with the demands of our lives at the moment. The Twitter lady's father clearly lived the times of the Depression era where one had to be adaptable in order to survive. The old adage if it isn't broke, don't fix it didn't hold water. You may have been doing something right, but you had to change to keep up with the times.

Back in the Depression era, jewelry makers substituted plastic stones made to mimic glass and other gemstones. This allowed women who couldn't afford the real deal to still feel beautiful and well dressed while saving money. With some of these pieces, one would be hard pressed to determine if they were real or not. The jewelry makers adapted to the times...a few examples shown of that era made of celluloid and plastic from our shop on Etsy.

With today's economic times, we all need to modify according to our changing circumstances...finding that existing harmony and starting to wear yet another hat. For me, it means that I need to bring very affordable pieces to the shop to accommodate the ever changing pocketbook. How are you adapting to the changing times?
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14 July 2009

Down for the Count!

Short post today readers as I am down for the count. Since I am absent today...sometimes I wonder if I am ever present...head on over to Miss Judith B. Designs and send her some blogging love. She is having a giveaway for a beautiful necklace made just by her and why? Just because she's great and wants to say thanks to everyone! How's that for an endorsement? So what are you waiting for? Click the link and have fun!
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13 July 2009

The Written Word

Modern Flower from Daily Sip

I told you all in the last post that I have a wonderful sister and that she is. One thing she always does is write little notes tucked in books she lends me, dropped in the basket of veggies she leaves on the front porch or just any time she feels like you might need a pick-me-up. Yes, she's that kind of caring person. I carry a crumpled up note with me that she wrote and whenever I'm a bit down, I pull it out and relish every word.

I remember writing and receiving letters growing up. I would go to the post office and twirl the little locks that would open the box...all jittery wondering if there might be a letter for me inside. Of course, at my young age, there weren't that many but I can tell you the ones that I did get were carefully opened and poured over again and again. The box wasn't full of bills or advertisement either. Letters from relatives, postcards from friends and other notes to read.

So in today's fast pace time with everything being done on the computer from email to twitter your 140 characters as well as taking pictures that are stored on discs, what happened to the written word? Back in the day, we used to wrap our letters up in ribbons and savored opening them to read over and over. Now..there's a delete button only to never read again.

When was the last time you sent a personal letter? I think I'll take some sage wisdom from my sister and make someone's day by writing a letter.

Have a fabulous Monday!!
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10 July 2009

Cherry Pickin'

Oh how I love summer for the fresh fruit. Couple that with an incredible sister, all the better.

So what does summer fruit and a sister have in common? When I opened the door to my front porch yesterday, a whole lug of cherries was sitting there. Now if you aren't familiar with how much a lug is, try guessing around 28+ pounds. That's a lot of cherries! All these cherries were left by my sister who knows cherries happen to be my all time favorite summer fruit. She always does special things like leaving fresh veggies from her garden on the porch..even fresh eggs. Yesterday, the cherries came with a dozen farm fresh eggs and fresh cream. She knows we're cooks here so there may be an ulterior you think?

So today, all those farm fresh eggs, cream and some of the cherries went into a cherry clafoutis for her...think I'll make one for us, too. For the rest of the weekend, I'll be cherry pickin' right from the box and enjoying some summer pleasures!

Hope your weekend's terrific!

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09 July 2009

People Watching

Photo from Flickr
We just returned from a several hour jaunt (3 hours drive) to the Social Security Office. Seems they have the wrong birth date for my DH..however that happened is another story. While there, I practiced one of my favorite things to do.

I'm a people watcher.

I must have inherited this pastime from my father. He was born and raised in ND so while visiting us when we lived in Miami Beach, it was pretty easy to find entertainment. He would sit in the gardens of the Bal Harbour Shops and for hours, watch the people walking by with their busy schedules. It fascinated him to no end watching the way they stood, walked, interacted when no one was looking. What about the way they talk? Were they happy, nervous? It was a great way for him to pass the time.

I realized today while waiting at the SS office, I was doing the same thing. Just watching how people interacted...not voyeurism mind you..but in a curiosity way. I guess "people watching" could be called every day reality TV...but the catch is...this is real and not staged to garner a viewing audience. I would much rather sit on a park bench watching people than tune in to a TV show where the participants are bought and paid for. Do you people watch? Do you watch reality TV?
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08 July 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

Life is short!
Break the rules!
Forgive quickly!
Kiss slowly!
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably!
And never regret anything that made you smile!

PS..I did play in the rain & I did laugh uncontrollably...totally cathartic..
Have a great Wednesday!!

07 July 2009

Playing in the rain...

It's raining outside today. When I was little I used to go outside and play in the rain..jumping in puddles, splashing, sticking my tongue out to catch the raindrops as they fell from the sky. I haven't done this in years. What is it that when we grow up, we loose that ability to enjoy some of the simple things. Are we too busy with everyday life to stop and smell the roses every now and then? As an adult, I get wet all the time..take showers, go swimming etc. So why is it that I run for shelter once the rain starts to fall?

I think I'll play in the rain today and rejuvenate my inner child...

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06 July 2009

And the Winner is...

Random.Org and I had an appointment this afternoon to pick the lucky winner of the sterling silver amethyst pendant necklace. Without further ado, number 63 was the lucky number which means....

Noble Beeyotch from Not Fashionista.It's Stylista

Congrats, Noble...all the way from India!! If you can email me your mailing info, I'll post this beauty to you pronto. A huge thank you to all who participated...we'll do another one soon!