Vintage Jewelry Giveaway..for Real!!

I still can't believe that half the year has flown by! As promised in my last post, the day has come that this blog musin', horse lovin', antique jewelry toten' lady decides to say thank you to all you readers out there...not as if there are tons but I like to thank you anyway! And of course, it's my birthday tomorrow and I'd much rather give a gift! I think this vintage sterling silver 5 carat genuine amethyst pendant will do just fine, don't you?

You can enter as often as you like..keeping it to one blog lovin' comment a day. Doesn't that sound like a lottery? For those that are cagey..which I'm not..that leaves you 8 whole entries till the drawing. Random org and I will pick a winner on Monday, July 6th in the afternoon.

Easy peezy...just leave a comment. You know...something simple like "I'm in" or whatever floats your boat. You don't even have to leave the page as I really like having you here. If you don't have a blogger account, make sure I have a way of contacting you.

HOLD THE PRESSES!! There's another way for you to enter more than once a day. Are you ready? I posted that I have finally decided to take the plunge and joined Twitter. So...if you let me know you tweeted this, you get a double entry for that day! I'm not shy...just a twittering fool (as she says with a big grin). If you follow me, I'll know you tweeted (is that what it's called?).

Wouldn't you just love to drape that beauty around your neck? And if you're a guy...your wife, girlfriend or significant other will think you are just the best! Hoa about it? You in?
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Lorelei said…
I'm twittering this baby! YAHOO!!
What a fun and great idea for your birthday!
I'm Julia said…
Gimme gimme! I'd love to help celebrate your birthday by wearing that gorgeous pendant. What a generous gal you are.

So you're going to be what, 29? 30?
Snap said…
Wow, Alicia. This is beautiful. Count me in! Twittering -- oh, my ... I'm still holding off. Happy Happy!
Rhonda said…
How fun...and generous to give a gift for your birthday! Happy early birthday to you!

Would love to pretty!
briannelee said…
Happy almost birthday!

I hope I win :)
Oh I love this is absolutely gorgeous!!! I want it I want it real bad!!!! I dont have twitter so I cant tweet but I sure will be coming back each day to enter here and keep my fingers crossed!!!
Hello Lindello said…
Thank you! This is soooo soooo gorgeous! Kinda wishin' I was on a twitter...
SoDear2MyHeart said…
I'm all "atwitter" about your giveaway you big beautiful birthday doll!!! I'm sending the gift of shameless self-promotion! gimme, Gimme, GIMMEE!!!
I'm Julia said…
nice to know I'm not the only one who's twitless
Delena said…
Count me in. My birthstone. That would be wonderful to win!
Liss said…
I’m in. It’s a lovely piece I would be proud to wear but I don’t twitter :(
Hey if you still want to be a snail mail angel can you email me your address. I reply emailed a comment you sent me but I don’t think it was successful as your email can up as a no reply address.
Sarah said…
Oh mmmmmeeeee I'm in - sitting here with my tea....Wonderful piece!!!
Hugs, Sarah
Woo-hoo, what a fantastic giveaway! That baby is gorgeous! Happy birthday - how sweet of you to give one of us a gift for YOUR special day. That's how you are - always generous.

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and words about my Dad. It really means so much to me how supportive my blogger pals have been. You are just the greatest Alicia!
clairedulalune said…
Ohhhh, ahhhhh, my precious! Oh, sorry I don't know what happened there but count me in! Hope you are well!
Rue said…
Hi Alicia :)

What a sweet blogger you are! I would love to win :)

I came by to say thank you for your sweet words about Shiloh. It meant a lot to me.

Yowzer. Gorgeous. (Pick me Random Org!)

A day early for birthday wishes, but one can never have too many, right? Happy almost birthday!
drollgirl said…
good LORD, you know i am IN!!!!

and i hope you have the best birthday ever!!! live it up tomorrow! or just chill! do all that makes you happy, and i hope you are treated like royalty! :)
Brian Miller said…
happy early birthday! I'm in! My wife would love it.
Missy said…
Happy Birthday! Wow, that is beautiful! Count me in!
Thanks for the reverse birthday gift giveaway! I'm on my tweeing way so I get to double up my odds!
Sandra said…
It's beautiful and an extremely generous gift. But it would be wasted on me, I don't wear jewelry because I don't go anywhere. So I just want to say you are a generous person and I hope the winner truly appreciates the gift.

I will NOT tweet, I won't!
Junkin' Yaya said…
Now girlfriend...first---HAPPY B Day tomorrow!!! :) Make sure you post and let us all know what you did "special"! :)

And since this Cajun's BD is in February and the amethyst is my stone....would be very sweet to win that beautiful treasure! So...throw my name in that hat!

Have a beautiful & creative week....xo...deb
Okay, that necklace is STUNNING!!
I'm so entering this :D :D :D
And happy birthday to you! Hopefully you have a very wonderful and special day ahead of you!!

TheEclecticElement AT yahoo DOT com
My Daily Tweet:

TheEclecticElement AT yahoo DOT com
oh it's beautiful, i'd like a try. thanks for the opportunity and happy birthday to you!
jarvenpa said…
Happy birthday, Alicia!
Julia said…
So, so beautiful!
NODtoMOD said…
happy birthday! i will be there tomorrow to celebrate on the day!;) xo
Now I can officially say HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D :D :D
You go out there and have an amazing day!!
Then blog about it. Lol
Daily Tweet:
I'm Julia said…
It's your birthday!
Eat cake!
Drink whatever!
Be merry!
Count me in - I am celebrating your birthday!!
Brandi said…
Wow! What a awesome present! Thanks for the chance to win!

Happy Birthday!


Holly said…
Alicia, your birthday? How wonderful. Many happy returns of your day! You must have been a Hobbit in a forming life, giving such a wonderful gift to celebrate.

I would love to join the fun! Happy Birthday to YOU!
Cali said…
What an awesome giveaway!
Happy happy happy birthday!
Hit 40 said…
Shiny!!! Must have.
i have twittered
happy b'day!
Oz Girl said…
Woo hoo, you're on Twitter now! Well, here's my first entry and I'll head on over to Twitter to tweet about your giveaway too! :)
Oz Girl said…
Tweet accomplished for 6/20/09!
Hello Lindello said…
me. me. me! pick me!
Judy said…
I tweeted you a birthday song....(be glad you could not hear it) A singer I am not!
What a great idea, to gift on your b-day. I just finished my 51st, but if my memory lasts (!) I can do it next year. Please count me in for the drawing. It is a beautiful necklace and I would wear it proudly. Happy Birthday to you, God's Blessing to you!
wow oh wow!! great prize!!
you bet cha red rider, i do want you to enter m!
spvaughan vintage-jewelry-giveaway for-real!!

madly59 said…
I love they way you celebrate! I really adore this prize. Thanks for the chance. Happy Birthday!
madly59 said…
I follow you on twitter and RT contest .. madly59
Doreen said…
Oh boy! Please enter me!
Deb said…
that's gorgeous! count me in! :)
Deb said…
I follow you on Twitter tnshadylady
Deb said…
I tweeted here
Not Fair! I must be in - it's amethyst (purple) and I love it.
Sherry Byrum said…
What a beautiful pendant. Very generous of you! I'll will tweet right away!!
Bella said…
Gorgeous! I have a big amethyst ring to match it!
sabrita said…
What a lovely pendant. Best brithday wishes to you!
Its me again....just hoping Im the lucky winner!!!!
Ruby said…
omg amazing!! happy birhtdya!!

it's me for the second time hoping that i win!! =)
i tweeted too!!


i tweeted at you!
I just can't get over how gorgeous that necklace is!

I REALLY hope I can win it :D
Daily Tweet:
noble beeyotch said…
God! i'd love to have this one!!
noble beeyotch said…
another day's entry....iam going to enter everyday till it closes....won't let this one go!!...thank you for the chance!!!
JennTRC said…
beautiful! please enter me :)
yep me again....Im still trying to make it obvious I really like this!!!!
sharon said…
Found you thru Judy.....this is luscious, thanks for the opportunity!!
Okay so it's July 2 now and the past two days, the weather has felt like it's mid October! Can you believe it?!

I'm not complaining though-I love this weather :D
Daily Tweet:
Snap said…
I'll throw myself in again! No problem putting you on the sidebar ... you are welcome!
Delena said…
I would be so grateful to win!
tweeted again!!

The nice doctor gave me a pain killer in my IV today =]
It feels niiiiiiiiiiice.
Daily Tweet:
noble beeyotch said…
i cant get my eyes off this!
Thanks for all the wonderful comments :D
You should get feedburner! I would definitely subscribe(unless you already have it in which case I'm off to look).
Daily Tweet:
José said…

If I win this, I'll sell it back to you :-)

Have a nice weekend,

Granite_Grizz said…
I know someone I could give it to...
Oz Girl said…
And another tweet about this gorgeous vintage amethyst pendant! :-)

Stunning vintage 5 carat amethyst pendant giveaway! Gorgeous!
Lin said…
That is just beautiful! I'm in!
Lin said…
Oh yes, and happy Birthday!
MJW said…
Love it - I'm in!
MJW said…
And I just tweeted: myeditionofgab :)
Did you know Amethyst is used for spiritual communication and healing? It helps you become more aware of your spiritual gifts =]

TheEclecticElement AT yahoo DOT com
I tweeted:
What a lovely and most generous give away!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico
Wow...that's gorgeous!
I'd love to win it!!!
Relyn said…
I'm late coming to the party, but please do count me in. That would look so good around my little neck. Pick me, pick me! Pleeease!!!!

Also, congratulations!!
Lin said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and asking about my Xena! That gives me a chance to enter your giveaway again! Woo Hoo!
Ľubaša said…
Prize is lovely. I have one small ametyst at home... but only as a natural gem stone. It would be great to wear one similar.:-) Thanks.
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com
Snap said…
Me again!

Happy Monday! :D
Amy said…
Happy Birthday! This is a beautiful necklace and amethyst is my birthstone : )

acm211 [at] gmail [dot] com
have to get in one more time before the day is up!!!!!
Oz Girl said…
Wow, what a ton of comments! But what a gorgeous necklace. :)
Oz Girl said…
AND I just tweeted one more time too! :-)
Jenn said…
Oh, lovely! Figures I found out about it on the last day. Will tweet it now!

Jenn said…
Oh, lovely! Figures I found out about it on the last day. Will tweet it now!

Last day everyone :D :D :D
Good Luck!!!
(I hope I win *fingers crossed)
Daily Tweet:
Linda S. Socha said…
Totally beautiful PLU my favorite color. I am in!

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