Sunday Family Traditions

I grew up in a small town, in a family that had its own traditions. Big of us. Every evening, we would have dinner together all sitting around a big oak table. So why is it that Sunday is the day I remember the most?

My father was a hard working grain elevator man. Sundays were meant for the family. Weekday mornings I would wake up and he would be gone for the day. Not on Sunday. I was an early riser and would come into the sunlit living room seeing him sitting in his chair, drinking his coffee and reading his lessons..he was a devout Christian Scientist. I would plunk myself in a chair next to him, he'd pass the funny papers..what we called the comics and we would read together. Me and my comics, he and his lessons. Occasionally he'd ask me what was happening with Beetle Bailey.

As a little girl, we had to go to Sunday school. Not that I minded. All the kids met together from all ages so it was kind of fun. After church, we would come home to my mom cooking brunch. Brunch was a big word back in the's what I call it now but I am sure back then, it was called dinner. Light as a feather Norwegian pancakes, bacon searing in a pan and special flavored syrups that only came out on Sunday. Blueberry, raspberry and apricot. Smother the pancakes with sour cream before the syrup. Mom would be standing at the counter that overlooked the table flipping jacks while all of us sat around the table clamoring for more. There was always much laughter and talking...a special meal when no problems or world events were talked about...just plain old family time.

After dinner while the sun was hot, my parents, little brother and I would jump into the '57 Chevy (my Dad's work car) and head out to the country to "check the crops" as my Dad called it. Windows rolled down, hot summer sun and the wind blowing in our faces...the vision of the back of my parents heads in the front seat. We'd turn down a dirt road and Dad would say it looked like a good one to check out...corn and wheat on either side of the road so high that it buried the car from view. It felt like you were going into a maze...great fun for a kid! Of course, you couldn't go fast so the grasshoppers would come flying through the open windows. My brother would squeal with delight knowing full well I hated the things with their sticky legs that would grab you. Many times there would be a big puddle in the middle of the road. Dad would slow the car way down, put it in low gear and floor it through the puddle, mud flying everywhere, my brother and I laughing with total satisfaction. Mom and Dad would just smile in the front seat knowing there was something to the simple pleasures in life.

Dinner was 'catch as catch can'...anything left in the fridge. After, we'd all circle around the TV watching Disney which happened to be one of the only shows we could watch. When the night came, we'd slip into clean sheets, windows open, cool breeze, the sound of crickets and big smiles on our faces.

Sunday into human beings enjoying the simple pleasures in life.
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Judy said…
What a nice comforting story...great memories!
Audrey said…
Oh my goodness Alicia, I felt as though I were reading my own autobiography! My upbringing was so similar, except that we had 5 children, and my parents belonged to a different church. Other than that - it is almost identical! Thank you for a lovely walk down memory lane!
Nice memories...and now I really want some pancakes!
what lovely Sundays you had!
i now want some pancakes too :)
Snap said…
Just lovely! Brought some memories back to me mainly of getting into the car and driving into the country. During the summer stopping at the watermelon stands along the road. Thank you!
Sarah said…
Oh how wonderful!! I sooo want pancakes now!!! An corn on the cob..... Wonderful memories. So much of it familiar. I wonder at how things have changed so much!!
Hugs, Sarah
What a great story!
I would love to go for a cruise ride in a '57 down a country road :)
clairedulalune said…
What enchanting memories! lovely to read!
Kacie said…
Very nice story about your family and Sunday traditions! Thanks for sharing with us! I can relate with the going for a drive to "check the crops" or sometimes for us it was to "check the cows". :)
briannelee said…
Those pancakes are making me hungry!
Liss said…
And that is what Sundays should be about. This is the type I memories I strive to create for my children. Fun family childhood memories which some kids never get to experience.

Your Sundays sounded so beautiful, I especially loved the part about how you and your dad would read side by side in the mornings.
A beautiful walk down memory lane. Although my childhood did not include a farm, the feelings are definately similar! Beautiful.
kel said…
Great memories! I wanna eat those pancakes!
Wendy said…
This is a great post. Thanks for participating in Small Town Snapshot Sunday! :) Well done!
Oh Alicia, I really enjoyed this post, a simpler time and not a care In the world. Have a great day..Kathi
Moonshadow said…
Wonderful post for STSS! Just goes to show that the things we treasure most usually only cost us our time.
Hello Lindello said…
that sounds so nice. what a great childhood. its nice you have kids of your own to pass down traditions :)
Oz Girl said…
Great post. Thanks for bringing back a ton of memories. I remember watching Disney too.

And we also were allowed to watch Marlon Perkins... oh crap, what was that show called? Like a National Geographic show with animals... and Jack Hanna was his sidekick. I'm having a brain fart right now... I even visited a bar in Montana that Jack Hanna owned, had pics all over the walls from the tv show... Mutual of Omaha's WILD KINGDOM!! There, it finally came to me.

Sucks getting old...
Your Sundays growing up sound delightful! Thank you for taking me on this journey back. Your special brunch (or "dinner") has me craving some special pancakes!
Those are great memories to have :D
It's always about the memories you create!
My sister and I love the traditions when it comes to the holidays.
We always but our mum because it has to be perfectly like it always is otherwise it's not right! Lol

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