Shrooming Around...

So sorry I have been absent from the blogging world for several days. I have been living the life of a mushroom...holed up in a dark room with a migraine that just didn't want to leave.

So to leave you with just a little something that I found and listed in my Etsy shop...I seem to never post about the antique jewelry lately... A rare 14K solid gold micro mosiac bracelet with tiny bluebirds from 1850. I always wonder if these antique pieces could talk the stories they would tell. Perhaps this beauty was on the Titanic...maybe had a dance with a Count or King in Europe? Have a terrific weekend!!


Sarah said…
Oh hon - so sorry about the migraine - yuck!! Seems like as I get older - I have more of them - yuckk!! Glad you are better though!!
My Son has a passion for mushrooms - draws all kinds of them!!
The bracelet is stunning. I love to think about where they may have been before. Sarah
JuneMoonToon said…
Glad you're feeling better!

Lovely bracelet. I'm curious - do you travel a lot to find these wonderful pieces? Have you written about the way you find them - just wondering if I read back thru your very early posts, is it there?
Hi June,
Alas, I am an auction junkie from way back! I also get quite a few pieces in from people around the country on consignment. I have been asked if I have little elves in the basement making some of these and I actually do...they work on minimum wage and are so easy to take care of ;D! Hope you have a terrific weekend!!
TheChicGeek said…
Oh, Alicia, migranes are the worst! I'm glad you are up and about again.
I love the pretty :)

Have a Happy and Migrane Free Weekend!
ugh fun..I have a headache brewing today and Im so hoping it doesnt go THERE!!!! The bracelet is absolutely beautiful!!!!
briannelee said…
Its so pretty!

I hope you are feeling better! Have a wonderful weekend!
VintageLove said…
Migraines suck... no doubt about that!

LOVE the bracelet! Gorgeous!
Oh yuck ! so sorry your not feeling well. Hope your feeling better. Beautiful Bracelet. Just stunning. Take care...

I'm having a giveaway on my blog too.
Lover of Life said…
Sorry about your headache. That bracelet is just beautiful.

I see a young lady, with long dark hair wearing it, maybe meeting her future husband for a walk around the park...
Audrey said…
I am so sorry to hear you suffer migraines - I used to, but haven't had one for a few years. Let me tell you - I don't miss themat all!

Love the bracelet! It is gorgeous!
clairedulalune said…
I hope you are feeling better, horrible things, them migraines! Beautiful bracelet too!
kel said…
droool.....that thing is gorgeous!!

glad you are feelin' better!!!
Judy said…
There is nothing worse than your head pounding..glad you are feeling better. I noticed your new profile pic...very nice!
Love the bracelet, I always have loved micro mosaics, so detailed with great color.
Liss said…
Wow I have never seen anything like that bracelet before. It is extremely lovely. I hope you are feeling better and get out of that dark room and enjoy the sunshine again.
Hope you feel the mushroom picture and the bracelet.
So glad you're better!

I too suffer from migraines, mine are hormonal and I pray that with menopause they will go bye bye.

The bracelet is beautiful!

Take care

Oh, someone just told me to try lavender tea for the migraines. No more than 3 cups in a day. I haven't tried it yet, but I am planning to.
Sandra said…
I hope you are better. A very beautiful bracelet.
drollgirl said…
oh! i hope that migraine goes away soon. sometimes i get headaches that last for days, sometimes even up to a week or longer. miserable.

may you feel all better tonight so that you can enjoy the weekend. :)
Night Owl Mama said…
Thanks for the pick me up on the comment you left on my blog. HOPE he'll start smiling soon. THanks again.
Alicia said…
Ugh. So sorry about the migraine. That is miserable. Wish there was something I could do for ya!
Glad your back though.
Relyn said…
Sorry you've been unwell. Feel better soon.
Blessings upon your head! Feel better 100%, quickly! BTW, forgot to tell you, love your photo. It's so nice to put a face with it all.

What a beautiful bracelet!
dancing doc said…
ok i can relate big time, can not even think about those things w/out a swinge of pain ,alas , love the shrooms! stay well et salut du midi
JuneMoonToon said…
Beautiful photo, avatar, whatever, yes. Beautiful inside and out.
That is the most gorgeous bracelet I have seen!!
I'm sorry about your migraine. Those things just suck all the way around >.<

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