Mary Jane, Anyone? Medical Marijuana

I didn't smoke pot while in my high school days as I was totally convinced by the this-is-your-brain-on-drugs ad campaign. I didn't want to suffer long memory loss or any other afflictions I was told would happen...not to mention my parents wrath if I did. I belonged to the geek half of America when the 60's and 70's were around. Mushy brains weren't for me.

Marijuana tea has been prescribed since 2737 BC for cases of gout, malaria, rheumatism and strange as it may seem...for memory loss. It has been prescribed for everything from childbirth, pain relief, earaches, inflamed skin, venereal disease and nausea to name a few. Everything changed at the end of the 19th century when 5% of the population was addicted to the miracle cures of the traveling drug salesman with their morphine laced "People's Healing Liniment for Man or Beast" and "Dr. Fenner's Golden Relief". Enter the government and the start of the FDA in 1906 where morphine and opium were put under a doctors control. In 1914, the Harrison Act which defined drug use as a crime. The states started to collect a tax on the non-medical used drug products which was much higher than the actual cost of the drugs. By 1937, 23 states had outlawed marijuana. Though the Reagan years turned up the volume on getting tough with drugs, there are currently several states that have gone to a lessening of criminal penalties.

Trimming the plants

Enter my son who has his license for growing medical marijuana. Talk about putting this in the forefront to me! It is a long and arduous process and not taken lightly. According to my understanding, only a certain amount of plants can be grown for each client and each plant can be bud producing at only certain times. Each one is labeled for the patient along with the variety of the plant. Doctors prescriptions are a must with thorough follow-up between grower, patient and doctor. Everything is strictly enforced...this stuff is not your normal schwag picked up on the street.

Now at first, with my geeky background, I was apprehensive but after hearing about the patients benefits they have gained, I questioned my thinking "somewhat". Studies on the benefits are still quite young and inconclusive to date. This is quite the hotly debated subject all over the country. Is pot good for you? Is it worse than alcohol which is legal? Should marijuana be legalized? If anything, for medicinal purposes? Now, I'm not saying that I am for or against it, just curious as to the opinions you dear readers may have.


SoDear2MyHeart said…
Wow! It never ceases to amaze me the interesting things that come out in blogs.... I DID try it in high school, more as an entre' into a peer group in my senior year...(my close friends were all older and graduated ahead of me). About the only thing I noticed was it made me sleepy. So, I just didn't "stay with it."
Today, since I seem to run with an "artsy" crowd, I do have friends who absolutely adore the stuff and proclaim it's benefits long and loudly. I really do think that if it was legalized that the insidious meth production that plagues us and so many children would go down, since there would be legal outlets for the "high." Substantial tax dollars could be gleaned from it (I'm an ...ahem...smoker, so I know the amounts of $$ charged by-the-pack). With the economy the way it is currently, it might be one of the most feasible ways of decreasing the national debt...Who knows...
In the end, I look at my 13 year old daughter and dare her to even think about it, much less try it. The threat of being locked in her room until she's 21 is still working...for now...

Sarah said…
Wow girl - you are wading in!!! I am going to wade in with you. There are soooo many herbs that we use daily (BTW I do not smoke)that alter bodily function. I fail to see how something that offers so much help to nausea alone is treated this way. I have seen very few instances of drug crazed pot smokers robbing and pillaging. Well maybe a massive run through
7-11. But they usually pay - lol.
I think it should be legalized for medical purposes. Maybe even just legalized period.
On the flip side - cronic use - well...has it's problems, but no more serious than alcohol overuse. So... I guess I'm with your son.
Hon - am glad you offered this up - brave and a great post!!
Hug hugs, Sarah
JuneMoonToon said…
My mother (93) was prescribed an 'appetite stimulant and anti-depressant' that is made from the cannabis plant. I'm looking for the drug name now to post here. I personally think one reason the (legal) drug industry wants to keep the 'OTC' herb illegal is the incredible profit for them in being able to control it.
I've never used it and like you, it's hard to separate truth from fiction concerning the pros and cons with the scare tactics used and the obvious benefits derived and medically proved (and sold). Honest information concerning use and precautions would be much more helpful. Truth is hard to find in many areas, for sure.
Snap said…
I think 'taking' marijuana for medical purposes is fine and should be legal. I also think that chronic use that is not 'medical' can be as addictive as other drugs ... but I also include nicotine in with other drugs and it's legal ... how many folks has nicotine killed by smoking or second hand? It's too early to think! ;D Good morning!
Sandra said…
I was NOT the geeky half of the 60's & 70's. : ) We will leave it at that!

I personally believe in the decriminalization of drugs. It is a never ending battle and if we could face that, as we did with alcohol, we would greatly reduce our prison population and get the criminal element out of it. JMO
TheChicGeek said…
I do believe it should be legalized. Your son looks like a master grower...LOL :)
Beautiful plants!
No way! That is so cool and interesting! Good for your son, I hear it makes a real difference to those who are in serious pain x
I agree, brave and great post.
and like Sandra I was not part of the geeky half in the 70's & 80's. I'm all for legalizing, especially for medical purposes. Nice plants...
Starlene said…
Wow, you opened up a can of worms. Unlike most of the commenters, I smoked it in high school. A LOT. Tons and tons and literally tons. Definitely more than I should have but I think a lot of that was simply a naive attempt at escape while my parents were divorcing. Naturally, I stopped when I enlisted in the Air Force.

I haven't had any in over ten years now and I still have a brain. It doesn't look like the bottom of my breakfast pan. I still (usually) find myself to be knowledgeable, intelligent, and quite sharp. I am not sick, I have not alienated my friends or family, and have not robbed any banks or committed any (other) crimes of rage or passion or stupidity. I'm a normal person with above average health. I take no medications of any kind. I usually use pure, non-toxic food to prevent any illnesses and herbs to treat them if they occur.

I come from a very long, hard line of alcoholics. My experience has shown me that alcohol is by far the greater destructive force when abused. And it seems that little concept - abuse - is the key. If abused, marijuana has the potential to LET YOU ruin your life. So does alcohol. So do sweets. So does any other shape or form of physical or mental addiction. It is the individual's choice to drink or smoke. If it starts to cause problems in everyday life, it's up to the individual to make any necessary changes. Oh wait, I'm sorry. That's only if it's booze or cigarettes. If you drink to the point of oblivion and lose your job because you can't function, that's your problem, not the government's. If you smoke so much you get cancer, or God forbid, give one of your kids cancer through second hand smoke and kill them, that's your business too. Not the government's. But if you smoke a joint, you better watch out because they'll throw you in jail!

Profit is the driving force behind this propaganda campaign as well as the regulation. The policy on this is so disjointed and illogical that frankly, it makes our entire country look like a bunch of mooing, idiot cattle.

I don't personally have an interest in using marijuana anymore but that's my choice and I dispute anything that limits an individual's freedom. Over legislation and regulation serves to spoonfeed entire generations questionable values and ideas, going largely unnoticed. This lack of individual thought and freedom has dumbed us all down to a far greater extent than if we were to all smoke a joint.
Hello Lindello said…
I think it should be legal. Especially for those suffering with cancer and other terrible things. I cant believe your son is a master grower! Whats his number? KIDDING!
drollgirl said…
if it helps, i am all for it. for some reason marijuana is demonized a lot more than all of the zillions of the traditional prescription drugs and booze that are legal. i don't think this is fair. if pot helps someone out, it is a good thing.

and i don't mind recreational use either, as long as it is responsible and it doesn't put anyone in danger.

and if our stupid government had a brain, they would look into legalizing it, farming it, and possibly even regulating the distribution of it, and we'd have a YUGE boost to this fer shit economy. and we'd put a lot of crooks out of business. win win!
Audrey said…
Similar to Junes mother - I suffered from "cancer induced anorexia," and was approached by the cancer centre to take part in a "marinol" (the active ingredient in marijuana) study. There is a great deal of good that the plant does for people, when used properly! Sadly,people like Woody Harrelson advocate for it, which makes his comments a tad unbelievable to most people!
Missy said…
Yes! Legalize it and get the taxes from the sales! I never hear of anyone smoking pot anymore, but I am sure they do. They are just overshadowed by the pill heads!
That is just the neatest profession! How does one get their license?
Before I get started - thanks for your compliment on my blog! I'm glad you enjoy reading it. :)

I think marijuana can be both good and bad. On the one hand, I've seen people whose lives were ruined by the use of it. On the other hand, there are many things that can ruin your life if you abuse them. I don't think that all alcohol consumption is evil (I don't mind a whiskey once in a while), but I also have known alcoholics who's lives are ruined by it as well.

Now if it really does help people medically, then I don't mind the concept of it being used for medical purposes. I mean, I deal with severe medical problems and while marijuana wouldn't help my problems, I know that personally there are times I'd be willing to try just about ANYTHING for relief from the symptoms.
I was pretty straight laced as a teen drugs or alcohol. Well, that went out the window in my 20s...but never really liked the pot thing...

It's a big debate here in Canada too and there are specific growers for hemp and for medical purposed. Only a doctor can prescribe it and it is closely monitored as well. Mostly for cancer patients as it helps with nausea after chemo.

Considering alcohol is legalized and creates way more problems than pot, I never felt legalizing pot in Canada would be such a terrible thing. There's my 2 cents!

Glad you liked my post today deserve the accolades! I left a comment there for you too, have a peek. :-)
Chrisy said…
Yes legalise definitely! Let's take the criminal element out of any drug use...alcohol and tobacco are are legal and I really don't see any difference...
Hit 40 said…
I agree with the rest...

legalize and sin tax it!!!!

I have never used it. Maybe, if it was legal, I would. Too risky with a teaching license.

Montel Williams loves it for his MS. Why not!!
Junkin' Yaya said…
Well, first are definitely the courgeous one for putting this "out there"! You go girl!!!

I for one hate the "smell" of the stuff...and yes, I was a part of the "hippie culture" in the late 60's, and all my friends used it and some still do...but, I just never had the need or the want to not be "in control".

However, I must say....I figure legalize and tax it. If you can control it??? But, you know how great our govt. can be about running businesses. LOL

This is definitely a "loaded question" and what I love about these type of questions is that there are as many answers out there as there are questions.

Let's throw another one in there....maybe if we spent as much time on "smoking" as we do on "drinking"...wonder what would happen? :) (Trust me...all those drinkers that have "a drink" and get behind the wheel of a car have a MUCH higher and QUICKER chance of killing someone than the smoker with "second hand smoke". So, again...which is better? or worse?)

Thanks for stoppin' by the Yaya!

Roberta Granada said…
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Liss said…
That was such an interesting story.
I don’t think legalizing it will increase it’s current illegal use. I think that legalizing it as medical treatment is fine. Although I believe strict laws need to be enforced regarding Zero drug driving limit.
Amariah said…
I've never smoked marijauna either. But, in my opinion it should be legalized. I took a Psych class in college and we learned about all the money that is wasted on "the war on drugs." People are going to do drugs no matter what, so they should just be legalized. Additionally, marijuana really isn't that harmful - at least no more than cigarettes and alcohol.
all for it...for medical purposes is fine and should be legal...there are other things that are much more dangerous/destructive that is still legal in the country. Interesting post!
I did a term paper on medical marijuana in college (about 10 years or perhaps a bit longer ago). It really seemed to relieve the pressure and swelling in the eyes of people with severe glaucoma that otherwise caused constant pain. Also good for cancer patients who experience extreme nausea from chemo. In many cases, it was the only way they could keep food down, which made their bodies stronger. I'm all for legalization for medical use. I think what your son is doing is admirable.

P.S. Of course I talk to the baby birds! Ernie talks back. Bert never makes a peep, but he does trust me and I think he even likes having me around.
Julia said…
I'm coming from a completely ignorant point of view--but I can't help but think that alcohol has more detrimental side-affects than marijuana! :)
Oh. My. God.

That was sooooo interesting..
Sounds like your son has a green thumb, and really I guess someone has to do it, right?

MA just passed a law that anyone caught with less than 1oz of marijuana could be let go or charged with a misdemeanor. I think this is good news.

I say legalize it and tax it.
I smoked it in high school and still occassionaly will indulge if offered.
Would I buy it if it were legal? I can't really say. I think that ship sailed years ago.
You know, I'm not really sure. When I was in school we had to debate and I chose the against it side, but when it came to debate, the for it side won by a landslide and they had some really good points.
I guess I'm just ambivalent on the matter.

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