Go ahead, make my day..

I have to tell you, there are some things that flip your wig and you gotta say those age old lines uttered by the infamous Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) in the movie Sudden Impact...
"Go ahead, make my day.."

David McMahon over at authorblog, a journalist and internationally published photographer, put one of my posts up as the post of the day. If you all would...head on over and say a big thanks from me and while you're at it, enjoy the read...you'll be glad you did. He's based in Australia so the photos are always interesting as are the tales.

So David, Thanks for flipping my wig..you made my day!

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Sarah said…
OMG I follow him too - how totally exciting!! I get excited when he just pops by to say howdy!! Congratulations! Whoo hoo - which post???? Hugs, Sarah
briannelee said…
Hahahahaha... that picture is so cute!

Congrats on the post of the day :)
well congrats to you...that's just plain "coolio"
Oz Girl said…
Congrats! I'm sure that DID just make your day. :)

Love the pic of the lil kid, too cute.
TheChicGeek said…
What a great shot! Love it! I'm going to check him out :D
Have a Happy Day!
I love that photo!
I'll go over and check out his post.
Audrey said…
Congrats my friend! Well deserved. I am most happy for you!
Popping over to David's now!
Whahaha...too cute!!!
I'll rush over there ASAP darling!
Haha. Too cute picture!!
Congratulations on being featured :D
Hello Lindello said…
yay! how exciting and well worth it. You are an amazing blogger. Congrats!
drollgirl said…
well i love the photo in this post!!

and now i am going to run and check out this dude's blog and see what he has to say for himself! ;)
Congrats...what a great surprise. Cute, cute picture.
Judy said…
cute pic Alicia, I am passing along the Premio Meme Award to your lovely blog!

Enjoy your day!
NODtoMOD said…
very funny picture...very blonde kid! congrats...i love everything you have to say so im happy someone took notice!:)
Moonshadow said…

I have a picture of my little granddaughter that looks like this. They had all been jumping on the trampoline and that got the static electricity going.
Sandra said…
That is so awesome! The photo is fantastic.

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