Career...what was your path?

The other day, I was reading a blog about a graduation and where the student was going to be attending college. It got me to thinking, with today's economics and jobs, how many of us are doing what we studied in school? What's happening with kids who graduate and select a career path without really looking into the future...not as if any of us really have a clue what will be happening.

For me, I studied to be an opera singer. Oh yeah...imagine that! I loved to sing and was pretty good at it but did that mean that I would do that for the rest of my life? Absolutely not. I was influenced by parents, teachers and community. I quickly found that what was expected of me at the age of 21 was not what I really wanted to do. Even though we're good at something it doesn't mean we choose that as a career. Money and salary...paying the bills becomes the deciding factor instead of what we love to do. Short term choices don't always work in the long term. Our paths change as we get older and our passions along the road alter our original choices.

So for me, selling antique jewelry is a far cry from an opera singer. So I'm wondering, how many of you are in a career you studied?
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Snap said…
Not me. I was the first in my extended family to go to university and a woman became a nurse or a teacher. I wanted to be a doctor and teaching was not on my list, but I went through the education college until I met a professor who said "take what you love -- it will all fall together later". So I took every class I could find on Asia. You name it, I took it (there is now an Asian studies curriculum -- I was the first). But, I was working in a hospital to pay my way through college and simply stayed at my job after I graduated. Today, I put all that Asia interest to work at the museum ... 50 years later!
clairedulalune said…
I hear you there! I have had lots of diffrent jobs and then I went to uni to be a teacher and came out working as a manager in a nursey! sorta of the same, but I want to be my own boss, work at home and make loads of money doing it! I sorta thinking a career move might be coming up! Hope you are well!
I studied Advertising...gave it up as a career when I felt like I was 'prostituting' & sold my soul to the devil! No-more of that BS ;)
Lindsey said…
My degree is in graphic design, and I am a graphic designer. But I'm also 25, college wasn't that long ago for me. My long-term goal is to own a yarn store, which has nothing to do with my degree.
drollgirl said…
holy moly!!! you can sing like that!!! you have TALENT!!! i cannot sing for shit!

i was an art major in college. painting and drawing. i knew i couldn't make a living as an artist, but i work in the arts as that is what i love the most. but i still would rather NOT work for a living. it can be SOUL CRUSHING, but i tend to be rather dramatic in my descriptions.

hope all is well! and sing it, sister! i just love when people can sing! lucky you!!!
I became a mom way young and Im still mom....thats my career..and I didnt even have to go to school for that!!! Actually I do child care in my home too!
vicki archer said…
I studied both history and psychology then worked in I write about France - I don't know many who stay on the same path. An interesting post, xv.
For the first time in my life, I am on the career path of my studies and loving it.

Not that I'm making any real money, but I suppose in time I will figure that balance out.
Judy said…
I never would have guessed an opera singer, wow! path went in many different directions as well. I went to Nursing school and worked as a nurse for many years but hated the routine of a full time job. Luckily I had a wonderful husband that has always supported my choices and gave me encouragement to be creative in my life.
Jazzy Jemz said…
I went to school to become a social worker. For several years I worked with mentally ill and substance abusers. Then I got pregnant. Now I am a stay at home mom who sells the fruits of her hobby online. I have half my masters completed and am wondering if I want to complete a masters in social work-- when quite frankly I am unsure if I have the patience to deal with other's dilemmas and lack of desire to change their lives.
Divine Mrs D said…
I have creative writing and English literature degrees and I work as a production assistant for and I do voice-overs for MTV as well. I feel like I'm prostituting myself at times. If I could, I would just bake all day.

It's a good thing I love voice-overs. LOVE.
littlebyrd said…
I didn't ever make it to college. Never really knew what I wanted and just worked a bunch of jobs. I never thought I would be lucky enough to be doing what I am right now: staying home with my kid and having my own little business on the side.
Oz Girl said…
An opera singer! I'm impressed; you must have a beautiful voice. :)

I never made it to college - married at 18 and my only child by 21. Divorced by 22. Became very independent by default, but it shaped me into who I am today. I've worked in retail, restaurants, hospitals (ER and purchasing), as a sales rep, executive secretary and finally office manager in an advertising agency. And you're right, it all boils down to what is going to pay the bills!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the commenting discussion. :) I think there is no WRONG way to respond to comments - we all do it differently, and it's whatever works best for the blog author!
Kacie said…
I can relate with you on the music studies! My family, community, and friends encouraged me to study music, I refused at first because I was sick of everyone telling me I was "so good" at music... really I just enjoyed it as a past-time and was never really serious about it. So I started as a psycology major.

Then, I joined some music groups in college - marching/pep band, orchestra, jazz band, symphonic band, took piano lessons, etc. I got sucked into the music scene there... so I changed my major to Music Education. When I think about it now, I was just doing it because I enjoyed it... was also never serious about it. Then education classes came, and pre-student teaching came... I found out that I HATE teaching and everything that comes with it! I mean, I have a huge respect for teachers (my husband teaches history), but it's just not my thing! So I dropped the Ed part of it and just got my Music Performance degree... wtf can I do with that?? Nothing really. Maybe teach private lessons someday. LoL

I currently work as an Events Coordinator in a retail corporation and enjoy it a lot so far! :) (wow that was kind of a long reply!)
Maria Trendy said…
Hi I am MarĂ­a and I live in Uruguay. I really enjoyed your blog, its fantastic!. I have been woorking as a secretary about 15 years. But I wanted to be a designer. Now I am a designer bags. I changed my job and I am very happy :)
Sandra said…
I am a historian & political scientist by education. I have been a breeder of horses for nearly two decades. History plays a role in this job, as I am a pedigree freak. Politics is my rather intense hobby. : )

Opera, really? Then you leapt to modeling, horses and now jewelry. You are a renaissance woman.
Junkin' Yaya said…
Hey darlin!

Well....being in college during the mid 70's (yeppers...hippie days)my folks said "NO WAY are we going to send you to college to be a starving artist...and have you run off to some hippie commune!"

So, I got my education in Marketing...and then became a professional artist/designer in 1979 after graduation. So, when I look was the best thing I did (hate to say it...parents were right). Because one of the most difficult things an artist has is "how to market themselves"!

So, it all worked out....and have been living my dream for over 30 years....and have been successful at it. (which helps of course)

Thanks for droppin' by the Yaya! xo...deb
NODtoMOD said…
im definitely not doing what i went to school for! although i loved why i went....a bit abroad never hurt anyone. cooking i still love to do....but fashion is my life and im so happy im doing this now! xo
Sarah said…
Oh are gonna laugh - we must just be totally synchronized. Not only does your post mirror mine...Alicia..I studied opera myself!! I too thought I would sing for my whole life!! But you are right - life took over and I became a teacher!! Wonderful post hon!!! K - I wanna hear you sing girl!!!
Hugs to you, Sarah
I would say very few of us know what the heck we want to do with our lives when we're 18. Why that is the time we make the choice....something terribly wrong with that equation...

Do you still sing?
Wow, opera! We learn of yet another hidden talent! Other than my sister and her husband (both musicians), no one that I am close to actually has a profession related to their degree. I studied art and exercise science and don't do a thing with either of them (not even as a hobby these days, though I'm embarrassed to say it!)

Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my wedding plans!
A Palmer said…
I thought I was going to be a full-time artist when I graduated from college. I moved into working for a large company in their publications dept. and then into HR. I've been in HR for 20 years now,love it, but did my art on the side. When I retire, I'll be able to get back into my art again. Looking forward to it. No regrets. But i never would ahve predicted my path when I was in college!
Liss said…
I ended up in IT testing computer software with no degree. I think I'm the only IT person in my office with no degree it's weird.
Hello Lindello said…
An opera singer? Wow, thats cool! I was pre-law, enviromental studies and political science. My Junior year I pretty much realized I didn't want to go to law school anymore but graduated anyway. My dream job was attend fashion design school or become a clothing buyer. Luckily, I recently became a buyer and can hardly believe it! I'm pretty happy where I am right now :)
I wish I could sing!!!!

Sing little bird, sing!
Hm. An opera singer huh?
That is definitely something you have over most people. Lol
Plus it's a great opening liner to a conversation Lmao.
I haven't studied anything yet but it would be interesting 10 years from now to see if that is where I will still be.

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