Animal Talking..

Ok...fess up all. You can help me win a bet here. I'm a wee bit loony when it comes to animals... I give them all voices and pretend conversations. The DH says not all people do and I think most do with their pets.

Monet...he's French...always has a deep low suave voice with a French accent, of course..

There's Ollie...kind of low with a hyper thrown in...usually sounds like "yep, yep, uh-huh, uh-huh...I'm up for that..."

Sam the cat...real sly and smarmy...can't you tell from the expression?

Hannah the Sheltie...real feminine high pitched voice...

So am I loony? Do you give your pets voices and conversations? I think I'm sane...really I do.


Audrey said…
I agree with you Alicia! I don't have pets, but I could TOTALLY hear the voices of your gorgeous animals! I think your DH just needs to listen more closely!

Great, fun post!
Starlene said…
To an extent. I give words to the reactions I think they'd have if they could speak, but I guess I never really give them specific voices. Maybe I'm just not as imaginative. ??
oh, do i ever! i have a dog and a cat, and not only do my husband and i give them voices (which we do. all the time.), we also change the lyrics to songs as if the animals are singing them. my dog Rudy is quite the troubador. never a dull moment in my house :)
LENORENEVERMORE said… may not be 100% sane but I LOVE you even more dear!!! I do the same things...where do I sign up for the Club??? :)
~Fab week to you, XO!
TheChicGeek said…
Alicia, I definitely do! LOL...I thought everyone did that :D You have some beautiful animals!

I love your new picture! You look GORGEOUS, girl!

Have a Wonderful Day!
Lindsey said…
Of course, everyone does, even if they won't admit it.
briannelee said…
I totally make up conversations with my cat. I imagine him to be a really annoying 5 year old boy that is always asking questions and who is super hyper...
Sarah said…
LMAO - YESSSSSS - I even gave Lucy a twist on her vocabulary. I do this ll the time and nt just with my pets. You crack me up!! I agree with Audrey - he needs to listen closer. Blessings, Sarah
I'm Julia said…
A French horse. How chic!

La maltese has a voice like Bernadette Peters. La yorkie sounds like Whoopie Goldberg with a microphone that's got electrical interference... you know, that intermittent screeching that kills your ear drums.
Alisa said…
LOL... If you're loony, then so am I! (and my hubby too)

Our lab/dalmation mix sounds like Goliath the dog from "Davy and Goliath" that used to show on Sunday mornings. (funny thing is our dog is a girl, but she still sounds like that.)
Our Jack Russell sounds a lot like Howie Mandel doing his "Bobby" voice.
Oh Alicia, perhaps just a little bit loony, but you are not alone and what fun would the world be without us? ;)

I have always wanted a French horse.
Well of course you're sane! Aren't we?
Snap said…
You are sane! We talk to them, they talk to us and all is right in the world! :D
Kathy B! said…
I completely agree! I don't dole out the accents but I make up little stories for them :)

And your horse is GORGEOUS!
We don't have any pets, but if we did, I would do the same.
When playing around with my kids, I speak to them in different accents. They think it's funny. Am I crazy too?
Suecae Sounds said…
I don't think your loony, or else most would be. Thinking of it though, maybe that would explain the state of the world?

I come to think of an episode of The Simpsons, where Homer gets an official certificate that says he is not insane. Maybe that's something one should put up on the wall when it comes to topics such as these. ;)
Barb and Steve said…
Of course! I thought everyone did :-)
Sandra said…
OK, I do a cartoon super hero Japanese voice for my basset Howard "Hi Kapowee!, chop, chop" when he chops me with one of his front feet. My recently deceased yellow lab Bill would insert his nose between a visitors legs and press up. I called it the Bill Handshake. I always said, in my best Brooklyn voice "How YOU doin''.
SoDear2MyHeart said…
LOL! Of course all of my critters have voices...middle names, too. Aziz, the black Arabian Stallion sounds like a cross between Omar Sherif & Antonio Banderas; Sheila the bigfatAussieDog sounds like an out of breath Nicole Kidman & Maggie the Basset/Heeler cross sounds like a craven mutant toddler with ADHD. Oh, then there's Chowder, the beagle, who looks lovingly at me and says, "Who's a pretty moron??? YOU'RE a pretty MORON!!! Yes, you are! YES you are!!!
Ya know, when you're left-handed and blond, it's easy for the animals to get one over on you!
Love the animal pics!

And about my bracelet - I've been working on it three days not three weeks :P But it's making me impatient too!
drollgirl said…
ok, i snorted out loud at this! um, i don't do it EXACTLY, but i do have lots of conversations with the cats. and i am the only one that can CORRECTLY interpret their needs/wants/thoughts/desires. hahaha. i love pets.
Lover of Life said…
Oh yes, we do! Lucy is our baby - black lab - and she has a voice like a young child. Are you ready dad, are we going dad, do I get to go dad, are we going right now, where's mom, mom, are you going with dad and I?
Haha, my dog has a voice in my mind. He sounds like a little boy. Then sometimes he's an old man who curses a lot. Not weird at all :)
Liss said…
I don’t think you’re insane. I do however recommend you stop watching such movies like Babe, Over The Hedge and Madagascar.

Really I think what you do is cute and the funny thing is I can imagine the voices you have described for each of your animals.
Britwife said…
Absolutely, 100% of our animals talk in voices! Mr. Britwife and I both do the voices - and I think the kids actually believe that it's the animals. (We're probably screwing them all up for life....)
Voices, characters, feelings, pet-names, propernames - All the above, Alicia - Your animaux are extra-ordinarily wonderful! x
Relyn said…
Yup. You're sane. Definitely. Tell DH that is requires a sensitive soul to speak to the animals. Ha.
Absolutely! We have 3 dogs (had 4 :( ) and each have their own gifts, personalities etc.

Now, maybe I AM looney. We even name our cars...
I can honestly say I have never heard of that before but that doesn't make you loony!
I have long and meaningful conversations with my dog =]
Well I have long and meaningful conversations with myself(and yes, I do in fact answer my own questions).
Crazy is the new normal :D

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