The Always & Nevers

The ever fabulous Kate from Hello Lindello tagged me to do a post on my "always" and "nevers" when it comes to fashion. it has changed over the years. I've always been a classic...makes me sound ancient like a book...but I still cling to the same style and buy the same things I did when I was in my 20s. Hey...I still wear most of the things I had from back then. Did I mention I was vintage, too? Kind of goes along with being a classic.

The tag says that I should name five fashion things that I like or can't live without and then five of my nevers did nor never least that is my idea of the nevers.


1. A mens v-neck white t-shirt. I love these...roll the sleeves, add a belt and they go with anything from skirts to my favorite jeans
2. My JM Weston strap jodhpur leather boots. I know, they usually only do mens but I just happened upon a pair of womens years ago in Paris. I wear these with everything and believe me...take really good care of them as I doubt I'll ever find them again.
3. My sunnys...I like them vintage and have them in every car, on the table as I go out the door, in my bag.
4. A big over the should bag. I still have the original RL bag I've owned for years...I'm beginning to see a pattern here like I can't throw anything away. Indispensable...I can stuff it with small antique finds at a flea market or better yet...a good loaf of french bread from the market.
5. Big scarf preferably challis that I can use as a shawl. I love these...put them over a blouse, wrap around the neck and look great around the neck of a corduroy jacket..another must have. Oops...that's six, isn't it?


1. Lo-rise, skin tight jeans. This photo would most likely be me and lots of people can carry them off but I have seen way too many that have muffin tops or belong in the crack house.
2. Fake nails. I think the talons belong on a bird and take away from the beauty of the hands...which I always notice on a person.
3. Logo t's. Pay me and I really might..that's a big might.... consider wearing them.
4. Capri pants. I know on this one I am really in the minority from what I see around on the street. Unless you are super thin and look like Audrey Hepburn...forget it. Totally unflattering to me.
5. Blue eyeshadow. I always think of the little old lady with a smear of bright blue across the saggy eyelids and the painted eyebrow on top. Never going to happen here!!

So now I get the total pleasure of passing this wonderful tag on to 3 other lovely someones. LENORENEVERMORE, and drollgirl. Even if they don't decide to play along, you'll love their blogs so check them out!

Thanks a bunch Kate! Off to enjoy a bright sunny Sunday..hope yours is fantastic...any plans?


Missy said…
Love, Love your answers! The mens t-shirt is great! Will have to try it! I also love scarves!
Alicia, and very stylish you are too, you vintage beauty!

Lovely, and the blogs you have chosen are wonders too! xox
Hello Lindello said…
I love your picks! We had a lot in common too :) That picture of that girl is soooo funny and RIGHT on! I hate that too...I'm glad this midrise is back.
littlebyrd said…
All your always's are such great classic things! That is why you don't have to get rid of them :)
Funny picture on the nevers. Yeah, capris do not look great on me either, I am too short and not quite thin enough. Hope you are having a great weekend.
Those cracked me up! Love your picks :)
drollgirl said…
bahahah!!! you are so funny!

and i am STILL thinking about your fab RL bag. do not ever get rid of it unless you are going to give it to ME!

and your nevers are fucking fantastic! how could i ever do better than your answers?!?! the answer is that i couln't! you have done very well on this, my friend. very well. :)

i am still laughing. ahahah!!! LOVE IT!!!

those stupid ass cracks all over town. just shoot me. and LOTS of people wear capris that just shouldn't.

jesus i am babbling on and on and ON!

hope your weekend has been fab!
Loved your answers. Low riders...No Way !
I love your answers! The low rise jeans and the thongs have got to go.
Sarah said…
LOL - love the pic of the coin slot - giggle - yuck!
I am pretty classic too - but I will have to say - I looove my Crocs and tie dye - such a granola. I do own a couple pair of lower ride jeans - but only wear them with long shirts - no coin slots for me - or thong bows - yuckkkkk. Sarah
Kelli said…
No capris? I'm with you on the low rise. Even if I was thin I just couldn't do it...that picture made me laugh.
Fragrant Liar said…
I like all your choices -- except for the capris. I have to have many a pair of these, and they do have to be worn right, but it's not that hard to do, people... Too hot for long pants, too much thigh cellulite for shorts -- at least short ones.
Judy said…
Yes Alicia I would say you are classic...these favorites of yours will never go out of style. Great post!
OMG! Couldn't agree with you more - especially the low-rise jeans thing. Doesn't matter what age one is...they just look horrible! lol!
Liss said…
I never understood the attraction to low rise jeans either.

I like your always answers.

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