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Pierre Deux French Bedroom

"I'd guess I'd be DELIGHTED to have you abuse my daughter under my own roof. Would you like the room where I first violated her mother? Or would you be interested in the master bedroom?" This verbal parry ensued after Dabney Coleman asked Henry Fonda if he could sleep in the same bedroom as his daughter in the age old movie On Golden Pond.

I'm old fashioned to a degree. I was raised in a very moral home where if you slept together, you were married. Not the case in today's changing times. I lived with my significant other for a year in NY before we were married (way easier on the rent situation) so I'm not any different than most with living together before marriage. It's the norm for today's times...even MY time!! My parents weren't crazy about the fact but, geesh, it was my life and I was old enough to "make my own bed" so to speak.

So you ask...where is this going? Here's the deal...our daughter is coming home this weekend with her significant other. They've lived together for over 2 year
s..not as if they haven't slept in the same bed for that amount of time. We have a home that can accommodate quite a few people in separate bedrooms. So the question they sleep in the same room? Has age clouded my vision to thinking like my parents did? I think so. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right? I know there is a wide variety in age that read this blog and am wondering...same rooms or different rooms? What would you do if you had your daughter or son coming home with their significant other?

And last but not least...a pic of me after having over 10" of hair chopped off. I got the photo idea from Julochka over at Moments of Perfect Clarity ( a good read blog guys so take a look!) as far as taking the picture. My days of showing my face in pics is long gone..HA!...but you can get an idea of the hair. Shock, total shock...a fabulous hairdresser even though she swore by "product"...what the heck is product...I had to ask. DUH!?!?

Have a terrific know where I'll be...meeting the significant other!


littlebyrd said…
It looks great! GREAT!!
I can so relate to your sleeping 'dilemma'! It was unheard of in my Strict all Italian Catholic upbringing! ~
I must share, however, that I did NOT live with my ex OR my 'legal' spouse who will 'serve' as my SECOND EX (the sooner the better) ~ SO, I'm thinking there may be something Good about living together first!
AND, it's not as though they haven't already been living together for 2 years- So, with the aforementioned good choices I've made, I personally would be ok with it (just wouldn't want to be in the 'next room' over ~LOL)~
;-) Laura
I think you should provide them with 'Do Not Disturb' sign for the door! Yook great with less 10" hair length! Hope you have a lovely & 'un-disturbing' weekend dear! ~XO*
briannelee said…
Your hair looks so pretty!

My boyfriend and I live together... if we visit my parents we usually sleep in separate rooms. My parents are "old school".
1. You did it! The hair looks great!

2. On Golden Pond is one of my favourite movies of ALL TIME.

3. If your daughter has been living with her partner for two years, it would seem almost silly to separate them now. But I see your dilema. My mom had the perfect solution for this one: she used to put my now husband and I in one room with two beds. we'd push 'em together anyway, but at least it made her feel better :D
Lindsey said…
Background on me: I'm 25 and have 'lived' with my 35 year old boyfriend for about 5 years (we still have separate residences but all his stuff is basically in my house, him included)

I don't see anything wrong with giving them the choice of one room or two. And I also don't think they will need a "Do Not Disturb" sign either, I doubt they would want to get frisky while staying in mom's house! :P
Sarah said…
First off - I looove the hair - darling and cool for summer!!! I would love to see the face - this from the gal who only showed her eye - LOL.
Hmmmm I'm now 48 and I guess I think.. I would handle it this way... they have been together for 2 years, what purpose would it serve to have them sleep apart? I'd let them sleep in the same room. I would also request that they be "quiet" - am am quite open with my older girls - lol. I think you need to do what is ok with you - it is your home and frankly - your rules!!!
Sandra said…
I'm in my late fifties and I agree with letting it be. Two years together all you would be accomplishing is making everyone uncomfortable if you put them in separate rooms.
jarvenpa said…
Hair looks great, Alicia, nice cut.

As to your question about sleeping arrangements...I may not be one to ask, because I am unmarried but living with my partner lo these nearly 30 years (and parented 3 kids with him).
Northern California mores. I respect and love my adult children's partners as I would spouses. Though, interestingly, my eldest son and his partner have separate bedrooms at their home, to afford them each enough space.

In your situation I'd certainly allow my daughter and her love to room together.
SoDear2MyHeart said…
1. Such a dilemma...I'm from a long line of guilt vendors, so this is probably what I'd try...offer one or two bedrooms then get your daughter aside and let her know that sharing one room is "OK" with you, but that it would absolutely "KILL YOUR FATHER" if he thought his baby was doing
Thankfully, mine's only 13, so I don't have to face this YET...however, I can provide you a long list of reputable convents and chastity belt manufacturers...
2. LOVE the talked me thru my last cut and now I'm sorry I didn't go shorter!
3. "Product" is "Salon Speak" for any gunk they put on your hair that they also SELL and derive a profit from...What a hoot!

Jazzy Jemz said…
Good luck meeting your daughters beau! Hair looks fabulous! 10 inches?!? I hope you donated it to locks for love!

When I met my future in laws, we had to sleep in seperate rooms at their house until we were engaged. They were good Christians and wanted to keep that aspect of our love out of their house ;)
Your hair looks fabulous! Every few years I get mine chopped to chin-lenth. For about 3 days after the cut, when I look in the mirror for the first time of the day, I don't recognize myself. Are you going through the same thing?

Good luck with daughter's sleeping arrangement situation. Tough call on that one!
Britwife said…
Ok, I have several things to say today! :)
First - lovin' the haircut! But, I also love the color of your hair - absolutely gorgeous!

Second - I lived with both of my husbands (at separate times, of course) before I married either of them.
And I don't "think" I would have a problem with my kids living with their S.O.
However, I don't want them sleeping in the same room at MY house? Make sense? Call me old fashioned (hardly) - but I would just feel weird about that! :)
Good luck with YOUR decision!
Missy said…
Do you have twin beds?
BTW, the hair photo looks great!
AndreaLeigh said…
my now husband and I lived together before marriage. when we stayed with my parents, we did not sleep together. i would not blame you if it made you uncomfortable.
Jazzy Jemz said…
I passed a blogging award on to you ! Come check it out on my blog and I hope you are having a great weekend.
Judy said…
First...I love the haircut! I bet it feels wonderful!
I know I will be in your situation before long and I wonder what I would do as well. With that being said, since they do live and sleep under the same roof and have been for 2 years, I suppose I would let them share a bedroom.

Good luck with your visit.
BaldyLocks said…
I haven't been in that situation yet but I think if it was a serious relationship, then yes, If it's just a casual one then I would give them separate rooms.
Liss said…
I’m lucky I am not at this stage of parenting yet. It’s easy to give advice when it is not your daughter in question too. I do however agree, if they have been living together for 2 years and you know this then it does seem a little silly to give them separate rooms.
Hiya Alicia (and Followers),
We've probably all been WONDERING ALL WEEKEND about your weekend, LOL~
Amber said…
Oooooh, I LOVE your hair!! Love that bed too
Relyn said…
I'm loving that short do. Of course, I always love short dos. They're so sassy and fun. So? Are you feeling sassier and more full of fun?

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