Affair of a Kiss

"Keely & Alicia" photo by Jeff Boyle

A Mother's Kiss
by Frances E. W. Harper

My mother's kiss, my mother's kiss,
I feel its impress now;
As in the bright and happy days
She pressed it on my brow.

You say it is a fancied thing
Within my memory fraught;
To me it has a sacred place--
The treasure house of thought.

A happy Mother's Day to all!!


Sarah said…
Happy Mother's Day to you also hon!! Lovely poem!
LOL yup Anne is my older sis - I'm the baby! I'm working hard to get my other sister Barb to start blogging. We all live far apart and I have found a new side of Anne in the blogs - really wonderful actually!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend hon, Sarah
so lovely...
My 'sacred place' was sitting on a floor with my mom peeling & eating peanuts on the floor...yes!-floor & not sofa/chair...I miss those days!
Wishing everyone a Happy Mom's day!! ~XO*
Jazzy Jemz said…
Happy Mothers Day! Wonderful poem! I hope your kiddos do something magical to celebrate their momma!
Snap said…

Happy Mother's Day!
briannelee said…
I hope you have a wonderful mother's day! Happy weekend!
Suecae Sounds said…
Absolutely adorable poem.
Happy Mothers day to you too. Thanks for sharing the poem..loved It..Kathi
SoDear2MyHeart said…
Such a powerful, peaceful picture. The poem evokes soft, hazy memories of snippets of time spent with mom...Sunday nights, our jammies still damp from our bath, curled up on the sofa to watch Disney...a kissed knee when our skates had treated us poorly...comforting arms and a kiss on the forehead when boys were thoughtless...
You are so blessed to have a photographer husband. All of the "Awwww!" pictures in our house are of Amy and her Dad, since I held the camera. I LOVE Jeff's stuff...would love to see more! Now that didn't sound quite right! LOL! Happy Mother's Day, my dear friend...
THAT was quite possibly my favorite Mother's day sentiment EVER!

Loved it.
Thank you from a mother.
Alicia said…
Happy Mother's Day! What a precious picture and beautiful poem!
Judy said…
What a beautiful poem, I can still feel my mother's kiss. Thanks for sharing.
drollgirl said…
i hope you have a fantastic mother's day! may you be treated like a QUEEN! sadly i think the cats will be doing nothing for me. :[
littlebyrd said…
I love the picture!! Any mommy/child kissing photos just melt me ~ Happy Mothers Day to you!!
such a lovely poem, Alicia! Happy Mother's day to you too! thanks for your lovely comments!
I LOVE Poems and this one is Wonderful~
Happy Mothers Day to ALL!
Such a lovely poem and photograph! Happy Mother's Day Alicia, have a wonderful weekend!
Xazmin said…
Happy Mother's Day!

I love it...thanks for sharing it with us!
Pelly said…
Love the photo & poem!! Very artistic.
Lover of Life said…
Thank you! Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

Loved the poem.
Gorgeous words! Happy Mother's Day to you, Alicia! x
Liss said…
Happy mothers day in return
Hit 40 said…
Beautiful poem! Happy mothers day right back!
Happy Mothers Day!!
I left you something special on my blog :D
Rue said…
Happy Mother's Day to you too Alicia!! Beautiful poem and photograph :)

Britwife said…
That's just beautiful! Hope you had a great day!
Fragrant Liar said…
What a gorgeous picture. I love the black and whites.

Happy Mother's Day!

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