Twitter Dee, Twitter Dum

Cardinal Photography Print from ara133 Photography

I just don't get it. Twitter. There's a huge cacophony on just about every site from the news programs right on down to the investment sites not to mention Etsy and for that matter...right here in blogland. So one asks "well you read blogs, don't you?" Blogs replaced my morning coffee and newspaper with news, information and insight without trying to stuff some political agenda down my throat. I just don't get a 140 character message from someone as being news worthy.

Help me out here...what's the big deal? Call me Twitter dumb.


That is the most gorgeous cardinal I have ever seen! You're not alone Alicia, I don't Twitter either. It's one more thing to keep up with, and I can barely handle the blog, the Etsy shop, the day job, and still manage to have any sort of a life outside of those.
Dottie said…
I love that cardinal picture!

I don't get Twitter either, but I am on there none the less. I have found some useful information on there, so maybe it does have it's place. When I was first told to join to help promote my Etsy store, blog and website, I felt so OLD because I just didn't get it...LOL.
Love the cardinal!

Yes, ditto! I don't twitter either, but am considering it. Not that I want to, but because it's supposed to be so helpful to the shop. And when you don't sell, you have to explore all kinds of avenues, I suppose.
Sarah said…
Honestly it seems like there is a new place to be every week. I had to limit myself to the ones I love, the blog and my groups on ebay for chat!! I do Etsy, Bonanzle and - that's about all I can manage. No twittering for me anytime soon.
I don't Twitter either. I communicate just fine through my blog, e-mails and Facebook... no need to clutter up my life any further. And... I don't feel old just because I don't need any further means of communication in my life.

The cardinal is gorgeous! Nice shot.

The Blue Ridge Gal
Hit 40 said…
I also do not get twitter. And, I also have to join the crowd - beautiful cardinal! But, I never got blogging until this week. So, maybe we should try it. But, the time? Blogging a complete thought seems more fun. Check out my post today for the potty training mommys. I have been CRACKING MYSELF UP all day with it.
Uhhh, yeah I am right there with you. I spend/waste waaaaay too much of my time on Blogger as it is.

If someone is interested in my every move then God bless them...I'm not even that interested in myself.
I am on twitter and I still don't get it! I did it just to promote my etsy store because I heard people have had success with it...who knows!

Love the cardinal as well...they are so beautiful:)
NODtoMOD said…
i HATE and will never twitter! i dont get anything about it! people dont need to know what i do every second of the day nor do i give a 'you know what' about what they do. pretty cardinal!;)
Thank you so much for featuring my cardinal!! :) She's a sweetheart, she stops by almost every day!

I find I mostly chat with people on twitter when I use it at all. I don't really get the one-liners!
I used to think twitter was for the birds...then I thought the implications for business were really good( realotors sending leads, sale announcements)....or if some of my really fun zinger spouting friends were feeding me one liners it would be fun...but all of this is in fantasy land because I don't even text!
Elizabeth said…
I'm on it but can never think of anything witty to say!
drollgirl said…
i don't twitter. i don't get it. maybe i am just old? i don't even want to look in to it -- it just seems DUMB!
Hey, how come you didn't tell me that I wasn't following you. I thought you were just not a poster. So I click on your avatar and bingo, here's your blog and I am not following. Duh. Anyway, I commented on your comment on my A-Z and didn't know if you stop back to see so here you go:

You are good, boylerpf! I wondered who would see that first. I do this to my students all the time to see if they are paying attention. :) I also like to chuckle to myself wondering how many people actually think I am being serious. My students accuse me all the time of 'just entertaining myself.' Today I told them I was thinking about doing stand-up comedy when I grew up. They told me to go ahead, but I would be the only one laughing at my jokes! Stinkers!

Rue said…
Hi Alicia :)

I seriously do not get it at all. I'm on it, but hardly ever go there. I guess it's supposed to keep your friend up to date as to what you're doing???.. I really have no idea.

Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

Country Girl said…
This photo is awesome!
And I'm with you on the Twitter. I am so not into it.
TheChicGeek said…
Hi Alicia :) I agree with you. I don't get it either...LOL
Hello Lindello said…
I don't twitter either. I've thought about it because it is a good way to get the word out about your etsy shop (I think anyway...), but I'm already glued too much to the computer. No thanks for now.
Shadow said…
ha! twitter, etsy, facebook, i just don't get it.... i'll just stick to good ole blogging...
Sandra said…
Nope, I don't tweet. I'm on FB, but I don't get that either. Anyone who cares that I'm drinking a cup of coffee needs a life more than i do!
Frippery said…
I agree about twitter. I joined but have never really used it because I don't get it either. I enjoy reading blogs, most posts are thoughtful, inspiring or teach something I didn't know. I love all the fabulous photography as well. I think the obsession with texting instead of talking is part of it. Everyone wants info short and quick. Not me. I am afraid eventually the art of writing a paragraph or two on a subject will be considered a waste of time and too long to read. I felt out of the loop, glad to hear it's not just me!
Frippery said…
Oops, I almost forgot. I was going to tell you thanks for making me feel good about doing butcherblock counters. I was really back and forth on this because I have read good and bad about them. It is nice to hear from some one who actually has them and loves them. I just can't justify destroying entire mountains to feed the lust for granite.
I am TwitterDum twin sister then...
guess we both will never know??? But again never say NEVERrrr... ;)
Lorelei said…
I hear ya sister!
Don't know. But all of my buds use it. A lot. I think I'm ok being out of the loop on this one. For a while.
I'm with you. Although I joined twitter, I'm not sure why! Is is supposed to be good for you?

I guess I just didn't want to feel left out :-(!
I'm a totally twitter addict! It's really good for passing time when I'm supposed to be working! It's also really good to meet and talk to other vintage lovers x
Britwife said…
I don't twitter or etsy. I joined facebook at the urging of an old college roommate - and I have regretted it ever since. It just seems so...I don't know. Nosy? Boring? I just don't get it either.
Patty said…
Twitter? The only reason I use it is to post a quick message on my blog that everyone can see. Like when I am not going to be around for a day or two; at least regulars and newbies to my site can get a quick update without have to wander through a lot of words to find out what I am doing.

Sometimes I do a silly post for the fun of it.

I also use it to post quick info about our Friday shoot outs.

I saw that you were thinking about joining out town shoot outs. You mentioned it could be hard because you lived in a small town. There are only 3,000 people in our town.

You should try it. Next week's assignment is local foods, restaurants, bars. Now we are a seasonal town, so we only have a few restaurants, but when we have a tough assignment, everyone improvises.

We would love to have you join us.

Tweet, tweet!

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