Tis the Season...

The colors of nature always amaze me...they just can't be duplicated.

The sun finally decided to show today and the temps are reaching 40s. As this is the season for rebirth, I couldn't help but take a walk to the local nursery, Harvest Gardens. A family owned business that gives each and every plant personal attention. People come from many states around just to purchase their plants. They aren't open for business yet as spring has just arrived...it is ND after all.

I snapped a few photos of my favorite flowers. Purple, pink and white happen to be the colors of the Suffrage Movement throughout Europe and the US. How appropriate for the Easter!

The head planter, one of my P.E.O. sisters, and me (scrambled egg glasses!).

My hat's off to the beauty of nature!


Linda Sue said…
Those glasses ROCK! Love them!
Hit 40 said…
Great photos!! I can not wait to buy a few flats!!! Beautiful! Thank you for the spring thoughts.
Here here! I can hardly wait until the flowers start blooming in my neck of the woods. We had a few timid blooms last week, but then it snowed :(
I think i'll head to the greenhouses at the botanical gardens this weekend! Thanks for the idea!
drollgirl said…
these flowers are GORGEOUS!!! it is in the 70's here and just super.

and i love the glasses, too! :)
Thanks for the beauties! I love the nursery in spring.
Great pictures! And thanks for the encouragement - I hope you have a great 2nd quarter as well!
Sandra said…
Thank you for the beautiful flowers. I'm in MN, so I needed that! Love the glasses. I also want to thank you for the help with my horse, Bounce.
Anita, your photos are just stunning! Spring has sprung in the south, and it is beautiful!
Hello Lindello said…
Still waiting for spring in MN too! Your so cute in those glasses!
Jazzy Jemz said…
Cute glasses!!! I can't wait til the harvest comes in. I want some yummy organic homegrown veggies!
Gorgeous, both you and the flowers. I love to go to the nursery. I always feel guilty bringing the little lovelies home though, as I always manage to kill them! Maybe this year my green thumb will come in.

Judy said…
Just beautiful colors!! I love the colors of new beginnings.
Sarah said…
Oh what a wonderful picture of you - you are as beautiful as the flowers!!!!
When I paint flowers, the real think is so vibrant - sometimes it's hard to use those amazing bright colors - they seem unreal!! I do love the pansies - amazing colors!!! I so enjoy the nursery, could spend hours just looking and smelling!!!
Beautiful flowers; great pictures.
Such beautiful pictures! x
britwife said…
I'm lovin' the glasses! I may have to take a trip to the nursery today, just to get a spring "fix" of flowers!
Lovely photos...I just love spring flowers! I am off to buy some pansies soon for some color! Love the glasses also!
ga.farmwoman said…
Beautiful photos!
I agree, nature just can't be duplicated.

Have a great Easter weekend.

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