RPF...Out of the closet!

View of the round pond & pastures

My last name is Boyle...just plain Boyle. Many people have asked "What's with the rpf if your name is Boyle?" So dear readers, I've decided to lift the veil, come out of the closet so to speak. No, not that closet!

I've always had a love for horses but career choices made that difficult to come to fruition. After living in NY and Miami, my husband and I decided to retire (misnomer for sure as it only meant a change in career) to the gorgeous mountains of NC. AHA...now I could have that farm I had always wanted...you know...retired and all meant lots of time. So we purchased a run down farm in the mountains, renovated it and put the finishing touches complete with barn and fencing. One needs a name, don't you?
Round Pond Farm

Round Pond Farm barn & riding ring

Oh, the horses came followed by showing, driving (Meadowbrook cart and Haflinger), vaulting...my daughter actually would do back flips off those huge rumps..talk about a nightmare for a mother to watch! I'll have to do a later post on the characters that lived with us. Anyone who knows horses or farms knows they aren't cheap to maintain. Hay, feed, and the biggest chunk..vet bills. So to fuel my passion, I started to sell antiques online. I thought I would just use a name that was easy to remember for me..the gray cells were down at the barn! boylerpf became the name. Never in a million years did I dream that this innocent venture would become my second obsession!
Early morning Blue Ridge Mountain Mist

Fast forward many years and many buyers later...I can't get rid of the moniker!!! You know...product identity and all. I'm thinking I should have a blog giveaway for an item in the shop as I am coming up on my 100th post. A little something from a horse lovin', antique jewelry totin', blog musin' lady. What do you think? You in?


NODtoMOD said…
i loved this house! the pond was actually round...so rpf makes sense! gorgeous and has tons of memories!:)
Rue said…
Good morning Alicia :)

Oh yeah! I'm in for sure ;)

I had that same dream, but by the time I was finished renovating the farm we couldn't afford the horses :(

I used to ride my horses as a teen in hunter jumper shows and scare my mom to death too LOL

Britwife said…
Now I get it! Do you still live at RPF? It's absolutely gorgeous, I might add. How did you end up in ND - because isn't that a whole world away from NC? (And do you like it better in ND? Just curious.)
Lindsey said…
I assumed that was your last name, since it is in your banner. But I still read your shop name as "Boyler P F" even though I know it's "Boyle R P F". I guess that's just the way my eyes want to read it :)
Hi Britwife...several farms later...we love to renovate old homesteads...Round Pond Farm was sold but the name just couldn't be changed! As a Midwesterner would say "You betcha...ND is a whole world away from NC. I was raised here and couldn't wait to fly the coop at 18. We decided to move back here to be closer to family. It's quite different here and people think I'm a bit weird putting a blanket on a horse just for starters!!
Sarah said…
Ohhhh these are beautiful pictures!!! I love that area - we used to timeshare in Boone and my hubby attended Appal. State. How did I not know you lived in tht area? I used to live in Cary (near Raleigh).
I am a horse person from way back. Competed over fences for years - loooove it. I never drove through - thought that would be fun!! So happy for you that you have your farm - it is lovely - k want horsey pitures now!!!!
I would also read it as Boyler PF. Now it makes sense. What a beautiful farm!
Jazzy Jemz said…
That is so beautiful!

My hubby and I have a dream to do a huge renovation of a farm as well. Well, maybe not the hubby and more my dream.
Hello Lindello said…
Good to know! Wow, those pictures are beautiful. I would have loved to grow up in a place like that!
Elizabeth said…
What lovely horses.
You should be proud of the name Boyle
now we have the singing sensation Susan Boyle too!
Sandra said…
How beautiful is that! We don't get around to renovation, only repair. We fix, they break, we fix, they break..... : )

So you still have horses?
Scrappy Jessi said…
hey sweets,

gorgoeus pond. so peacful.
have a great weekend.
steviewren said…
I had wondered about your name myself. Beautiful story of following your dreams. Renovations and antiques and NC mountains all go hand in hand. Congratulations on your 100 entry. Isn't blogging fun?
Hit 40 said…
Beautiful pictures! Very peaceful. You never know where life will take you. I am happy that your path has been successful!
Judy said…
Great story and pictures. Thanks for sharing. It only takes one heart to open up for another to do the same.
drollgirl said…
boy, it is GORGEOUS where you live!!! absolutely beautiful! but i know it must be a lot of work. my grandpa used to have cows and chickens and such, and you can't slack with the animals. nope -- they keep you busy!

hope you have a great weekend!

p.s. i am sure you are PLENTY sexy. i am no raquel welch! we all just do what we can. :)
Kasey said…
It is gorgeous! and I checked out your jewelry and it too is gorgeous! I love it!!!

and your advice from Friend Makin' Monday is great!!! Too often we get carried away worrying about other stuff when we should just be happy in that moment!
SoDear2MyHeart said…
Oh, you bet I'm all over it...IF...if you don't bust out a yenta on me and "lose" the goodies!

...I'm so proud you've finally laid to rest all of the conjecture about those three little letters... It also helps me to remember not to refer to you as Boyler-Poof. These old gray cells appreciate one less thing to remember...8)

Hugs, Darlin!
That early morning mist is so dreamy! I adore horses!! ~Lovely weekend dear*
Chrisy said…
oooh it's just beautiful...so pleased you came out of the closet!
Ahhhhh now it all makes sense! How beautiful.

Oh, and I'm definitely in!

Alisa said…
I wondered about it too.
What a fabulous dream come true and beautiful pictures!
dancing doc said…
what a fabulous dream come true and I am happy to know the RPF issue -cause it was tricky to remember- and I can not imagine how you survived the stunts done by your daughter- eeek!have a great weekend!
Hi sweetie!

What a beautiful home & farm! Love the pics....very peaceful! Have a beautiful weekend...xo...deb
jarvenpa said…
Oh, I did wonder. What beautiful photos. I've just been discussing horses with a friend elsewhere. They are her life; I'm one of those poor souls that even gentle little circus ponies decided to buck off their backs when I was a tiny thing. Didn't make me eager to join the horsey set at all, though my partner's sister had quite the fourlegged crew. Now, after her death, the homestead is down to geriatic donkeys and aging chickens. Not nearly as photogenic as yours either.
I love the story behind your name! I hear you on the procrastination (from your blog comment) I tend to procrastinate too!
Paint Girl said…
Beautiful place! I would love to have the barn and arena! I have an arena but not that big!
littlebyrd said…
I love hearing the story behind the name!!!! I am liking the idea of your giveaway :)
Mrs. D Lightful said…
It's nice to learn something about your user name! Your jewelry is BEAUTIFUL by the way!
I'm in! Thanks for letting us into your world!! The farm is so lovely!
julochka said…
i'm a little behind, but love the idea...love horses (grew up with them) and love antiques (tho' all i have is rhinestones) and i love your pictures. :-)
Alicia, your farm story makes me feel all warm an sunny this morning. Although I'm sure it was such hard work, a farm in the NC mountains sounds just dreamy.
My god that's absolutely amazing!!
That is like a dream come true :D
Now I'm jealous. Lol

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