Hard Math...

The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.

Eric Hoffer

Stained Glass Calvary Cross from RDJ Glass 4 U

Have a blessed Easter!


Sarah said…
Oh this was wonderful hon - am in tears though - hubbby may be up for deployment soon. Counting our blessings is huge hon!!! Great post hon. Hope your Easter is wonderful!!! Sarah
NODtoMOD said…
the mother and child photo totally touches my heart! i dont have children....except my black lab puppy and i feel that way when i see him after a long day!;( happy easter! xo
the 1st & last pictures are such tear-jerkers...sob-sob...both are amazing grace ~Joyful Easter to you & family!
Beautiful. Blurry vision beautiful.

Blessings to you,
Hit 40 said…
The first photo really got me for the mother and child. Nice! Beautiful quote.
beautiful post and photos, hope you have a great Easter!
Country Girl said…
Beautiful post. I was sent an e-mail with some of these photos in it. They're incredible. The one with the mother and child is very moving. And the horses are always a favorite.
Thanks for your kind comment on my blog this day.
drollgirl said…
oh, the top three make me feel so warm and fuzzy. :)

hope you have a great easter!!!
Hello Lindello said…
I don't even really like horses, but that picture is darling! And the mother pic....wow. Touching!
Shadow said…
wow, what a post. have a happy easter too!
I got the same email from my daughter and just couldn't quit staring at the photo of the mother & child. The sacrifice our servicemen & women do for us is a blessing I will always be grateful for.
The photos are beautiful...the one with mom and child gave me goosebumps. Happy Easter!
Liss said…
Hi, just wanted to stop by as I noticed you following my blog. Thank you.

The mother and child photo is very powerful. I love it too.

You have a blog filled with wonderful content. I will defiantly be back.
These are so beautiful! The first pic makes me think of my friend who is about to be deployed again. His wife, a dear friend of mine has just moved to a new town (ahead of the rest of the squadron), and she is so lonely by herself there with no friends, and worrying about her hubby so far away. I'm visiting her in a week, and we're both so excited about it.

Have a happy Easter Alicia! XOXO
steviewren said…
That first picture...wow. The raw emotion captured there is overwhelming to look at.

Love the Easter picture too. He is Risen!
Happy, happy Easter. The first one gave me the chills.

Jazzy Jemz said…
Tears in my eyes out at that first photo. Hubby is deployed for the first time. I hope you have a great Easter weekend my dear!
Rue said…
Beautiful pictures Alicia!

Have a wonderful Easter :)
Judy said…
Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. You know I just love the horses! Have a Blessed Easter.
Xazmin said…
Those ore some beautiful pictures. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.
Lani Robertson said…
what sTuNnInG photos...i love them! :)

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