Get Busy Livin'

One of my favorite movies was the Stephen King movie "The Shawshank Redemption".

Get busy living or get busy dying

No gray area here...just two simple choices. Here's to a livin' Thursday!

We're in the studio shooting today for NodtoMod Vintage so will be back tomorrow with a post on RPF. Got your curiosity up?


NODtoMOD said…
love that movie! yes my curiousity is up!:)
me too, love that movie. i'm curious
Shawshank is one of my faves too!

Can't wait to see what's in store!
Dottie said…
I love that movie also!
jenjen said…
Good motto to live by! Have a wonderful day!

drollgirl said…
great shot and good advice! best of luck on the shoot!
good advice indeed! i'm inspired! and also curious :)
Sarah said…
Whoo hoo I'm with you!!! Here's to living!!! Hugs, Sarah
Good advice...looking fwd to seeing what you come up with!
What a great motto to live by! So true!

My curiosity is up also!
Missy said…
Curiousity is UP!
Hit 40 said…
Great movie. Love your beach photo. Very peaceful. I laughed so much at work today that I gave myself a headache! Need to just relax!!!
Judy said…
Love the picture! Shawshank is my very favorite movie too!!!
Xazmin said…
Got my curiosity up!

Great quote.
Alisa said…
Nice and simple, isn't it?!
Trying to get caught up with my blog reading.

Love this shot. Funny....I was just thinking about this film last week.
I don't think I have seen that Stephen King one! *shocked gasp*
Now I'm going to have to put that on my must see list O.o
Good words to live by!

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