Friend Makin' Monday..Handsome Guys!!

Friend Makin' Monday is a totally fun post after a great weekend. Head on over to Andrea's blog My Chihuahua Bites to link up and find out the hype on FMM! Who deosn't like to make new friends and find out a little...well quite a lot actually..about some hidden secrets!

Who are your top five celebrity crushes? What celebrities make you drool?

Ahhh...Johnny Depp holds all the cards. Piercing eyes, strong jaw, delicate lips. Sigh...I need to stop thinking right now. A man with his own style. The Ninth Gate and Chocolat...delicious in both. I couldn't stand his stupidity in The Pirates of the Carribean but he was still great to look at.'s the others.

Sean blues all the way! I was not a fan of his 007 Bond movies but the older he got, the sexier. His accent is over the top and a gentleman? Hey...he even has a SIR in front of his name. For an older guy, I think he has awesome sex appeal.

Hugh Jackman. Oh yeah...great face...really love that smile and strong appeal. It was painful to see him hosting the Oscars as he has so much other talent. He's a tall drink of water and a bod to die for!

Colin Firth...such a gentleman. His English accent has total appeal along with that brooding look. He was fabulous in A Girl With the Pearl Earring and the mini series Pride and Prejudice. Ok...I'm a Jane Austen Fan, too. What a scrumptious Mr Darcy!

Carey who could resist that cleft chin and those come hither eyes? Loved so many of the old black and whites he was in. To Catch a Thief was one of my favorite movies but it didn't hurt that he was starring opposite the ethereal beauty Grace Kelly!

After looking at my lusty hotties, without realizing, all these guys have several points in common. I like a guy with a strong jaw, dark hair...narry a blonde in the group save for Connery who is gray...some kind of facial hair, accent, great eyes and nice lips. I wonder if these are on eHarmony? Now should I post a picture of my husband?

Ok ladies, who rocks your boat?


Sarah said…
Hmmmm Mel Gibson despite his foolish behaviour of late, Gerard Butler- SEXY, Tom Selleck loves me a good cowboy , your gonna laugh Oliver Platt - I think he's darling & Ray Stevenson - just adore him. Yup!
SoDear2MyHeart said…
Love this post!!! Amazed at our similar tastes... Although I love Johnny Depp (a KY Boy!) in anything or NOTHING! Sean Connery leads my all time list of lusts...from Bond to current, a strong male with a Scottish accent drives me insane... Patrick Stewart is another - strong patrician features and an accent that sounds like melted butter on velvet... Even Late Night's Craig Ferguson...animated features, wonderful accent and the funniest sense of humor - how sexy is that??? Have a great Monday!!!
So Dear 2 My Heart
Alicia said…
Good List! Johnny Depp... he's getting even better with age!
Tanielle said…
Love your list!!!! Great picks and I too love Colin Firth!!! Let me know if you find them on eHarmony!!!

Have a great Monday!

I am a huge Johnny Depp fan. Otherwise, I have a thing for Michael Jordan. Crazy combo, huh?

How fun! I love Johnny Depp, he's yummy! Matthew Fox is hot, Mel Gibson when he was young in his Mad Max days and Anthony Bourdain in bad boy way!
But my biggest crush is Paul Banks, singer from the band Interpol, he's gorgeous! I have pictures of him and the band on my blog, just scroll down for a look. And their music is on too!
Leah said…
Great list! love Johnny Depp! :)
Xazmin said…
Love, Love, Love your list! Esp. Johhny Depp and Sean Connery!
Stephanie said…
I want to watch Pirates of the Caribbean now!
jennykate77 said…
Colin Firth did make a fine Mr. Darcy. I LOVE Jane Austen books and movies. British guys have great appeal. Sean Connery's voice is like butter. I wish I could just sit around all day and listen to him talk.

Great list!

Hope you have a wonderful week!
Jen said…
Great list! I love Johnny Depp (couldn't get throught 9th gate though!) and Sean Connery is definitely top 10. Only saw Colin Firth in Brigette Jones' Diary, but liked him! Too fun.
Judy said…
Wow, who can work after all that! Here are some of my favorites, Matt McConaughey (love the drawl) Patrick Dempsey and David Beckman...just to name a few.
Have a great Monday!!
Just Jules said…
Wow it has been too long since I have been over to your place! I am so sorry. Spring is a crazy crazy time for us! I have to whole heatedly agree with the #1 choice Johnny Depp- yum!

finally accepting that great award on my post today - sorry for the delay!
Amber said…
The more I keep seeing Johnny Depp on these lists, the more I'm drooling. He IS so hott.
drollgirl said…
GULP!!! good morning, FELLAS!!! you have some good ones here. jesus. i can hardly think now.
I think you have a type for sure...tall dark and handsome.
Aiden Quinn...ahhhhh
Amy said…
What a nice list. I like your first one. Have a great day.
casey. said…
cary grant!

i was too afraid to put him!

good pick!

Jazzy Jemz said…
Yum! Can I have a bite of that Hugh Jackman?
Sheri said…
I have Colin Firth on my list, too! I have seen his name a couple of times today - and here I thought he might be exclusive to my list!

Thanks for sharing! Sheri
jenjen said…
Hi Alicia!

Great list! I love Colin Firth too! And Hugh Jackman - hot! Have a super FMM!

Oh my! This is my kind of post!

My top 5 at the moment is:

1. Simon Pegg
2. John Simm
3. Christian Bale
4. Seth Rogen
5. Neil Patrick Harris

I have unconventional taste...

Hello Lindello said…
Fun post! Mine are:

1.)Adrien Brody
2.)Edward Norton
3.)clive owen
4.)Andrew Bird (musician)
5.)Hugh Jackman
AntiqueAttic said…
Owen Wilson
Patrick Dempsey
Matthew McConaughey
Ummm can't think of anymore but these three are pretty hot
Shawn said…
I love your mix of old and new! I was so thinking I would fine Paul Walker here, go ahead add #6!
Hit 40 said…
Hot photo of Depp!!!
Love that Cary Grant is on your list! Some things never go out of style!
TheChicGeek said…
Alicia, I LOVE this post. So funny I was just telling someone that I think Johnny Depp is Hot!
Now that I've seen your other choices I have to agree and expand my Hot list...LOL
That was fun :)
Thanks for the great view!
AndreaLeigh said…
funny! your list is almost identical to someone else's - can't remember who off the top of my head. great choices. loved johhny depp in black eyeliner!
vicki archer said…
Love all these guys - what a great way to start the week. (I bags Johnny Depp though) Thank you and thank you for visiting French Essence - I am happy to have found you, xv.
Jenn said…
Hey thanks for stopping over to Green Leaf Reviewer! Your blog is awesome, happy to have found you -- I giggled all the way through this post & yup, they're all quite fine choices indeed :)

Ok my faves are kind of odd when looked at all together: Jason Mraz (Musician, adorable but its more for his words & attitude -- though his eyes are sweet with a little mischief thrown in), Sean Astin (most will know him from LOTR as Sam but I've been following him for about 25 years now), Ed Norton (he will be the Sean Connery of my generation, completely underrated actor IMHO), Brett Favre, and Ben Affleck.

I've been looking for a good personal blog post for a while now to lighten the mood over there maybe I'll borrow this :-D Have a great week!
sarah said…
ah, what a great list! love them all!
littlebyrd said…
All I can think of is Johnny Depp and Bruce Springsteen. Oh yeah, and Liam Neeson. Love them all!!! Fun topic :)
Fragrant Liar said…
OMFG. I love Deppy. I don't care what he's in. He's the man. I do love all those other leads you showed (especially the foreigners), but Deppy is King.
I am with you on four out of that five, sweetie - I can take or leave Mr Connery, although I did see his almost identical brother on an escalator in a shopping mall in Edinburgh some years ago - He was definitely turning heads... I don't think it was Mr Connery, at least...

My Bond is Tim Dalton - Shaken and Stirred! Love your list!
Oooh Johnny Depp is definitely in my top too :D
But I have to say my crush is the ever so amazingly sexy Gerard Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Every time I see them, my heart melts a little ^.^

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