Friend Makin' Monday...get "Sense"ible!

So today is Friend Makin' Monday but before I start and while you're here...don't forget to enter my giveaway. Oh,'s free just for being here!

What is FMM? Head on over to Kasey at All That is Good and sing up to join in on the fun. Kelli at Outside My Window posed the question to name four thing you like and one that you dislike with the five senses. Get it...four and one makes five....a lot of math for me in the morning!


  • Birds singing in the morning
  • Nicker of a horse when he sees you walk into a barn
  • My kids or my husband saying "I love you"
  • Waves crashing on a shore
  • Dislike: Whiney girls in Reality shows

  • Any kind of hug
  • Dogs fur
  • A babies soft cheek
  • My husband was very adamant that I enter his choice...boobs...(typical male)
  • Dislike: Picking up warm squishy...eewww!

  • Total awe in a child's expression
  • The ocean
  • My husband walking onto a room...I still love him even if he is all male!
  • Mountains in the morning
  • Dislike: Any person mistreating an animal or another person be it verbal or physical

  • Clean laundry...the BEST!
  • Good food cooking in the kitchen
  • Coffee
  • Puppy breath
  • Dislike: A dirty cat litter box...makes me gag!

  • Coffee in the morning...I'm hooked...just can't function without it
  • Coffee with a touch of cream
  • Coffee with a little sugar
  • Seriously....COFFEE...get the picture?
  • Dislike: A morning without coffee
I hope you enjoyed the five senses and do head on over to Kasey's and sign up. You just never know who you will meet!


Sarah said…
LOL Alicia.... me toooo coffeeeeee.
Love this - what a wonderful list!! Are we sisters? Love the swallow picture - I have a thing for swallows - loove them! Love the smell of just off the line laundry - hmmmmmmmm. Hugs, Sarah
briannelee said…
My favorite smells are the ocean and laundry that has been dried outside on the line.
AntiqueAttic said…
Very funny! Love the pictures and speaking of cat litter not sure if you have one..I am training mine to go on the Toilet! check it out at
NODtoMOD said…
hmm...we have almost all the same likes and dislikes! im hooked to reality shows...rock of love bus...yes i have taste!! so the whiney girls just make it all better!!:)
Julia said…
What a great post :) I love, love the smell of clean laundry as well :)
Sandra said…
I love the smell of sheets hung on the line. A horses nicker is a lovely sound and the smell of horses....well, I think you have to love horses to appreciate that one! And I do. Coffee, the smell and taste of good coffee.
Hello Lindello said…
I pretty much agree with you 100% on your list. time to go check out the giveaway again...
This post is fantastic -- I love all of the pictures that you chose to go with your answers too!

And I'm totally with you on the whole coffee thing!
Judy said…
Alicia, love this makes you think of all the things we appreciate (and some we don't).
I love the sound of an old screen door slamming...smell of clothes that hung out to dry...Lilacs and lily of the sounds..the muzzle of a horse and the smell of horses.
SoDear2MyHeart said…
We share so many of the same favorites! Of course clean laundry...(as opposed to dirty laundry???) Although I admit to loving the smell of one of my husband's shirts, when he's away from smells, puppy smells, horsey smells & the smell of Claire Burke's Applejack & Peel at Christmas...Taste??? We both know that I HAVE NO TASTE! LOL! The only thing worse than picking up warm kitty urp, is finding it with your bare toes before you see it to pick it up!... Here's to your "Sensible" Monday!
Jazzy Jemz said…
We share a lot of the same favorites. I love the smell of laundry. I also love the smell of fresh cut grass. Love the mountains- living in Alaska you have too. Hate the cruelty of animals. I still love seeing my hubby and all his goregousness too.
drollgirl said…
i LOVE YOUR ANSWERS!!! ahahahah. this is so great. well done. :)
Mrs. J L said…
you crack me up with the whole coffee thing. :)

By the way-taste the chocolate molten cake at Chilis. Yum yum!
littlebyrd said…
Excellent post! I am a clean laundry sniffer as well :)
Alisa said…
LOL... those are great, Alicia!
I hear you on the coffee. I could actually drink it all day long.
Alicia, I love this post so much. And your answers all made me smile (our "likes" are so similar). Dog fur is definitely one of the best things to touch. The tiny boy hugging the dog pulled at my heartstrings. And now it's time for me to get another cup of coffee...
Clean laundry drying under the summer to Lavender field!
Some people claim to have 6th sense?!
Britwife said…
I love the sight, smell, taste, touch and sound of coffee. The end.
Suecae Sounds said…
I wonder if there is a contraption out there that makes coffe available to appear out of thin air every time you really really need that dire cup!
AndreaLeigh said…
love your list! i can't deal wiht a morning without coffee.

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