Extreme Earrings & Age

I posted a while back about my niece going to the prom at the tender age of 15 and what the girls were going to wear. The dress was bought and while showing it to me, the question came up, "What kind of jewelry do I wear?" She wanted a pair of long, slightly extreme earrings with class. Perfect question for an aunt that sells vintage jewelry. We grabbed these vintage Deco earrings which were perfect...screw backs for those non pierced ears. I may have been prejudiced, but she was gorgeous and did them proud!

Extreme earrings were the rage of the runway season...aren't they always? So in honor of my very special niece and for anyone out there looking for a piece of history, for today only, take 25% off the price of these beauties. Who says that kids can't appreciate vintage?


She's such a pretty one! The earrings are awesome too! Don't we feel proud?!!
Aicia, those earrings are stunning! Your niece looks so pretty...
Sarah said…
Oh she is beautiful!!! Very "Twilight" I'm thinkin'!!! They are stunning!
They look fantastic! I'm glad she didn't wear a necklace-the neckline and earbobs are the perfect accents!
Cute, cute, cute.
drollgirl said…
these are just gorgeous. oh, i wish i had an aunt that had tons of vintage jewelry to bestow on me!!!
Sandra said…
I thought from the blog title you were talking about age, as in old like me! I'm too old for extreme earrings, but your niece is stunning and the earrings are perfect for her. They are gorgeous on their own, but the niece and the earrings, perfect.
Hey sweetie!

Thanks for stoppin' by the Yaya! What a beautiful young lady...and you are one loving auntie!

Judy said…
Your niece is just lovely!! She looked so elegant. My son went to the prom last year and you DO NOT want to know how she looked. I am hoping this year is better.
I love those Earrings and she sure did do them Proud !

Thanks for visiting my Blog & Posting a comment.

I just love collecting and selling Vintage Bling !
Hello Lindello said…
Your niece is gorgeous and those earrings are beautiful! Your a good auntie. Can you be mine too? Thanks.
Karen said…
She is gorgeous and so are the earrings! Only 15?! They grow up too fast.

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